3.0.16 / November 23, 2016
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New Life shares a message of hope,forgiveness, and the power to overcome the habits and sins thatdestroy and debilitate our lives. Together we learn how we can livea life that makes a difference and reaches it's fullest potentialthrough Christ. Use this application to find out about upcomingevents, listen to sermon audio, and engage in God's word.

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This App will connect you with video, audioand written content not only as a follow up to the Excel and BreakOut conferences in Saratoga, NY, but from Capital District Youthfor Christ as well. We'll connect the Go Tandem Bible engagement tothoughts from conference speakers and artists, YFC staff, localyouth leaders and students.
D1Naz GROW 3.0.16 APK
Life got you on a roller coaster? Looking forsome answers in life? Here at D1Naz we exist to make Christ-likeDisciples of the nations by being committed to Grow, Love, Serve.This Grow app is a tool for you to Grow deeper in your relationshipwith Christ. This customizable app will hep you with spiritualaccountability, practical devotionals, prayers reminders, as wellas keeping you connected to the church.
Youth 4 Jesus 3.0.16 APK
The Youth 4 Jesus app is designed to helpteens find or continue to build and develop their relationship withJesus Christ.With this app you will be able to;-follow our Bible study lessons-find out teen activities coming up-get daily bible scriptures-prayer reminders-and much much more!This app is completely customized to your preference andlifestyle simply by taking a brief survey.
Evangelistic Discipling 3.0.16 APK
The Evangelistic Discipling app is designed tohelp you grow in your spiritual walk and equip you to help othersgrow in theirs.Features:* Tracks designed to help you grow in your spiritual walk no matterwhere you are currently.* Specific tracks to help you learn how to disciple others. Manyoptions are given to help you customize your own training.* Devotionals to help you study selected books of the Bible.* Health tracks designed to help us be healthy and productivedisciples and disciplers.* Memory verse track specific for disciplers.* Follow our ministry.
FCA - Life Trainer 8.3.2 APK
The FCA Life Trainer is your personalized app designed to help youachieve peak spiritual fitness. This confidential app allows you toassess your strengths and areas of needed growth while providingencouragement. Watch your life be transformed as you receivescripture, reflect on it and live it out.
Montrose Iowa Nazarene 3.0.16 APK
In our "connected" generation it is importantthat we not fail in the areas of being connected to Jesus Christ,His Word, and His church. The Montrose Iowa Nazarene app can helpyou in each of these areas. After downloading the app be sure totake the assessment; this will help make the Bible verses youreceive more relevant to your particular needs. Some Features: -Youcan determine at what times you will receive messages and Biblereadings -You can evaluate how often you actually engage with theBible -You can view upcoming calendar events and pertinentcommunications from the local church -You will eventually be ableto download audios and/or videos of sermons from the localchurch
Bridge Church Redmond OR 3.0.16 APK
Everyday life is busy. And as a result, ourspiritual lives are often neglected. But that doesn’t have to bethe case. Get ready to receive customized biblical content based onyour unique spiritual needs, designed specifically to move youcloser to Jesus on a daily basis.Do you want answers to life’s tough questions? Do you want tohear from God? Great! The #1 way that God communicates with peopleis through the Bible!Nothing is more important than spending time getting to know Godin a personal way. God desires a relationship, in fact, we weremade for a relationship with God. When this relationship is notwhat it should be, everything else suffers.Providing a personalized experience with the Bible, we'lldeliver meaningful content directly to you, exactly when you needit. Each message is designed to help strengthen and encourage youby taking an honest look at what the Bible says and how applying itmoves you closer to Christ.Get started today!
The Well Rock Hill 3.0.16 APK
Welcome to The Well Church, Rock Hill,official app. We are excited to share this FREE, life changing appwith you! The answers you need to live a victorious life are nowjust a click away! If you desire daily devotions, need solutions tolife's problems or inspiration during difficult times, this app isfor you. You don't have to wait until Sunday any longer!Features:Daily Bible Scripture EncouragementUnique Ministry TracksExclusive Video Blogs By Pastor RevellPush Notifications For All Events at The Well