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Women with warm, chocolate-coloured eyes have the option of wearingalmost every shade on the colour wheel! So the million dollarquestion is how can you tell what the best eye shadow for your eyesis? Unlike with other eye colors, you can wear eye shadow that isthe same colour as your eyes. Shadows in the brownish-gold familyare ideal for brown eyes, as well as peach, gold, light brown, andpurple hues. In fact, there are a plethora of shades for brown-eyedwomen to work with. The following guide highlights a few of ourfavorites.This application can help you to find an ideas, what thematching colour between your eye with the clothes that you use.This application is very useful for those of you women who want adifferent eye shadow from your friends.Feature : * Glamour eyeshadow * Office eye shadow * Wedding eye shadow * Eye shadowTutorials * Daily eye shadow * Simple eye shadow * Natural eyeshadow * Many More.....!!!!You must be check out!!

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Drawing is defined as the action of making marks on any surfacewith any mark-making material. It is clear, by this definition,that anyone can draw. If you can write your name, well then- youcan draw. Now that we've established that, we all know that some ofus can draw better than others. Becoming skilled at drawingrequires several factors coming together. Some of these factorsinclude desire, instruction, practice, time, and morepractice.Drawing is a Skill- This means that drawing is not somemagical activity that some people are born with the ability to do.A skill is something that can be taught and mostimportantly-learned. If you want to draw, draw better, or draw as aprofessional- you can. Anyone can become skilled at drawing. Don'tever say, "I can't draw."keep in mind, that once you drawing,delete your picture, so that you only have in your mind.Feature : *Drawing a swan * Drawing a panda * Drawing a dragon * Drawing a cat* Drawing a dog * Drawing a flower * Drawing a owl * Drawing a lion* Drawing a wolf * Drawing a crocodile * And many Moredon't forget,erase your picture after drawing, in order the object only in yourmind.Download Now And Try to make it.!!
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Today finding free crochet patterns online is even easier thanfinding them in a store. The selection is beyond huge and naturallythe money saved is great. You can find just about anything you arelooking for with any level of experience you seek.Crochet is great,one hook, a skein of yarn and you are on your way to makingsomething warm beautiful or just plan fun. There are thousands ofpatterns to choose from and you can spend endless hours just goingthrough them.To find some great beginners crochet patterns justtype in crochet patterns. Than in your advanced search, add thewords easy , beginner and free. You will be surprised with thepattern links that come back. With the Internet, you always havehelp right at your fingertips.There are many great forums out thereand crocheters are a friendly, helpful group of folks who love toshare and help each other.When you are just beginning, try tochoose an easy basic pattern. The more basic the pattern the betterit will be. For instances a baby blanket, washcloth, or potholder(remember never use synthetic yarn for a potholders, they willmelt). These are all good choices for the beginner.With theseprojects you do not have to worry about gauge. You can justconcentrate on getting comfortable with handling the yarn and hook.When you first began you will probably crochet too tight and willfeel clumsy, not to worry you will get use to it. This is commonand you will relax as you keep practicing. You will loosen up thestitches as you become more comfortable with handling the hook andyarn.
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So you want to learn to graffiti? There are a number of differentplaces you can start in the streets, at home in a sketchbook,online, in street art classes your options are literallyendless.Graffiti starts out with tagging. When graffiti was firstrecognized it was in the form of street kids literally writingtheir names on the walls wherever they went. Since then the name ofthe graffiti writer has formed the basis for all of graffitibombing, throwups and pieces. You need to select a name that youwill use to be recognized by others. If you want to change your tagname later down the line to reinvent yourself you can do that too,You're not necessarily stuck with your tag name, but you still needto make sure you choose one that you will want to use and that isalso unique.All graffiti writers and artists are expected to havetheir own style. You won't stand any chance of making it in yourpursuit to learn to graffiti if you aren't able to develop your ownstyle. Your style should be as distinctive as your tag, and beaware that other graffiti writers are extremely protective of theirown styles. Any kind of copying will not be tolerated. When you'restarting to learn to graffiti it is all right to learn by copyingother writers style. But you need to use copying as a way todevelop your own graffiti writing skills, not to create your ownpieces. It is easier to learn to graffiti by copying a number ofdifferent graffiti artist's styles. This way you will find whatparts of different styles you're better at and which parts youenjoy working with more. What you learn from other graffiti writersstyles you can use to develop your own.'This application helps youto develop the potential that is within you, these applicationsprovide examples of graffiti letters that you can jaadikan as aknowledge base. This application is very useful for those of youwho really want to learn to draw graffiti.download now !!!
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Finding the perfect pet is difficult when there are so manydifferent breeds to choose from. Use this guide to learn more abouta few of the different breed available.Alaskan MalamuteThe AlaskanMalamute is the oldest Arctic dog breed in the world and was bredas a working dog. They were used to pull sleds as well as hunt.This is a friendly dog that makes a great family pet. They lovechildren, but aren't fond of the company of other dogs. They are asmart breed that can learn quickly but tend to get bored easily. Togroom this breed you will need to brush their fur out weekly. Someof the health concerns associated with this breed include growthproblems, eye problems, and hip dysplasia.ChihuahuaThe Chihuahua isa Mexican breed that was discovered about 100 years ago. They are atoy dog that stands between 6 and 9 inches tall and they typicallyweigh less than 6 pounds. Their coats come in two variations, shortand long. The long coat is soft and can be either straight or wavy.The short coat is soft and dense. Both coat variations can come injust about any color or color combination.To care for this breedyou will need to groom their hair daily for the long hairedversion, and as needed for the short hair version. This is anindoor pet that is not suited for extended periods of time outside.However, they do enjoy playing outside and going for short walks.To manage this breed's temperament you need to socialize it andtrain it early. Some of the health concerns that are associatedwith this breed include kneecap problems, eye problems, andtracheal problems.masih sangat banyak keturunan anjing lainnyaa.aplikasi ini dapat membantu anda untuk mengenali tipe-tipe anjingtersebut.Download sekarang!!
New Ombre Hairstyle 1.0 APK
Ombre hair is a one of the hottest hair trends today. Named by theFrench, the style features darker, more natural roots, withgradually lightening towards the ends. Many A-List celebrities havetaken to the red carpet in Ombre hair including Jennifer Hudson,Nicki Minaj, and Raven Symone. Women enjoy this style as it'sattractive, and upkeep can be minimal.An Ombre hair coloring styleis where you get a fade from dark to light or from light to dark asyou go out from the mid-lengths to the ends.The Ombre look isreally popular in the salons these days. Here is a simple fail-safeway of achieving the classic ombre hair look:For the Base. You needto caramelize the base. For this, use a natural color fairly closeto your customer's hair coloring level, but with some addedreflects and make sure that it is 1-2 levels lighter. Mix withdeveloper and apply on the mid-lengths only using your dye brush,but do not color the ends.There are two options on how you canswitch your hair color: have a professional do it or choose thedo-it-yourself way. Coloring hair on your own may cost less butsometimes the result can be far from satisfying, especially if youhave minimum knowledge on hair coloring. On the other hand, aprofessional would know exactly how to best amp-up your hairdo. Heor she will be able to mix the colors in the right proportion andknow how long the color should stay in your hair to achieve thatcool look. Besides, hiring a pro will help you avoid hairdamage.get an ideas from this application, download now!!
Tunisian Crochet Patterns 1.0 APK
The patterns will provide helpful instructions on the types of yarnand hook sizes that should be used for a selected project. Therepetitive mechanics, combined with the easily recognized hookplacement makes this needlecraft the easiest to teach and learn.Tunisian crochet stitches create a grid pattern with a definitefront and back side which can form the ideal base for cross stitchcustomization.If you have ever been interested in knitting orcrocheting, then chances are you have heard of something referredto as Tunisian crochet.Tunisian crocheting is done on a long hookwith a stopper on the end of it and the hook on the other. This issimilar to a knitting needle in the fact that it is long. Thestopper keeps the many stitches held on to the tool.Tunisiancrochet is different from the other two other forms of creatingfabric in the fact that each row is done in two specific passes.First is the forward pass in which the loops are worked on to thehook and then there is the reverse pass, where the loops are workedoff of the back of the hook.Crochet Tunisian throws and blanketsare some of the most popular crochet projects enjoyed by bothbeginners and advanced crocheters. You can find Tunisian crochetpatterns for them with complete instructions in crochet magazines,books and websites.Download Now..!! and get ideas about tunisiancrochet
Hand Lettering Design 1.0 APK
This application contain latest hand lettering design. you'll beget fresh ideas. Writing a love letter does not have to bedifficult. Many people shy away from writing love letters to theirspouse or partner because they feel that they don't have the wordsto describe how they feel or because they don't think they areromantic enough.express your feelings love to the loved ones usinghand lettering, you can make it to a girlfriend, a good friend, afather or mother. Besides an art, hand lettering is a means toexpress your heart's content. And to relieve boredomFeature : * NewHand Lettering * Typography * Hand Lettering for Graphic Design *Latest Hand Lettering * Hand Lettering Art Design * CombinationHand Lettering And Graffity * Hand Lettering For BeginnerDownloadnow and you'll get new ideas, and try to make it!!
African Clothing Dress 1.0 APK
African clothing varies not just in design but also origin, fabric,colour and meaning. You can virtually wear a different type ofAfrican attire every single day for the rest of your life if youchoose to. You can wear Kenyan, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Senegalese,Rwandan, Ugandan, Egyptian and many others. Apart from country oforigin you can also choose the Kitenge, lace, leso, Gele, Iro,Isiagu, Kanzu, Kalasiris,brocade, and many more. Each of thesecountries have different tribes and each of these tribes havedifferent African fashion unique to their own culture andpractices. When it comes to the variety front, African clothingclearly takes home the trophy.Stylish and Functional Good clothingshould be beautiful to look at but still serve the purpose forwhich they were designed. This is exactly what African clothesdoes. Africans wear different types of attire to symbolizedifferent things at varied times. So funeral African clothing forinstance will be quite different from wedding attires and the samegoes for other ceremonies like child birth celebrations,initiations and every day regular clothing. Various colours alsostand for different things depending on the community in question.Simply put, African clothing infuses style and functionality soseamlessly you will not know where one begins and the other ends.Iadvise you, if you are a user hijab then do not wear clothing thatis open so that the visible parts of your body, and if you are notusing a hijab, then you will look more beautiful using the hijab,then combined with African-style dress.Download This applicationnow, and be a woman who is not only beautiful but also graceful.