1.0 / July 21, 2014
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Strike the enemy in the neck! High-speed action Let's master thestrike shot

App Information Neck Strike

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    Neck Strike
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    July 21, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    横浜市戸塚区 上矢部町47番地3 ラムーナ横浜戸塚フォレストリッジ902
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Ultimate Shooting 24.1 APK
Easy operationVarious armsVertical Scroll ShootingThere are 40,000combinations of armed!You can operate with one finger.(Corresponding to controller)In the case ofThere are five kinds ofattacks.Main gun: automatic and continuousSecondary armed: Tap toactivateLock on: Align the cursorPumping armed: I move the fuselageup and downProximity armed: automatic invocation when approachingan enemy
◇ Game summary ◇Annihilation, capture, I will the mission of thebase destructionIs displayed enemy that enters the field ofviewHave a variety of aircraft, armed is preparedFind out theenemy, and try to attack from behind◇ about the system ◇Enemy thathas entered the field of view will be displayedThe attack frombehind will be three times the damageThe successful development andcapture◇ For operation ◇- Lower left: forward backward, lateralmovement- Lower right: turning- ATTACK menu: I choose the weapon tobe used- DEFANSE menu: I choose the defense- Defense posture:shooting attenuation- Avoidance Preparation: missile avoidance- Icontroller corresponding have◇ For AP (active point) ◇Mounting AP:Required to mounting armsUse AP: it needed to use a weapon
Neck Strike 1.0 APK
Strike the enemy in the neck! High-speed action Let's master thestrike shot
ぽえぽえ-不人気ゲームお手玉!面白くないはず 1.0 APK
シャボン玉をどうぶつに当てて落とさないようにしますおちちゃうとしっぱい取り合えず子供向けゲームです教育にもよろしい?正直言って面白くない・・・1作目なので勘弁してねこれからUnityを使った超人気になるゲームをバリバリ作っていきますwSothat not drop by applying a soap bubble to the animalThe falls andfailuresIt is a children's game not find anybodyAnd I want also toeducation?It was pardon ... Since 1st work is not interesting to behonestWe will make crisp the game to become very popular that usesa future Unity w
俺のマグナムは黒光り! 12.1 APK
コスって、コスって出し尽くせマグナムをコスって大きくして、ドピュと発射するゲームですお子様にも安心して遊べる硬派な内容となっております。無駄にかわいい女の子も出てきます世は戦国アプリ時代、アプリを目立たせるにはまずはタイトルを奇抜にと言うことで、こんなネーミングになりましたがいたってマジメなゲーム・操作は3種類を使い分け前後ピストン:マグナム巨大化(離すと発射)敵ドラッグ:ロックオンミサイルタップ:かう波弾発射・意外と戦法ありますピストンは三こすり半でも大量に出ます敵弾はマグナム弾で反射させたりできますミサイルはかう波弾で破壊できます溜めて溜めて発射すると強力なエクスタシーショットになりますマグナム弾で射線をずらしましょうマグナム弾で敵の撃つ方向をずらしてダメージを回避IKos, Tsukuse out I KosThe Magnum by increasing I Kos, is a game andfiring DopyuThis has become a serious, content to play withconfidence for children.Also it comes out in vain cute girlFirst,the world is Sengoku app era, to highlight the appTo say that wackyto the title, but now such a namingFairly serious gameAnd operationis selectively using three typesBefore and after the piston: Magnumhuge reduction (release a firing)Enemy Drugs: lock-on missilesTap:Cow wave bullets fired- You surprisingly there tacticsThe pistoncomes out in large quantities also in three and a half rubbingEnemybullets can or is reflected by the Magnum bulletMissile can bedestroyed in the wave bullet buyIt becomes a powerful ecstasy shotand reservoir to be fired reservoirLet's shift the rays in theMagnum bulletsAvoid damage by shifting the direction to shoot theenemy in the Magnum bullets
エネミー・ゼロ<恐怖に震えるユニティちゃん> 6.0 APK
見えない恐怖が襲ってくる!音を頼りに見えない敵を見つけ、超絶溜めスピンキックで撃破基本、敵は見えません敵に近づくとアラームが速く鳴ります連続で鳴り出したら攻撃ボタンで溜めます離すと超絶溜めスピンキック!敵の方向は音の高さで分かります正面で高い音になり、後ろ側で低い音になります昔のエネミーゼロという名作ホラーゲームをやりたくて作ってみました音で敵を探す以外は別ゲーになりましたが楽しんで(怖がって)頂ければ嬉しいですホラーゲームの弱点としては、いつもはテストプレイしてくれる息子が怖がって遊んでくれない・・・ということでしょうかcUnity TechnologiesJapan/UCLエネミー・ゼロの商標登録が切れたので、実験的に名前を変えてみますInvisible fear comehit!Find the enemy that can not be seen to rely on sound, defeatedin the transcendence reservoir spin kickBasic, the enemy is notvisibleAlarm will sound faster and closer to the enemyIf you hearthunder in a rowReservoir in the attack buttonSpin kick reservoirrelease and transcendence!The direction of the enemy will find atthe height of the soundBecome a high sound in the front, it will below sound at the back sideI tried to make to want to do the oldmasterpiece horror game called enemy zeroAlthough except to lookthe enemy in the sound now another gameFun (scared) I am glad ifyou canThe weakness of the horror game, is always us to testplayWill the fact that my son is not me playing scared ...c UnityTechnologies Japan / UCLSince the Enemy zero of trademarkregistration has expired, try changing the name experimentally
Dodon(explosion) 3.0 APK
The Well even watch the favorite character, it is also free toblitz the hate characterBattery is 10 kind, missiles, we arejustified, such as reflected laserInput character name that youwant to appear in the search bar, the box will change in character
Walking War Robots 2.1 APK
本当にカオスで、ほとんどの機体が強化されていたり、ある機体は完全ヌルゲー化されています。飽きやすいかも。Really inchaos, or have been enhanced most of the aircraft, some aircraftare fully Nuruge of. It is easy to get tired.