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Enjoy a brand new diamond dash with a sleek design with Fury Dash.Have a lot of fun with this puzzle game, its exhilarating rhythmand its beautiful graphics. Do your best to reach the highest scorein two game modes that will constitute a diversified challenge.Fury Dash is a match 3 game in which you must touch group ofdiamonds to make them explode. Chain explosions as fast as you canto get a fury mode and use your magical powers to earn a lot ofpoints. Be careful, if you touch a group that contain less thanthree diamonds, it won’t explode! Show your superiority through twogame mode. In the Time Trial Mode, you have two minutes to earn thebiggest score while in the survival mode, you must reach an evergrowing score. Until where will you be able to go? CARACTERISTICS -Survival Mode - Time Attack Mode - 5 powers to use as you see fit -Sleek and colored Graphisms - Touch the screen to interact

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