1.0 / February 4, 2016
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Take controls of a heavy duty navywarshipagainst the artillery of assault from enemy attacks in thedeep seaand hot waters.
Keep your wits about yourself, take precise aim and use thelimitednumber of ammo to Strike. The enemy will also pose a greatthreatin the bullet shoot war, with their turret gunner machinesandmissiles, so keeping an eye on the radar for movements andyournavy gunship health may prove helpful. Engage in fiercebulletshoot war, as your warship gets outnumbered by the enemyforce,which intends you take you out any cost.
As army fighter pilot you will fly F18 air Jet fighter planeoversubmarine radar and destroy navy bases. Engage in dangerousjetfight and demolish navy ship hordes in sea combat. Startshootingfrom machine gun to destroy terrorist empire and blow uptheirwarships by air strike. Control steering wheel of fleetcarrier andavoid crashing into massive iceberg and snowy mountains.Get readyfor air assault and take off from runway to fire bulletsandmissiles on underwater submerged ships. Cripple rival forcesandmercenaries, don’t let them sail away from navalbattlefield.
Follow your rival on the radar, come close. Don’t fire your ammotoosoon! Attack when the time is right. Make a strongresistance,protect your warship from the helicopter strikes andattacks ofrival warships with your combat skills. Fight for thepride of yourcountry, Protect your naval base from enemy fleets andexperiencean intense combat experience that keeps you indulge withitsamazing military scenarios. Follow the enemy on the radar andturninto attacking mode when it’s close enough. Shoot on it untilitexplodes.

Naval Gunner Combat Features:

★ Supersonic mega fire blaster weapons & gun machine
★ Machine gun rotation through 360° degree
★ Visual stunning battlefield and ocean sight in HD graphic
★ Multiple challenging battleship war missions in deep Sea
★ Massive warship carrier with gunship helicopters andfighterjets
★ Realistic navy war action in Deep sea environment
★ Futuristic controls for smooth sailing and accurateshooting
★ Console quality 3D graphics and bomb blast effects

App Information Naval Gunner Warship Attack 3D

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    Naval Gunner Warship Attack 3D
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    February 4, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    Soft Pro Games
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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