1.0.1 / February 3, 2016
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You have to stop this time-bomb with binary code.Can you save usall?Normal Mode for everyone.Nerd Mode for Nerds.

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    Nerd can save us
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    February 3, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Rags to Riches : Billionaire Simulator 2.5.5 APK
Have you ever envied someone born with a silver spoon in mouth? Noworries, “Rags to Riches: Billionaire Simulator” will let you gofrom Rags to Riches. There is no need for “In-App Purchase” toenjoy “Rags to Riches”. [Game Features] ▶Simple Operation Tap, Tap,Tap!! Want to be a Billionaire fast? Tap as quickly as you can!“Rags to Riches: Billionaire Simulator” is an “Idle Game”, alsoknown as “Clicker Game”. ▶ Various Contents Scratch lottery ticketsas many as you can! A ‘Cat’ will help you scratch them out. Do parttime jobs in game. Those will help you go from Rags to Riches. Makefriends and let them work hard! Buy items in game to increaseabilities and decorate your own house! ▶ A Story of Rags to RichesAn unprivileged person starts from the bottom. (Dust spoon)Finally, an unprivileged person reaches out to the top. (Silverspoon) “Rags to Riches: Billionaire Simulator” makes it possible!!▶ Strong Addictiveness / Stress Relief As you start playing “Ragsto Riches: Billionaire Simulator”, you can easily find itinteresting. Within a few days, you will be preoccupied with thisgame tapping the cell phone fast. Also, you can relieve your stressfrom work or school by playing this game. Scratch out the lottery!Win the JACKPOT! Go from Rags to Riches! You MADE it! Many thanksfor those of who play “Rags to Riches: Billionaire Simulator”.Every single review would be a GREAT help for developers. Presentedby LIBRA Systems Inc. (President: Jinyoung Choi) E-mail Address :[email protected]
3Cycle - Daily Scheduler 1.0.5 APK
"3Cycle" - It will take care of a week of yours. New threerevolutions of "Time Management App" First, Go in the common UI!clock-shaped UI that can see a daily schedule at a time. Second,Stop only making plans without practice. Accurate feedback throughAnalysis Algorithm. Third, Stop worrying how to realize successfullife. Signpost that tells the way to successful life. - Love ,Dream and Joy !! Challenge your successful life with "3Cycle" Whatis "3Cycle" ? - "3Cycle" means that one can lead the mostsuccessful life when one spent a week that Love, Dream and Joywhich are three elements of success psychologists suggest are inperfect harmony. What are Love, Dream and Joy, then? LOVE : Abouthuman relationships, which is the time with people one love. DREAM: About self-realization , which is the time with make an effortfor realizing long-term goals. JOY : About joy of life , whichplays a major role in recharging energy through healing yourexhausted mind and body. Many psychologists say that the pursuit ofsuccess and happiness is the most important goal in one's life. Forthe highlights of your life, set your lifetime goals with 3cycleand create your Happy Cycle for the successful life through thewell-balanced scheduling - Love, Dream, Joy. [Feature] -Clock-Shaped planning chart seen at a glance - Color display byCategories - Love, Dream and Joy - Tidy Neon-design - Creation andManagement of several planning charts - Evaluation of planningchart in the Analysis Algorithm - Feedback about the life of oneweek [Main Function] - Easy input method. Register at one-touchbutton and you can delete and change drag-and-drop. - Display ofschedule and the current time Mark with the schedule planned andthe current time when 3Cycle runs. - Check of the alarm and theexecution according to the schedule. Tell you all you have to dothrough alarm and you can know whether or not the schedule iscomplete through execution-check. - 3Cycle guide for users 3Cycleguide with the top will help you how to use the 3Cycle. - Addschedule table through the list page You can create and managevarious planning charts in the list page. - Easy day registrationon the list page. You can set the schedule for each day of the weekby putting it into day of week slot, easily. - Feedback through thestats page Provide a feedback on evaluation of whether the planningchart is well-balanced with Love, Dream and Joy and how much youpractice the schedule of a week.
MOZY - Maze Runner 1.0.1 APK
[Avoid & Run]Run away with Fire & Ice Mozy from Fire &Ice Balls.[Find Solutions]Every Maze has a solution.Solveit![Control Skill]Show your control skills.
groglo - Grow2Glow 1.1.0 APK
[Grow To Glow]Growing to be the biggest one.- Eat & RunHuntdown weaker!!!Run away from stronger ones!!!- Upgrade Skills3Skills - Magnet, Repulsion, Burst!!!Lv 10, Lv 20, Lv 30 AdditionalPower Ups!!!- Multi-Ending2 Endings & 2 Extra Bonuses
Bizmo - Calling Memo 1.02 APK
[Launching Sale] $1.99 -> $0,99In your business or homelife,have you ever forgotten important point while you are callingto others, haven't you? In order to prevent such a thing,wedeveloped Business memo, new type of productivity tool. It is verysimple to use!!Just take a memo to a person's contacts by whom youask or are asked to have a important matter or business. WithBizmo,you can have a more convenient life than before!! * Mainfeature- Popup memo will be displayed automatically every time assoon as incoming call ringing or hang up the call * feature- Simpledesign & UI- A Variety of Themes- Synchronize an address book-Take a memo easily※If you buy the Bizmo full version, you shoulduninstall lite version in order not to malfunction.[Tag]memo,Business, call, pop-up, dial, phone, phone number, contacts
qup - Cube Up 1.0.3 APK
Game is very simple & easy. Just touch the screen to changedirection then, zigzag up higher!Avoiding obstacles, who can gofar?Do you think explanation is too short? But That's reallyall!This game is super easy & simple
A PAIR - my own paring game 1.21 APK
It isn't a boring pairing game!! It must be a new style pairinggame!!You can enjoy playing this game using your own photos.This ismuch more fun even same game you've played before.[Feature]1. Basic60 patterns2. My own style card set3. Single, Couple mode4. EASY,NORMAL, HARD levelTAG : couple, photo, picture, pair, game
RingDingDong-knock a door run 2.0.2 APK
*UPDATE* - Halloween New Characters!! Happy Halloween~:)Knock adoor of the neighbor’s house and run.It's really fun. Blow offsteam.Let's do this one more time.Take the responsibility. Runaway. Do not get caught!- Avoid the neighborhood and the police.-Knock a door many neighbor's house and earn points. - Compete withyour friends.- Earn money and get a various characters."A goodneighbor is better than a brother far off."*This is just a game.Please have a good terms with your neighbor.*