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Welcome to the land of neon lights! Add “neon wallpapers” to yourhome screen and make it shine brightly with magical neon lightshow. Download ★ Neon Live Wallpaper HD ★ and you will have themost beautiful collection of wallpaper backgrounds. ★ Amazing “neonlive wallpaper” for your phone;★ Animated neon backgrounddecorating your screen;★ Amazing HD graphics;★ Animated particlesfloating on the screen;★ Choose the speed, number and type ofparticles; ★ Social share button;★ Optimized Battery Usage;★Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices;★ The wallpaper app willsleep when your phone is inactive, so this neon wallpaper will notdrain your battery;★ Neon Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontalorientation and looks amazing on both mobile phones and tabletdevices;★ This beautiful, free, and enjoyable “neon background” iswaiting for you!Let neon colors make your phone screen lookfabulous! All colors of the rainbow – blue, yellow, pink, purple,red, and orange will beautify your home screen and give it a freshnew appearance. Enter the neon zone with floating neon particlescovering your phone screen and making it look elegant andsophisticated. Enjoy the “neon lights” from your phone or tabletglowing in the dark. Give your phone screen a complete makeoverwith these beautiful “neon themes” that we have created especiallyfor you. If you like abstract wallpapers and electric colors,you're at the right place. Download ★ Neon Live Wallpaper HD ★ andenjoy in having the best backgrounds free of charge. Are you readyfor some new “neon wallpapers and backgrounds” for your fabulousmobile device? You will be thrilled to have this fascinatingcollection of “neon wallpapers for home and lock screens” on yourmobile phone. Neon color splash will beautify your home screen likenone of the wallpaper apps before and you will enjoy looking atvivid electric colors every time you unlock your phone. You willagree that we all need more colors and that is exactly why we havecreated this amazing neon backgrounds free with neon glow. Changeyour background image today and you'll see all positive effects ofthis colorful wallpaper. ★ Neon Live Wallpaper HD ★ will illuminateyour screen and make it glamorous with glowing art. Let neon glowmake wonders on your phone and also make your world more colorful.This collection of abstract backgrounds is universal and thereforesuitable for all generations of users. Neon art will put a smile onyour face and make you want to party all day long. “Neon backgroundimages” are so beautiful that they will leave you breathless. Everytime you feel depressed, all you have to do is look at your phonescreen and neon lights will immediately make you feel better. Thebest neon color backgrounds hd – for all fans of colors!Neon LWP isfinally here to bring some novelty to your phone and make youhappier. If you're a fan of electric wallpapers and neonbackgrounds, you're at the right place. Electrify your phone withrainbow colors and make it shine bright like a diamond. Download ★Neon Live Wallpaper HD ★ and see for yourself! There is a differentneon picture background for all days of the week from Monday toSunday! New hd backgrounds will be added in each next update. Usethis free live wallpaper app with pleasure!

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    Neon Live Wallpaper HD
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    July 6, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    SCHACH Apps and Games
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Happy Birthday Cards 1.2.8 APK
You want to express happy birthday wishes but you're out of ideas?Here is the best collection of an excellent pic decorating app foryou. If you're a fan of photography and photo editing, you're atthe right place. Download free photo editor ♣ Happy Birthday Cards♣ and create the best happy birthday greeting cards!Features: ☻Numerous happy birthday backgrounds and patterns!☻ Variousbackgrounds in all colors of the rainbow!☻ Cute stickers: cupcakes,presents, candies...☻ Happy birthday quotes and sayings!Who doesn'tlike blowing candles, eating birthday cake and getting nicepresents on their special day? Most of us like to spend ourbirthdays with our family and close friends, in an atmosphere oflove and joy! As the years go by, we no longer wish for expensivepresents, but we begin to appreciate small gifts made with love.This free photo editing software can help you do exactly that! Withthis innovative pic editor you will be the person with the bestbirthday gift ever! Therefore, get this free app and be the firstto surprise your friends and loved ones with great birthday gifts.Now is the time to say happy birthday to you in the mostimaginative way! Forget about the usual happy birthday messages andhappy birthday quotes and sayings and start creating amazingbirthday ecards. With this photo editing software, you will neverhave to think about happy birthday apps again. This free photoeditor contains a collection of happy birthday picture frames whichoffers you a chance to create lovely images and wallpapers that youwill simply adore. There are also cute stickers with birthday hats,birthday cakes, and birthday candles. All you need to do is uploada photo of your choice and decorate it with whatever you like. Addhappy birthday backgrounds, wallpapers, and stickers and create themost amazing greeting cards. It's time for some happy birthdaydecoration! All you have to do is download free image editingsoftware ♣ Happy Birthday Cards ♣ and start creating happy birthdaypictures. Install it on your phone, upload a photo from yourgallery and apply one of the beautiful happy birthday frames to it.They are all colorful and lovely and they will make your pictureslook cute and adorable. When you're finished, you can save it toyour gallery. It's an era of social networks and selfie mania, andyou've surely experienced some of it. Take a perfect selfie andedit it with this incredible photo collage maker. Apply happybirthday photo frames and post your happy birthday ecards online.Create happy birthday invitations in our photo editor and simply beoriginal. We have chosen a variety of pic frames especially foryou, so you can experiment with them and make your selfies lookamazing. Download ♣ Happy Birthday Cards ♣ and don't hesitate for aminute. ♣♣♣ Photo effects for happy birthday greeting cards!♣♣♣Want to send happy birthday greetings to your mom, dad, brother,or sister? Choose your family photograph, edit it in our photomanipulation software, and create the most awesome happy birthdaycards. If you want to express your love towards your sweetheart forhis or her birthday, you can frame your favorite love picture in acolorful happy birthday frame and send it to them in a message, orpost it on their social network wall. When it comes to yourfriends, you can choose your favorite pictures of the moments youspent together, add nice birthday picture frames and surprise themwith a happy birthday message. Please support us by telling yourfriends about ★ Happy Birthday Cards ★ and leaving us a goodreview!
Allah Clock Widget 2.0.4 APK
Allahu Akbar! Praise the one and only God of the Islamic religionwith this “Allah alarm clock widget”! Allah Clock Widget brings youten beautifully designed clock skins inspired by Islam! Praise theMuslim religion and show your devotion to Allah by setting youranalog clock to these “beautiful widgets”! Combine “Allah pictures”with different hands and digits to get the most beautiful “Islamicclocks”! Make a perfect “Islamic theme” for your phone and tabletby combining lovely “Allah clock widgets” with your favoritebackgrounds of Islam! Have a constant reminder of the Five Pillarsof Islam on your home screen by watching these simple analogclocks! This “custom analog clock widget” will help you find yourinner peace and bliss whenever you look at your screen! Downloadthese free Islamic clock widgets and cherish your religiousbeliefs!How to set the clock widget:★ This free widget lets you“make your own clock widget” by choosing your favorite clock skins,hands and numbers!★ First, you have to ADD the “clock widget” toyour home screen!★ Depending on your device, you should scroll downto MENU and press the ADD button, or long press on the empty spaceon your screen until the pop-up window labeled ADD TO HOME SCREENcomes out.★ At first, you will be given five clock faces, while therest of them will be unlocked over the next five days.★ Select fromten “free Islamic clocks”, amazing designs, digits and hands.★ Tomove and scale the widget, you have to long-press on the “analogclock”!★ Set the alarm clock by swiping through the digits on thescreen and tap on SET ALARM button!★ The best clock for phones andtablets!★ “Allah Analog Clock” is a cool clock widget, suitable foreveryone!★ Visit our channel to find more “free analog clockwidgets”!✭ Analog clock widgets for Android™ - Islamic edition!✭ Ifyou believe that Allah is one, then Allah Clock Widget is theperfect thing to decorate your phone and tablet! This “analog clockcollection” will help you set the time for Ramadan, the ninth monthof the Islamic lunar calendar, the month of the greatest fast ever!Share this fantastic Islamic app with your fellow Muslims and theywill be surprised as well whenever they see all the glory of Allahwallpapers on different clock faces! Combine these holy images withdifferent hands and digits to get a perfect Islamic clock widget!Honor the eternal God of your religion each and every day – IslamClock Widget will help you find your inner self and will fill youwith positive energy!✭ Set the alarm to wake you up for free withmusic!✭ “What time is it?” It time for a prayer to Allah! Believersunite, because it is time to embellish your phone and tablet withwonderful Arabic calligraphy! Set the alarm clock with your ownmusic and let the most beautiful Islamic ringtones from yourgallery wake you up each morning to remind you that it time to prayto Allah! These free analog clock widgets for Android™ will remindyou of the words of the Prophet Muhammad! Open the Quran and findall the 99 names of Allah! Combine these wonderful Islam clockswith your favorite religion wallpapers and see all the beauty ofone and only God of Muslim culture! Download Allah Clock Widget forfree and enjoy the glory of Allah!
Digital Clock Weather Widget 1.3.9 APK
Have you ever wanted to have a perfect combination of a “digitalclock” which displays accurate time and date and a “weather widget”which provides you with all the weather info you need? You're atthe right place! We have created an amazing weather and clockwidget which will take all your worries away! Download ♥ DigitalClock Weather Widget ♥ and get something special for your Androiddevice!♥ Digital Clock Weather Widget ♥ offers you:10 digitalclocks, 5 unlocked and 5 locked.Every day new digital clock isavailable.Put wonderful clock widget on your home screen.Top widgetclocks of different sizes and shapes.World weather and localweather widget.Auto-detection of your current location.Find outabout the temperature, humidity, pressure, cloudiness, and windspeed.Sunrise and sunset times.Easy to use for adults andchildren.♥ Digital Clock Weather Widget ♥ contains ten digitalclocks which will beautify your phone in the cutest mannerpossible. Make your phone screen look fabulous with this collectionof “best widgets” for Android. If you like to customize your phonescreen with live wallpapers, this is a fancy widget that isdesigned in such a way that it will perfectly match any wallpaperbackground you choose. Decorate your phone screen with digital timeand date clock and be proud of having the best-looking home screen.Download this digital clock widget today and recommend it to allyour friends.If you never carry your umbrella with you! If youalways forget to bring your sunglasses! If you want to know what towear before leaving your home! ♥ Digital Clock Weather Widget ♥ isa must-have “weather app” for your phone. This unique weatherwidget will inform you about the latest “weather forecast” everysingle day, so you will no longer have to worry about the weather.Never again will you be surprised by a sudden rain or an extremelyhot day. If you use this weather clock app, you will always beinformed about the latest weather conditions in your country orworldwide. Choose among different widget skins and beautify yourphone screen like never before! Let every day of your life be thebest day, no matter the weather outside. If you want to be informedabout accurate date and time, download this minimalist weather andclock widget 4x1 and never be late for an important meeting again.Never again will you have to watch the weather channel with thisaccurate weather widget. This elegant clock with the addition ofweather forecast will keep you up-to-date with the weathertemperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, cloudiness, sunriseand sunset times. Clocks that show weather temperature arecurrently very popular, so hurry up, download this “time and datewidget” and explore all the amazing options that it offers. ♥First, you have to ADD the “clock widget” to your home screen!♥Depending on your device, you should scroll down to MENU and pressthe ADD button, or long press on the empty space on your screenuntil the pop-up window tagged ADD TO HOME SCREEN comes out.♥ Youmight need to find the + button, or the option WIDGET to add theclock to your screen.♥ Digital Clock Weather Widget ♥ - for usersof all generations! This digital clock widget with accurate weatherforecast is created in such a way that even kids can use it. Allyou need to do is choose your current location (city/country),temperature (C/K/F), and your favorite weather widget pattern. Boththe time and the weather conditions are 100% accurate.
Happy Jelly Jump Up 1.0 APK
••.•´¯`•.•• “Happy Jelly Jump Up” – the cutest 2d platformer andone of the best “free jelly jump games”! ••.•´¯`•.•• •• Help ourfriend, Beany, the happy jelly, jump up in this action-packed,“addictive platform game”!•• Eye-catching, doodle “happy jelly”characters and easy controls!•• Beany, the cute jello monster,needs your help to jump sky high!•• Can you reach the top of theJelly Land? Can you make the impossible happen and help Beany jumpfor 64 days?•• Best “action and adventure game” of 2015!•• How toplay Happy Jelly Jump Up:ღ Tap on the screen to make Beany the“jelly jump”!ღ Wait for the right moment to jump to the nextplatform!ღ Don't jump too soon or too late, or you will fall offthe platform!ღ HD graphics, physics-based gameplay, simple tapcontrols;ღ Day changes to night as the hours pass by – can you jumpfor 64 days and nights?ღ Start the crazy joyride through thecolorful jelly land with this mega jumping adventure game!•• Beany,the happy jelly, needs you to help him find his way through themagical world of candies! Jump from one platform to another in oneof the cutest addicting games for girls and boys! Embark on an“epic jump journey” and have a lot of fun with this “endless game”!Beany, the cute jello, has caught the jumping fever and needs totravel high with your help – can you survive for 64 days and beatthis super adventure jump game?! Remember – if you jump like agrandmother, you will fall off the platforms – be a mega jumperinstead, and perform awesome leaps to land safely on the nextplatform! If you are looking for a mega jump arcade game and a cutetime killer, Happy Jelly Jump Up is the perfect jumping adventurefor you and your kids!•• Try to beat your high-score in one of thecutest happy jelly jump games for Android™! How high can you makeBeany jump? Find your way onto the platforms, maintain your balanceand let your new friend, the happy doodle jello monster jump skyhigh and land on the next platform safely! You will instantly fallin love with the colorful graphics of this jumping action-packedadventure – look before you leap, and you will become aprofessional hyper jumper in no time! Watch out for the speed ofplatforms and see whether you can guide our happy jelly onto thenext platform in time! If you are searching for “casual games”which you can play anytime and anywhere, Happy Jelly Jump Up is theright thing for you – it is the cutest jelly dash among all theother arcade games for boys and addictive games for girls!••Download Happy Jelly Jump Up and have hours of fun with one of themost “fun and addicting games for free”! This super adventure jumpgame has everything that you need to occupy yourself and your kidsfor hours – can you hold on for 64 days?! Touch to jump and guideBeany onto the moving platforms in this “free jelly jump” actionand adventure! With colorful HD graphics, delicious candies andcrazy smiling jello monster hopping up, this jelly jump has to bethe cutest bouncing game! Hurry to the market and get one of thebest “arcade for kids” and adults – jelly jumper Beany is waitingfor you!
Cute Dolls Live Wallpaper 1.5 APK
Hello, girls! Are you ready for beautiful doll pictures especiallycreated to decorate your phone screen? Are you looking for perfect“fancy backgrounds” and “girly wallpapers” which will match yourstyle? You're at the right place! We have created a specialcollection of pictures of cute dolls which will both take you backto your childhood years and also make you feel like a real girlygirl. Download Cute Dolls Live Wallpaper and enjoy in your newfabulous wallpaper background. ➤ Wide choice of phenomenal cutelive wallpapers!➤ Excellent 3D parallax effect!➤ Beautiful HDgraphics and open GL!➤ Animated particles floating on the screen!➤Choose the speed, number and type of particles! ➤ Social sharebutton!➤ Optimized battery usage!➤ Both landscape mode andhome-screen switching are fully supported. ➤ Compatible with 99%mobile phones and tablet devices!➤ The wallpaper app will sleepwhen your phone is inactive, so this doll live wallpaper will notdrain your battery.➤ Cute Dolls Live Wallpaper fully supportshorizontal orientation and looks amazing on both mobile phones andtablet devices!➤ New wallpapers are added daily – collect them all!➤ This beautiful, free and enjoyable dolls background is waitingfor you!Cute Dolls Live Wallpaper contains an adorable collectionof dolls images which will bring a lot of happiness to little girlsand will remind the older ones of their childhood. If you're a truegirly girl, you probably had a Barbie™ or other type of doll whenyou were little. You probably used to have a doll house and clothesin which you dressed up your dolls. Now when you're all grown up,you can have “dolls wallpapers” on your girly phone. Choose yourfavorite doll picture and match it with your style of dress andmakeup. Download this collection of “romantic backgrounds” and betrendy. “Wallpapers for girls” of all ages! If you like havingfancy wallpapers as your phone background images, you're at theright place. Find your childhood dolls and dress them up with yourgirlfriends and remind yourself what it was like when you were alittle girl. These cute live wallpapers will bring you positivefeelings and inspiration every time you look at your phone screen.If you like everything that is beautiful and cute, these “cutebackgrounds” will surely take your breath away. Enjoy having thebest collection of hd wallpapers in your phone. Download Cute DollsLive Wallpaper and put a smile on your face. It's good to be agirl, right?Dolls have been a part of humankind since prehistorictimes. Used to depict religious figures or used as playthings,early dolls were probably made from primitive materials such asclay, fur, or wood. No dolls have survived from prehistoric times,although a fragment of an alabaster doll with movable arms from theBabylonian period was recovered. Apps for phone customization andfor managing desktop backgrounds are very popular right now, so ifyou want to be 'in vogue', download Cute Dolls Live Wallpaper andgive your Android™ device an awesome makeover. Free girlywallpapers and backgrounds are waiting for you! Download thesebeautiful romantic wallpapers today and join the crowd of everybodywho has these hd background wallpapers on their phones! Let thewallpaper mania begin and have a lot of fun exploring differentdolls pictures. Cute Dolls Live Wallpaper - for all fans of livewallpapers and animated backgrounds. Download this wallpaperbackground and beautify your phone screen in an elegant manner. Seta different live wallpaper every day of the week!Please support usby telling your friends about this “cute wallpaper” and leaving usa good review! We greatly appreciate your feedback!
Transparent Clock Widget 2.0.4 APK
Transparent Clock Widget is a cool new analog alarm clock, made forpeople who have been searching for a simple analog clock! Enter thenew world of modern technology with this brand new app – embellishyour phone and tablet with these beautiful transparent analogclocks! This transparent glass clock widget is a simple analogclock widget and a modern clock with the most beautiful animatedbackgrounds. Ring the alarm, because here comes the best clockwidget with an integrated alarm clock! Choose between ten clockfaces for your “desktop clock” design and you will get decorativeclocks with full alarm system!How to set the clock widget:★ Thisfree widget lets you “make your own clock widget” by choosing yourfavorite clock skins, hands and numbers!★ First, you have to ADDthe “clock widget” to your home screen!★ Depending on your device,you should scroll down to MENU and press the ADD button, or longpress on the empty space on your screen until the pop-up windowlabeled ADD TO HOME SCREEN comes out.★ At first, you will be givenfive clock faces, while the rest of them will be unlocked over thenext five days.★ Select from ten “free transparent clocks”, amazingdesigns, digits and hands.★ To move and scale the widget, you haveto long-press on the “analog clock”!★ Set the alarm clock byswiping through the digits on the screen and tap on SET ALARMbutton!★ The best clock for phones and tablets!★ “TransparentAnalog Clock” is a cool clock widget, suitable for everyone!★ Visitour channel to find more “free analog clock widgets”!★ “What timeis it?”Check what time it is with this animated clock widget forAndroid™ and have your own custom made clock! This glasstransparent clock will make your eyes glare. Have your own clockmechanism with its own clock parts – digits and clock hands for thelatest HD phones and tablets! You can set the alarm clock with yourown music on this amazing photo-realistic HD quality “clockwidget”. We offer you the most beautiful analog clock widget packwith simple and elegant black backgrounds for clocks - all you haveto do is to choose between ten clock faces for your “desktop clock”design. This minimalist clock will transform your phone intoenvy-making item with your favorite analog theme - transparent red,yellow, pink, blue, green, black or white, completely free ofcharge. This Transparent Clock Widget will make your phone ortablet screen look so simple and pretty.★ “Free analog clockwidgets for Android™”!Personalize your home screen with an analogclock widget which will show you how your lifestyle can becomeexact with this clock timer. Download Transparent Clock Widget andhave a transparent screen on your mobile device! Whether you like alarge clock, a big clock or a small clock, you will find thesuitable one for you to match it with your transparent wallpaper.You will enjoy this 24 hour clock with your favorite melody alarmsound and you will never want another widget. These cute clockshave the perfect sizes, so you will not have a problem to take yourcute pictures on your display with this transparent clock widget2x2! Wake up with this sense analog clock widget and carry theseoutdoor clocks with transparent background wherever you go!
Love Text on Photo 1.2.7 APK
Hello, photography fans and love birds! Are you ready for anawesome photo editing app which will help you create the best lovepictures ever? Download ♥ Love Text on Photo ♥ and let the funbegin!FEATURES:Colorful and interesting design!Simple and intuitivetap controls suitable for all users!Numerous ways to “add text tophotos”!Hours of fun and entertainment!♥ Love Text on Photo ♥ ishere to help you write personalized text on pictures. If you're inlove, this photo watermark app will help you add love quotes andmessages to your favorite love photographs and surprise yoursweetheart for your anniversary with beautiful love postcards. Thisincredible photo editing app will help you add time and date stampsto your pics so as to save your precious moments from oblivion.Express your love towards your partner by writing on pictures ofyou two together. When you're finished with writing text on pics,you can send love pictures to him or her in a message or post it.Whatever way you choose, you're surely going to have the mostbeautiful edited pics. If photo editing is your passion, you're atthe right place. This free app for text pictures will let you writelove quotes and sayings in a cute manner. Surprise your sweetheartfor Valentine's Day with an incredible photo watermark. Yourpartner will surely be thrilled with your cute text decorations.Therefore, start watermarking right now! Download ♥ Love Text onPhoto ♥ and let the fun begin! Add time stamps, write text onpictures and add watermarks! You are in store for a wonderful photoediting experience and it's only a few touches of your finger awayfrom you. This photo editor will let you express your deepestfeelings towards your loved one and write nice words of wisdom.Post your masterpiece on all social networks for everyone to see.Turn on your camera and take a perfect selfie with your soul mate!Edit pics with ♥ Love Text on Photo ♥ face decorator and enter thecrazy world of editing pictures. This photo collage maker has itall and what is best about is that it is completely free of charge.Download it now and explore various photo editing options that wehave created especially for a photography fan likeyou.Instructions: Take a photo with the camera of your phone orchoose a pic from your phone gallery. When you tap on the “edittext” button, you can either write whatever you like instead ofdefault “my text” words, or you can choose to add time/date stampto your photo. You can also edit font and add an outline so thatyour text could look even cuter. There is also an option for you toadjust fill, opacity, and shadow of the text!
Beauty Cam Photo Editor 1.2.8 APK
For all fans of photography and “photo editing apps”! Beauty CamPhoto Editor is a brand new pic collage app which will bring youoff your feet. Explore all image editing options and enjoy theexperience. We offer you:♠ A unique collection of collagetemplates!♠ Incredible pic frames in all colors and shapes!♠ Photoeffects: black and white, sepia, retro, cartoon...Beauty Cam PhotoEditor offers you a chance to become a real photo editing expert.Decorate your pictures like never before with this incredible photoediting software. We offer you numerous photo editing tools: lovelypicture frames, amazing collage grids, and magnificent photoeffects. This completely free picture editing app is suitable forall generations of users: kids, teenagers, and the adults.Excellent design in lovely colors comes together with intuitive tapcontrols which offers our users an opportunity to edit pics withease. A diversity of pic frames and camera effects such as blackand white, sepia and cartoon will surely break you out of everydayboredom. So, don't hesitate – hours of fun and creativity arewaiting for you with this photo collage editor. Take a selfie andjoin the crowd of selfie fans and photo enthusiasts! Selfie maniais at its peak as people around the globe are posting theircolorful selfies to all social networks. All generations areaffected by this tide of photo sharing and editing! So, what areyou waiting for? Grab your beauty cam, take a photo, and use thisbeauty cam app to create masterpiece works. Image editing has neverbeen more interesting! Take photos with your camera, montage theminto amazing photo mosaics, and post them to all social networks!Let colors into your life! Start with the image processing rightnow and be trendy! An excellent photo editor only for you! Downloadthis new “photo editor” and start creating wonderful images! If youenjoy decorating your photos with funny stickers, text, and quotes,you will love high-quality camera effects that we have createdespecially for you! If collage picture templates are your passion,don't hesitate! Edit images like a pro with black and white andsepia effect. Beauty Cam Photo Editor is waiting, so prepare forsome creativity!Whenever you lack motivation and you feel bored,combine pictures together and enjoy looking at your work of art!All kinds of image editing software is totally 'in' right now, soyou better hurry up and be the first to use this incredible app formaking collages. ★ MORE PHOTO EDITING APPS COMING SOON!