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"Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937" isthe first major museum exhibition in the United States in overtwenty years devoted to the infamous display of modern artofficially condemned by the Nazis. In the 1930s, the NationalSocialists adopted the term ""degenerate"" for their campaignagainst modern art. They seized thousands of works from museums andcollections throughout Germany. A selection of these were works puton display in Munich in July 1937. The show subsequently traveledfor three years throughout Germany and Austria. Millions of peoplewere said to have seen it, making it the most popular travelingshow ever assembled. This exhibition opens by comparing works thatwere included in the government sponsored "Great German ArtExhibition", comprised of artwork approved by the Nazis to theinfamous show in Munich. An adjacent gallery address the complexcareers of Ernst Barlach and Emil Nolde, artists who were initiallyapproved by some Nazi officials and later judged "degenerate". Onemajor gallery examines the city of Dresden as an important artcenter in Germany. The German Expressionist artists' group Brückewas founded here in 1905. The Nazis staged what they termed"exhibitions of shame", which served as precursors to the"Degenerate Art" show, one of which was held in Dresden. TheBauhaus was also a target of the Nazis and the school was shutteredfor good in 1933. Key faculty of the Bauhaus were targets and manyfled the country. The final gallery addresses the theme of exileand emigration as many artists chose or were forced to fleeGermany. This application features audio interviews with theexhibition’s curator, Dr. Olaf Peters, and commentary from theDirector of the Neue Galerie New York, Renée Price. Degenerate Art:The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937 is on view at: NeueGalerie New York 1048 Fifth Avenue at 86th Street, New York, NY10028 March 13 – June 30, 2014

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There has never been a place like The Dali Museum. Rich in worksfrom artist Salvador Dali's entire career (1904-1989), the Museumhas key works from every moment and in every medium of his artisticactivity. The Dali’s distinguished building on the beautifuldowntown St. Petersburg, FL waterfront enables the Museum toprotect and display the collection, to welcome the public, and toeducate and promote enjoyment. In a larger sense it is a place ofbeauty dedicated, as is Dali's art, to understanding andtransformation. This Virtual Tour gives you a glimpse of Dali'sprecocious talent, persistent obsessions, humor, edginess, andbeauty – from iconic melting clocks to imaginative visual illusionsand avant-garde symbols. Visit TheDali.org for more information onthe Museum and Dali.