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Get ready to take on your enemies down in the wide oceans on thehigh seas, by commanding your naval battleship and destroying youropponent’s deadly warships.This is a battleship shooting game withseveral types of military ships, paratrooper soldiers, gunshiphelicopters, war jets and battle coptersThe game provides playerswith a huge naval fleet and grants an opportunity to take commandof legendary vessels and fight for domination on the high seas. TheDestroyer warship machine has its unique realistic combination offirepower, speed, armor, and endurance.Your mission is to takecharge of a fleet of powerful and varied naval ship,taking to therough seas to seek out and destroy your enemies in intense andbloody battles.How to Play:- Game contains many levels and eachlevel has different type of missions,simply take the mission ondangerous sea waves and try to copmlete the mission like a realsoldier in the time given.- For this mission you have no airsupport. - Realistic enemy forces attacks with Navy Carrier,Vessels, Gunship and enemy armed ships and boats. Features:-Amazing 3D navy war simulation game- Great navy gunship air combat-Best thrilling destruction shooting game- Stunning HD graphics andaddictive gameplay- Best Gunship Counter air attack- Amazing andunique weapon control- Excellent realistic 3D environment- - Greatbackground Music and SoundTake your armored destroyer battleship into the deep cold oceans and destroy all the lethal aircrafts, enemywarship. You need to defend your ship, your honor and your country.The mission is impossible but you are the only one that can facethe cruel enemy in the deadly seas.Do you know the Art of War?There are no Rules in the Battlefield except one; Victory!!!It’stime for action; Strike Hard, Equip yourself with 3D Guns and shootlike Hell!!!A great vicious naval clash is waiting for you. Destroyall the Enemy assets and Crash the artillery; show no Mercy forenemy.

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    October 3, 2017
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Sandbox Number Coloring Book Art - Color By Number 2.5 APK
Coloring by numbers is an excellent way of relaxation andmeditation. It is perfect for adults and kids who love to paint andcolor by number. Color by numbers develop your concentration, colormatching skills, accuracy and precision which provides a wide rangeof fascinating pictures and color the ones you like to create yourown artworks allowing you to impress your friends,family and thewhole world with masterpieces!With tons of interesting andfashionable coloring pages, you will find coloring is never sofun.Enjoy the coloring book with your creative ideas and feelyourself as an artist with a complete variety of anti stresspicturesHow To Play:-First of all choose the worksheet or pictureyou want to paint.-When you zoom in,you will see that there arealot of small boxes with numbers inside which indicates that youwill fill these numbers by the boxes given below with colors.Thenchoose colors according to numbers and paint boxes.-Just paint bynumbers in this interesting sandbox game.-Color drop in the samenumbers blocks.-Just follow the numbers in pictures and make anamazing drawing.If you will paint box by other number then no needto be worried.You can also have an opportunity to recover your boxby the exact color number & release your creativity.It's anamazing unicorn number coloring book!Very beautiful animals, flowerpictures, fascinating patterns will help you to free stress,develop color matching skills and reveal the painterinside.According to the numbers, sandbox color provides spectacularor masterpieces for relaxation, meditation, concentration,inspiration to friends, family and the whole world!Sandbox colorpixels brings you:-Many sections of coloring pages that fit in anytaste: According to the county painting you can find in ourapplication a variety of beautiful Animals, Birds, Flowerspictures,Mandalas, Patterns, Ladders, Places, Foods and more.-User-friendly interface: saves design and trouble-freeperformance.- Quick sharing: share pictures with your friends injust one touch.- A lot of great content to discover: the collectionis updated with new pictures you can paint every week.SandboxNumber Coloring created for children which are in the process fordeveloping their skills and knowledge with many interesting pixelpages and number books to coloring.Pixel is an amusing sandboxcoloring that teaches accuracy and precision, which also helps themdevelop motor vehicles, introducing numbers and colors for them.Itis an easy way to uncover the painter in the painting according tocolor by number.As you can sustain painting, you will get a work ofart synchronized with it.Creating masterpieces by your own handsand relief your stress.Features:-Color pictures according to thenumber and highlighted area-Coloring By Number is an amazing way toimprove drawing skills-Perfectly develops children fine motorskills-Paint easily any image.-Family-friendly content: coloringanti-stress pictures suits for both adults & kids-Perfectrelaxing way to become the master of your own mind.-Sandbox numbercoloring have many interesting pixel pages and number books for youto coloringColor by number pages are a great way to teach your kidsor students basic number recognition, how to use and it will givethem the opportunity to work on their fine motor skills.Trains yourconcentration and steadiness Or just want to color your own way,practice your drawing and coloring skill.This is a great activityto practice your drawing skills. It’s also fun for any age to tryto finish the drawing.You will always get a harmonic work of art asa result of the coloring process.
Flowers Color by Number,Pixel Art,Sandbox Coloring 1.0 APK
Flowers Color by Numbers is a fun coloring game for your childrenand adults.If your child likes flowers, this coloring game is madefor them.Beautiful flowers make them feel the joys of spring andthe painting process turns into an enthralling game where they canbring their fantasies to life and draw a red daffodil, or a bluesunflower. Features: - Sandbox coloring- Number coloring- Pixelcoloring- A free coloring book app for all ages, not only coloringfor adults, but also for children, it’s a coloring game to playwith your kids!- A coloring app with new images and illustrationscoming each week - Perfect relaxing way to become the master ofyour own mind.-Sandbox number coloring have many interesting pixelpages and number books for you to coloring.Coloring by numbers isan excellent way of relaxation and meditation.It is perfect foradults and kids who love to paint and color by number.Paint bynumbers - an interactive coloring book for children. Thismathematical game teaches children to recognize numbers and solvesimple mathematical examples. In addition, this program developsmemory, attention, imagination, and logical abilities.Boys andgirls of all ages love to color. The simple coloring mode issuitable for the smallest of children, including those ofkindergarten and preschool age. These include simple andrecognizable images that are easy to color. If the child selectsthe wrong shape, then they will be prompted with the correctnumber. Therefore, the picture will always be colored correctly,and the child will quickly memorize the numbers.How To Play:-Firstof all choose the worksheet or picture you want to paint.-When youzoom in,you will see that there are alot of small boxes withnumbers inside which indicates that you will fill these numbers bythe boxes given below with colors.Then choose colors according tonumbers and paint boxes.-Just paint by numbers in this interestingsandbox game.-Color drop in the same numbers blocks.-Just followthe numbers in pictures and make an amazing drawing.If you willpaint box by other number then no need to be worried.You can alsohave an opportunity to recover your box by the exact color number& release your creativity.Flower Number Coloring Book is a truecoloring book with intricate patterns and coloring pages withflowers and more designs organized into categories. To make thecoloring process more interesting and fun, you can change any ofthe preset colors. To do this, press and hold the jar of paint anda palette will open. Then you can choose your favorite color. Thus,all the shaded areas of the image can be changed in the coloring bynumber mode. You can have fun by changing the color scheme to suityour taste.We offer you a coloring book to relive those preciousmoments of childish joy and unleash your inner artist.
Carrom 3D - Real Cayram كيرم Free 1.2 APK
The best 3d Carrom is here! The ultimate addictive fun carromgame.Challenge your friends to matches or play against the AlIplayers in this awesome game.Carrom 3D is one of the most realisticand enjoyable carrom games available on mobile.It features manygame modes like the Classic Carrom Mode, Time Trial, Challenge Modeand Practice Mode. So if you're a carrom fan, there is somethingfor you to play.In Classic Mode, you can play against the CPU or ahuman player using standard carrom rules.In Time Trial you have atime limit of 4 minutes, in which you have to pocket coins as fastas you can to achieve more score. When you pocket more than onecoin back to back, your multiplier will increase and which willboost your score and time.Have you ever thought about playingcarrom on a real table, Carrom 3D is the perfect way to try avariety of games. Real life graphics and angles to help improveyour skills.Play Practice mode if you just want to relax and playwithout any rules.In Challenge Mode, you have to pocket only theblack coins to finish a level. If you pocket a white coin then thelevel fails.FEATURES:- Play with the Computer Player.- 4 DifferentModes.- 30 Challenge Levels.- 10 Beautiful Strikers to choosefrom.- Realistic Physics.- Stunning 3D graphics.لعبة الكيرم هي لعبةلوحية جماعية تقتضي المهارة و الدقة. الهدف من هذه اللعبة هو أن تسجلأكثر عدد من النقاط باستخدام القيس لتدفع الحبيبات إلى الأهدافالموجودة على زوايا اللوحة. في حال انتهاء الحبيبات من على ظهراللوحة، اللاعب ذي النقاط الأكثر يفوز. لقد تم نقل هذه اللعبة إلىلعبة إلكترونية ثلاثية الأبعاد، مما يجعل استخدامها ممكنا في كل مكان،و في كل زمان.
Halloween Sandbox Number Coloring- Color By Number 1.3 APK
Halloween Number Coloring Pages has a lot of images in differentcategories. You can choose Pumpkins, witches, ghosts, vampires etc.Also, there are a lot of colour palettes. This is the coolest freecoloring book for us. Sometimes people are stressed for differentreasons. If you feel stress you can try number coloring book foradults because it has an anti-stress effect. So you can releaseyour problems relaxing in a meditative art. Open any coloring pageand get to work with number coloring. With a simple stretch swipeto zoom image and fill the squares with colors, the color of whichcorresponds to the specified color in palette. Change the paint,fill the squares with the color by number you need with a simplesingle click. As you can see, nothing is difficult with our sandbox number book, even a child can cope. Painted by number imagesturn out to be bright, detailed, as the palette in Halloween NumberColoring is big enough. The application is deprived of any panelsof settings, menus and other things. At startup, one page containsa list of all colorings, separated into categories. Enjoy thecoloring book with your creative ideas and feel yourself as anartist with a complete variety of anti stress pictures. How toplay: -Paint by numbers in this interesting sandbox game, -Pickcolor and drop in the same numbers’ blocks. -That you’ll finished acool pixel work. Features: - EASY to color with numbers - FUN tocolor cartoon characters - ENJOY creating anti-stress pixel art -FREE to play with hundreds of pictures - SHARE your masterpieceswith friends on Facebook, Instagram etc. - Paint by numbers willdevelops motor skills in children. Pixel is additionally a funpicture book, that helps to develop fine motor skills, introducesnumbers and colours, teaches accuracy and exactness. Painting bynumbers is a straightforward means unleash your inner artist:you'll forever get a harmonic work of art as a results of thecoloring method. Celebrate Halloween number coloring on your mobileor tablet with a game specially created to commemorate the Day ofAll Saint's. Pumpkins, witches, ghosts, vampires and other terrormonsters are waiting for you to be colored. You will find so manyfree and fascinating Halloween Number Coloring Sandbox pictureslike pumpkins, witches, flowers, animals & ghosts which suitfor both adults and kids.
Mandala Flowers Color by Number-Pixel Art Coloring 1.2 APK
We would like to present our anti stress number coloring book foradults. This application can be used by parents and kids, everybodywill find something interesting in multiple coloringcategories.Coloring by numbers is an excellent way of relaxationand meditation.It is perfect for adults and kids who love to paintand color by number.Color by numbers develop your concentration,color matching skills, accuracy and precision which provides a widerange of fascinating pictures.You can choose pictures to paint inone of the following themes:- Mandala- Floral- Animals- Orient-Africa- Asia- Butterflies - Fairy tale- Sea world- Muisicinstruments- Japan- Xmas and Holidays- More anti-stress coloringpages coming soonYou can get all shapes of mandala,both easy andcomplex mandala's for everyone.Become relaxed and zen!Coloring isnot just a kid’s game, it’s also proved to be stress relieving foradults, you can color all kinds of beautiful drawings: mandala,flowers, animals, patterns and more from illustrators, you canbring them all to life with your imagination. Share your artworkwith family and friends, show the world your artistic side. Openour coloring book, let art into your life, be anxiety free! Ourmandala coloring book:- develops imagination (creative education)-helps in attention and concentration,- allows you to expressfeelings, fears and thoughts.- develops eye-hand coordination,-helps to calm down and relax- go into zen and relax- has very goodquality of pictures - HD qualityMandala Number Coloring Books forAdults is a true coloring book with intricate patterns and coloringpages with animals, flowers, places, food and more designsorganized into libri and categories. Features: - Sandbox coloring-Number coloring- Pixel coloring- 3000+ pages and daily new!- A freecoloring book app for all ages, not only coloring for adults, butalso for children, it’s a coloring game to play with your kids!-Rich collection of unique coloring pictures: A coloring app withnew images and illustrations coming each week - Post-editingeffects: Different filters and effects to choose from, applyfascinating textures to turn your coloring pictures into aready-to-share work of art - Unlimited beautiful color palettes:Choose one that fits your mood - Photo frame: Add frames for youcoloring pages work!- Quick sharing: Post your art on all socialmedia network: Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more It’s naturalto feel stressed out in life. Here we offer you a coloring book torelive those precious moments of childish joy and unleash yourinner artist. Just sit back and unwind, let this adult coloringbook in your life, create a lifelike painting, indulge yourselfinto this colorful world. And don’t forget to finish your work withunique style effects that bring your design to life. Remember: thecolors you choose say a lot about your true feelings, don’t beafraid to express yourself, just start finger painting on ourcoloring book and leave the rest all to your imagination.
Anime Manga Color by Number - Pixel Art Coloring 2.1 APK
Anime Manga Color by number is the free painting and drawing gamefor all fans of Anime & Manga movies, nice chose for any age:children, teens or adults. This free coloring book contains manypictures of anime heroes, cute manga girls and boys, very beautifulJapanese cartoons design and images. Every fan of anime will lovepainting this awesome anime manga color by number of our coolcoloring book.so,enjoy the best adult coloring pages manga, animeAnime Manga Color Pages by Number are very useful coloring picturesmanga tool to develop imagination and creativity and increase thelevel of concentration ! Now you can not only watch cartoons andwatch anime online, manga, and play games, but also feel like areal artist and draw all your favorite coloring pages, The bestfree coloring pages for all. Features: - Coloring book created forany age boys and girls, mens and women - Cute & Cool design -Good for relaxing and creativity development - Contains manycoloring pages of anime, mange, Japanese cartoon heroes - Extremelyeasy-to-use - Adapted for smartphones and tablets, any screenresolution - Share results on Facebook, Instagram and other socialapps - All coloring pages are for free! - Awesome coloring book forkids and adults! Anime Color by Number Gallery: - girls coloringpages - boys coloring pages - school coloring pages - sportcoloring pages - fun and sorrow coloring pages - music coloringpages - and more anime manga Japanese coloring pages Anime Color byNumber is very easy-to-use! - Select a coloring page for coloring -Select the color you like - Tap on the pixeled area you like todraw - Save and share your anime coloring pages via Facebook,Twitter, Instagram or other social media or send via Gmail,WhatsApp or other messenger. So, Draw and paint big manga eyes.Fill with colors anime characters! Anti-stress coloring app withfree fun artworks! Create and relax! This coloring app/game letsyou unleash creativity, relieve stress and doodle all you want!Coloring is very easy now! Enjoy and color with the best AnimeManga Coloring Book by Number!
3D Color by Number: Voxel, Unicorn, Pixel Art 3D 2.4 APK
3D Color by number is fun for adults as well as kids, but have youever imagine turning coloring pages into 3D and color in a brandnew angle? Now we offers you the 3D coloring experience, more vividand interesting! Choose from the variety of 3D templates, justfollow the numbers and fill in the colors. Rotate the screen tocolor in different dimensions.Coloring is a stress-relief therapyand 3D coloring will give you more sense ofachievements.Features:-Color pictures according to the number andhighlighted area-Coloring By Number in 3d is an amazing way toimprove drawing skills-Perfectly develops children fine motorskills-Paint easily any voxel model.-Family-friendly content:coloring anti-stress pictures suits for both adults &kids-Perfect relaxing way to become the master of your ownmind.-Sandbox number coloring have many interesting pixel pages andnumber books for you to coloring in 3D.Every colored page comes tolife in its uniquely colored way, giving the artist an immediateand special sense of ownership and pride! Not only is the appincredibly fun, but it is also a great tool for developing skillsand knowledge on various topics. Try it out yourself and we aresure you will agree.It is important that even youngest can color in3D, so that they become more aware of what a real world means.Having real objects colored, also, can get the children to betterunderstand what they are studying.It is an easy way to uncover thepainter in the painting according to color by number.As you cansustain painting, you will get a work of art synchronized withit.If you like mandala, painting & coloring or design ingeneral, then this 3d coloring is for you. Join the millions whohave discovered this new art and love it.
Cross Stitch - Adult Coloring By Number Book Pages 1.1 APK
Cross Stitch create a joyful life to you.Enjoy doing Cross-Stitchpatterns on your Tablet or Mobile device without threading a needleor risking a pricked finger!It’s almost the best choice for thefamily time!Cross-Stitch World comes with over a thousand beautifulpatterns to work on, just select the right color thread and clickto place stitches.Drop all the colored cross-stitches in thecorrect place and watch your embroidery.Concentrate on it, crossstitching the Landscapes, Famous Buildings, Famous Paintings orimport your friends photos. Just enjoy the leisure time withit.Features:- A large collection of beautiful Cross-Stitch patternsto play- Create your own patterns from any image- Easy way to playwith just one finger taps for stitches- New patterns released on aregular basis- Automatically saves your progress - Hundreds of thebest patterns in Cross Stitch- Perfectly develops children finemotor skillsHow To Play:It’s really easy, choose suitable color andclick to right place. If you make a mistake you can undo your move.Featuring incredibly realistic graphics, this is as close to thereal thing you can get - see a Cross-Stitch design come to life asyou build it up stitch by stitch!Choose your favorite pictures. Ifyou like cute cats and dogs - animal category is perfect for you.You can save your completed pictures and set them on screen of yourphone. You can also show off pictures on social media.