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Who's your new angry neighbor from hell house ?The just angrymantried to run from city neighbouring silent! Why not say himhellofor free? Just do not disturb neighbouring it cant be safe-prepare for tribal fear !!! What secret hide crazyhellishneighbours in House of Secrets episode 2 - new neighbor? CanYouEscape with no fear from crazy neighbors from hell? Why behavesostrange & evil? Good or Evil angry stranger lives near you?Theneighbor from hell house in neighbor horror adventurehidessomething crazy in his evil home - someone find his secrets -nowhe need to run . Next door neighbor has lots of hiddenmysteries& behave strangely. Look around his house forartifacts &open neighbouring hidden secret room doors to themystery ofmustard strange man - your new friend next house withstrangebehaviour...who's this guy next door? Your goal is takingpart inthe neighborhood escape adventure mystery game. Discovermysteries& secrets before say Hello to hellish neighbours !Destroyhidden artifacts you can find in creepy neighborhood housetodiscover hidden secret room entrance, but don't disturb thecrazyowner..he is pretty fast to catch you. Behave stealth &payattention..or fast silent escape from city to make people free.Sayhello to the angry neighbor Mr. Bendy from yourneighborhoodnightmares!In Episode 2 You will meet :★ AngryNeighbour Mr. Benty- both scary mustard mystery man of theneighborhood ★ Secrets todiscover who's your next-door fellow fromhell house ! Help him torun!★ Item search stealth run gameplay★Angry New Neighbours withhorror like behave ArtificialIntelligence★ Scary neighbouringatmosphere to fear★ Horror EscapeArcade adventure game withelements & hidden objects such asstars to get morescore!Discover secrets of Mr. Bendy stranger &feel thefearGoals of this horror adventure platformer game:★ Findandcollect glue for Mr. Bendy from the old home of hellishneighbours★ Bring em to destroy everyone who disturbs you at yoursweet houseof traps!★ Find the entrance to the secret room andcollect allstars and glue!★ Be careful not to trap in stranger'shands fromanother world use glue to fight★ Try do not disturbyourneighborhood and get from your cityYour free hellishhorroradventure starts here! Do you really know who's yournext-doorfellow? Can You Escape from hell house & find theirmysteriouscrazy secret rooms and cellars?

App Information New Angry Neighbor Escape - City Adventure

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    New Angry Neighbor Escape - City Adventure
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    March 16, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    GamesRock - Free And Fun Games
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    Российская Федерация
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