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Your aircraft carrier in deep sea is underattack. You have to counter the attack and evacuate the carrierfrom enemy forces they are on deck. An aircraft carrier is awarship with a full-length flight deck and facilities for carrying,arming, deploying, and recovering aircraft, that serves as aseagoing airbase. Typically, it is the capital ship of a fleet, asit allows a naval force to project air power worldwide withoutdepending on local bases for staging aircraft operations. It isextremely expensive to build and important to protect. Aircraftcarriers have evolved from converted cruisers to nuclear-poweredwarships that carry numerous fighter planes, strike aircraft,helicopters, and other types of aircraft.
You as a Delta company commander, got an order from the highcommand to move for the air craft carrier far from the Island baseto evacuate the carrier from the enemy forces. You have to fly ongunship helicopter with your Delta company. The enemy commandoshave entered on the aircraft carrier in deep sea. Your air craftcarrier is loaded with several air jets, helicopters, missile andother military assets. If the enemy get control of carrier, it's abig loss to your force. Snipe, shoot and kill them, the operationshould be successful to win the combat. Lets shoot to save yourforces and military assets of naval forces.
You have to command, you have to be attentive, look deep in to thesituation and condition and shoot the enemies using several weaponsyou have got. You are on helicopter. You have to attack from theHelicopter to bring them down to sea and then drop your commandoson the aircraft. Survive yourself and survive the aircraftcarrier.
You have multiple weapons, like shot guns and assault rifles tosoot and destroy the enemy.

How to play:
- Touch & Drag the screen anywhere to move your gun right orleft or up and down
- Aim and tap Fire button to shoot
- Try to shoot and kill enemy soldiers on first spot
- The weapons will reload itself and you have unlimited number ofbullets
- You can select either pistol (shotgun) or an assault rifle to seeyour convenience
- The helicopter is moving slowly toward the enemies
- Evacuate killing one by one.

- FPS (First Person Shooter) Game
- Efficient weapon control
- Multiple weapons like pistol and gun
- Multiple levels of game
- Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)
- Real 3D Graphics real look
- Nice view from helicopter
- Amazing Movie Quality sound effects and sound track
- Easy GUI and controls

App Information Navy Operation Delta

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    Navy Operation Delta
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    November 10, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    10,000 - 50,000
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The challenge is to hunt the deer within shorttime using less bullets. Lets try.There are lot of games on Google play presenting the deer, stag,buck, bear, lion, tiger, dinosaurs and many other wild animals tohunt and shoot them.We have a deer hunting challenge game with different and uniqueidea, the real 3D environment of jungle and the real 3D models ofdeer are the beauty of the game. And, here you will enjoy your preyas a single animal and as a group of deer in different stages ofthe game. You have a sniper gun with unlimited ammunition, youcan't walk forward but, you can move right and left with navigationbuttons.The hunter and shooters are always brave people, here the challengeis big to shoot the deer and, let's see who comes to achieve theobjective and come across all the stages of the deer huntinggame.Game over view:There is a beautiful jungle filled with trees, bushes and gross asa good camouflage for the deer to avoid the hunters. You have tosee the objective of your stage and hunt the deer with in shorttime.There are two modes in the game play:a) Arcade modeIn this mode you will have to hunt the maximum deer with accuracy,but, there is no time given to shoot it. But, if you shoot and missfire, the deer will run away. So, you have to wait and aim wellbefore shooting. You have unlimited time.b) Time trial modeIn this mode you have given the time limit and the quantity of deerto be hunt, you have to shoot and hunt them within time frame toachieve the success and move to next stage.Deer hunting is a hobby and a rich people hobby, so, lets try tohave fun to hunt more deer but, you need to be attentive and expertin using your sniper gun. You have the only gun with scope to shootdeer.FEATURES:* 2 Game modes and 10 Levels as total.* First person shooting 3D Game* Best 3D graphics of jungle.* The natural sounds of deer and fire.* Best sniper gun for accurate shooting.* No connectivity required while playing.* Left and right buttons to move* Real 3D deer with best animations