1.0 / July 6, 2017
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In total, with this mod for MCPE willbeavailable several colors of motorcycles. The motorcycleitselflooks pretty cool and realistic, and also has a high speedofmovement!

How it works?

Mod replaces spiders and cave spiders with motorcycles and theywillno longer attack you.

There are two ways to get a motorcycle. You can either find itinyour MCPE world, or use the spider's egg spawn or cave spidereggto create it. A total of five texture packs are available,eachcontaining colors for two different motorcycles.

It's very easy to operate a motorcycle. You just need to sit initand hold the key (rod with carrots) in your hand to startthemovement. For a long tread on the motorcycle, click on Drive.Holdthe key (rod with carrots) in your hand to start moving.

Installing the mod:
Download the mod files marked with behavior.mcpack at thelinkbelow.
Just open the files (via ES Explorer on Android) and the gameitselfwill install all the necessary files.
Start MCPE and go to edit the world.
Select Resource sets.
Find the texture file "color" _resource.mcpack and click on ittoactivate.
Select Parameter sets.
Find the add-on file and click on it to activate.
Fashion installed, nice game!


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    July 6, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    10 - 50
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Map Evasion for MCPE 1.1 APK
You were sent there after you got a bitcockyand decided to rob the National Bank of MCPE. The goal is tosolvepuzzles and make deals with other prisoners to one day escapefromprison and rejoin their old gang outside. It's definitely afunexperience, and it's supposedly based on a popular game calledTheEscapist.PlotYou were part of one of the most powerful bands in MCPE. No onehasever dared to mess with you, not even policemen! Once youdecidedto go alone and rob the National Bank of MCPE. You foughtfor along time, but finally, you were surrounded, and the policetookyou into custody. Soon after you were sentenced and sent tomaximumsecurity prison.But you do not plan to stay there for a long time. You decidedtowork with other prison comrades to find ways to trade, fightandsolve puzzles and, ultimately, avoid this prison. Do youhaveeverything you need for this?You can talk to other prisoners by stepping on the pressureplates.Often they will have small missions that you can fill inexchangefor what you need.Installation:Download .ZIPDownload evasion.mcworldConvict.pngHave a good game!
What the mod adds:1. more than 40 mechanisms and even more items.2. 5 new ores3. Wires and worked energy, as in industrial craft 2, generatorsandnuclear reactor.4. Convenient and beautiful interface for most mechanisms5. work with liquids, of which 6 are new, in particular oil,whichflows like water6. Beekeeping!7. Auto-farm animals and plants8. Automatic mining of ore9. 2 types of new armor10 New ways of processing resources11. Weapons and tools that work on energy.12. Additions (addons) to the main mode13. Good (for maynkrafta) graphicsThanks to the fashion for MCPE, it will be much easier tosurvive,thanks to the large number of new mechanisms due to whichit willbe easier and much faster to process the ore. Then you canchoosethe direction in which wakes up further development in thegame,you can follow the path of high technology, matter andquantum. Andyou can go on a more peaceful path and engage inbeekeeping and theconstruction of automated farms in MCPE.Installation:Set TexturesInstall the "factorization 4.X.js" scriptRead this description completelyWhen you enter any world, the GUI files will be automaticallyloaded(this may take some time). But if the GUI does not work orworksincorrectly install the GUI Loader - factorization.apkapplication(attached in the archive) and use it to install the GUIfiles.If you want to play with sounds, then copy thefolderFactorizationSound to the address "games / com.mojang/"There is an addon in the archive that makes the wires and pipesthinand beautiful, as in mods on a PC. Install it.Gui loader'a not yet. If the interface fails to load, checktheconnection to the Internet and try to fix it via themodmenu.
Mod will give you the option of choosingtheweapon that suits you best. All kinds of weapons and otheritemsyou can find in the inventory of the creative mode or makeyourselfin survival mode. All the crafting recipes you can findnext.Features:The smoke grenade has the effect of blindness for a while.Each weapon has its own force of throwing and shiftingthetrunk.Some rifles have the ability to look into the optical sight.Grenades have a good animation of the throw and rebound fromsolidbodies.Each weapon has its own characteristic shot sound.Each grenade has its own characteristic sound of explosionandthrow.There are detonating arrows that explode 2-3 seconds aftertheshot.After the shot from the grenade launcher remains a traceofsmoke.How to make weapons?To make any weapons you will need a store with cartridges tostartwith. For an example, let's do .44 Magnum. To do this, youneed tomake a clip, the clip is made from one ingot of iron.Further on,using this clip you can make .44 Magnum, of coursehaving in yourinventory all the necessary elements that are neededto craft thisweapon. To make .44 Magnum you will need a clip, 2units. Red dust,4 ingots of iron and the gun is ready.Installation:Download mod.Run BlockLauncher Pro.Click on the spanner.Go to "ModPE Script".Enable mod support and click "Add".Now you need to find the downloaded mod in the file system ofyourdevice and click on it.Mod has the .modpkg extension. Textures will beinstalledautomatically!Fashion installed, nice game!
With this mod in the game there will beadoorbell, a pile of kitchen furniture and even a fullyfunctionalTV. This is one of the coolest additions for MCPE, if youwant todecorate your house with new furniture and make it a bitmorerealistic.All furniture and other decorative blocks from this fashion canbecrafted in a workbench. We have appended a list of all theblocks,as well as all the recipes just below.Craft Recipes:Trash [Bin] (id - 604) - 6 iron bars + 1 stone blockCabinet [Cabinet] (id - 605) - 8 boards + 1 chestCutting board [Chopping Board] (id - 609) - 6 oak wood + 3woodplatesRefrigerator [Fridge] (id - 617) - 7 iron blocks + 1 chest + 1blockof iceKitchen Cabinet [id-619] - 6 quartz blocks + 2 turquoise obevedclay+ 1 chestKitchen counter [Kitchen Counter] (id - 620) - 3 cyan stained clay+6 quartz blocksMicrowave [Microwave] (id - 622) - 6 quartz blocks + 2 glasspanels+ 1 stone blockOven [Oven] (id - 626) - 8 iron blocks + 1 chestOven for oven [Oven Top] (id - 627) - 4 iron bars + 1 lightStereo [Stereo] (id - 629) - 1 iron bar + 3 acacia boardsStone Path (id - 630) - 3 diorite blocksStone Table [Stone Table] (id - 631) - 5 stone blocksTelevision [Television] (id - 632) - 7 acacia wood + 1 glass panel+1 redstone dustWooden table [Wooden Table] (id - 633) - 5 oak boardsGarden lamp [Garden Light] (id - 618) - 2 quartz blocks +1turquoise adorned clayGift [Present] (id - 628) - 1 sheet of paper + 6 red woolCeiling Light Ceiling Light (id - 608) - 3 light sources + 1quartzunitDoorbell [Doorbell] (id - 615) - 2 oak wood + 1 quartz blockOak Bedside Cabinet (id - 601) - 7 oak boards + 1 chestSpruce Bedside Cabinet (id - 602) - 7 spruce boards + 1 chestAcacia bedside cabinet (id - 603) - 7 acacia boards + 1 chestBedside table of spruce wood [Spruce Wood Cabinet] (id - 606) -8oak boards + 1 chestAcacia Wood Cabinet (id - 607) - 8 acacia boards + 1 chestMirror [Mirror] (id - 623) - 8 cyan stained clays + 1glasspanelCard File [File Cabinet] (id - 616) - 7 turquoise adorned clay +2chestsMouse Pad [id - 625] - 8 green wools + 1 light gray woolCurtains [Curtains] (id - 614) - 5 orange wool + 2 ironingotsLaptop [Laptop] (id - 621) - 7 stone blocks + 1 glass panel + 1goldingotModem [Modem] (id - 624) - 6 turquoise adorned clayCoin [Coin] (id - 610) - 1 gold bullionOak box (id - 601) - 7 oak boards + 2 chestsSpruce box (id - 602) - 7 spruce boards + 2 chestsBox of acacia (id - 603) - 7 acacia boards + 2 chestsBirch box (id - 604) - 7 birch boards + 2 chestsBox of dark oak (id - 605) - 7 boards of dark oak + 2 chestsBox of jungle wood (id - 606) - 7 boards of the jungle tree +2chestsWooden bar (id - 632) - 6 wooden boardsYou can get colored glass with the / furniture command orwithcrafting in a workbench.Installing the mod:Download the .modpkg mod file from the link below.Open BlockLauncher and go to settings.Select the ModPE script section and click Add.Find the script file and click on it to install.Fashion installed, nice game!
Beautiful Guns MCPE new 1.1 APK
Very coolly implemented shooting from gunsandthe ability to aim. All guns have their own sounds when shot,whichgives even more coolness to fashion!You can get the guns in the inventory of the creative mode andshootwithout having a patron. But you can also craft guns in aworkbench.For this you will need special ingredients.If you climbed to some high terrain, then thanks to theparachute,you can descend without a damage. Just hold the parachutein yourhand while jumping from a height.Installing Beautiful Guns for MCPE:- Download the mod file. The mod file can be in the .JS or.modpkg;; format;-If you need to download and open BlockLauncher and gotosettings;-Select the "ModPE script" section and click on "Add";-Find the unpacked mod file and click it to add;-Model installed, nice game!
Machines will be very useful in MCPEsurvivalmode. If you need something that will increase your chancesofsurvival in a certain area, then this mod is exactly for you!Forexample, the turret will scan all enemies and shoot them downifthey enter your territory.How it works?Toolbar: This is the basic element, through which you can buildanyother items. It is a replacement for a shalker. Place it whereyouwant your toolbar (Use the egg of the shalker spawn increativeMCPE mode, or use the command / summon shulker with activecheatsin the survival mode).Turret: it is a turret with a machine gun mounted on it.Itautomatically scans threats and eliminates enemies. You canbuildit using the toolbar.Dispenser: this is a machine with which a player canbetreatedInstallation:Download the mod from our application - in the archive 3files"behaviour" .mcpack and "resource red" .mcpack and "resourceblue".mcpack.Run the downloaded file, so you import the addon / texture intotheMCPE.Open MCPE and go to the world settings.Set for world imported:- Resource kits.- Sets of add-ons.Select in each section the imported resource packages/add-on.We recommend that you restart the MCPE game client afterthat.Start MCPE, go to the previously configured world of MCPE andenjoythe addon!
Update Modern Tools MCPE 1.0 APK
The mod itself replaces only the shalkersinMCPE. For example, if you use an ink bag, you can get acomputer.You can also get a refrigerator, chairs and otherappliances /furniture for your house!Mod works with MCPE no lower than!How it works?To create a modern tool, you need to first find a forge. TheForgeis an object that falls out of the chickens (as it replacestheeggs). Place the forge on the ground (throwing like an egg),andthen use any of the following items to make some kindofspade:Refrigerator - gray dyeTables / chairs - bone meal, light blue dye, red dye, lapislazuli,pink dye, cocoa beansKitchen - light gray colorRefrigerator (gray dye): has 27 slots, so you can storedifferentthings.Tables / chairs (bone meal, light blue dye, red dye, lapislazuli,pink dye, cocoa beans): decorate your home given withbeautifulfurniture. You can even sit on chairs.Kitchen stove (light gray dye): thanks to this stove, you cancookinstantly. This will work with the following raw products:chicken,beef, pork, rabbit meat.Forge (default): put coal in the smithy and get a randomvaluableitem (diamond, gold, gold nugget or iron bar).Wastebasket (black shalker): you can throw away unnecessarythingsin the trash can. Just hold it long and click on Erase toremovethe block or object in your hand.Postman (resident): he can get access to the MineBay store,whereyou can buy and sell all kinds of items.Installing the mod:Download the mod files marked with the .mcpack application.Just open the files (via ES Explorer on Android) and the gameitselfwill install all the necessary files.Start MCPE and go to edit the world.Select Texture Sets.Find the texture file modern-tools-r.mcpack and click on ittoactivate.Select Parameter sets.Find the add-on file modern-tools-b.mcpack and click on ittoactivate.Fashion installed, nice game!
Block is actually a living being that youjustneed to kill. After you kill this creature something happens,andif you're lucky, you just get valuable items, butsomethingterrible may happen, such as the Spawn of the Desiccant intheworld of MCPE.Pigs in the world of MCPE will now be replaced with these"lucky"blocks. That is, now you will see them all over the vastworld ofMCPE. Your goal is to kill this block, and then somethingwillnecessarily happen.The first time I personally did this, I was not too lucky,becausenext to me in the world of MCPE slept Desiccator andimmediatelykilled me. You really need to be careful and ready foranything,because if you happen as well as I do, you should wear thebestarmor and you should have the best weapon with you.A complete list of what can happen:Wooden toolsRedstone ObjectsValuable items such as diamondsAlso, you can not drop anythingIron objectsWoolActivated TNTSheepVillagerCreeperThe DesiccatorSmall explosionBig BangInstallationDownload this mod in the application.Extract the two folders from the archive.Move the folder "luckyblock-behavior" to thefolder/games/com.mojang/behavior_packs/Move the folder "luckyblock-resource" to thefolder/games/com.mojang/resource_packs/Start MCPE.Create a new world or edit an existing one.Set the resource package and add-on for the selected world,whichyou previously moved to the resource_packs folderandbehavior_packs.Done! Restart MCPE and enjoy the game!If you have any problems, write to the developer!