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Looking for new moon rituals? Engage in new moon spells to bringnew intentions and changes to your life including such things aslove or even more money. The magic of the moon will aid ineliminating the dark things from your life that bring you down. Thenew moon symbolizes a new beginning. It represents and welcomeschanges, promises, and new intentions. The magic that comes fromthe new moon can be used to help these changes and intentions growwithin you. Just as the moon itself grows and becomes whole, sowill the changes you are initiating. The magic and energy of thenew moon will make it easier to begin the changes you want to makein your life. You will feel more focused and able to complete thesetasks and wants as step forward into the light of the new moon andthe spells that it can help you cast. The energy of a new moon isavailable as a support and an aide to help you reach for what youwant out of life. Only through the respect and seriousness of yourspells, however, will this support and energy be gained. Maybe itis a new career that will bring you more money or maybe it is thestart of a new relationship that will bring you a more fantasticlove. It could also be the fact that you are looking to eliminatedark toxins from your body and life and these are things that canbe initiated with the new moon and the spells that you engage in.These spells can also be done with ease when the new moon is thereto assist you. Inside this amazing free guide you’ll learn new moonrituals to enhance your life and the people around you. Enjoy! NewYoutube Video inside!!

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Full moon ritual 1.0 APK
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Looking for full moon ritual? Many appreciate the power of the Moonbecause it boosts rituals which are performed while the orb is inthe phase known as the full moon. It's known that people from allover the world have worshiped the Moon for several millennia. Theycarefully observed phases of the moon in order to gain a betterunderstanding of how the orb affects their lives. Depending on thelunar phase, they decide whether they'll do something or not andthey base all their decisions on the moon - is it new or full moon?Is it the first quarter? Or the last quarter? For centuries, magichas been connected to the full moon. This celestial body is one ofthe central symbols of magic, and most of the rituals are performedat the time when the energy of Moon is at its' zenith. The energyof the full moon can be transferred to us during rituals but weneed to search for it, it won't just magically appear out of theblue. Visualization plays a huge role in these rituals and when weimagine something will happen, it will. We need to invoke thepositive energy of the full moon, and then we'll be ready toreceive it. Inside this amazing app you will learn moon rituals forbeginners, just because they are for beginners doesn’t mean they’renot effective because they are very powerful. We hope you enjoythem!! New Youtube Video!!
com.spirit.realm.myapp 1.0 APK
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10 Secrets Of Spirit Realm You Need To Know Are you looking formore information about the realm or world? With the increase inbelief in technology and machines, people are slowly forgettingeverything about the spirit realm. And that is really dangerous. Wedo live in a world where our over-reliance on machines andtechnology has made us blunt when it comes to understanding thespirits and the spiritual realm. Long gone are the days when peoplemade sacrifices to the gods, ancestors and their duly departed. Thelatter has also resulted in people not reading the Bible often, andit is slowly becoming recognized as a work of fiction, which is nottrue. Therefore, the key to fully understanding the spiritualdimension is by carrying out an in-depth research because as thedictum says, the devil is always in the details. All of thesenovels and horror movies always have some element of truthespecially when it comes to the rituals and spells (sorry for thespoiler). And if you are keen enough, you will find that all of thespells and rituals do have a meaning or story behind it. It is,therefore, a good idea for us to carry out as much research aspossible so that we can have that much-needed revelation. We areall spiritual begins and therefore need to learn all about thespirits /spiritual world if at all we are to live righteously. Youcan also read a novel on the subject and be enlightened. Put thatphone down and switch off that TV or laptop for that matter andmake a date with your great grandma. Chances are she knows a thingor two about the secrets that the spirits realm holds which arevery important and relevant to the physical realm. Inside thisamazing free guide you’ll learn powerful secrets of the spiritrealm that you need to know! Enjoy FREE YOUTUBE VIDEO AND GUIDE PDFINCLUDED
How to summon an angel 1.0 APK
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How To Summon Angels In Real Life with Candles Color Magic is oneof the most fundamental powers we use everyday as Witches. Eachcolor radiates on a distinctive frequency. Therefore, each color isin fact a Transmitter or Magical Energy. Every time we wear acolored shirt or accessory, we, in fact summon special Magicalenergy. In this guide, we will see a very easy example to summonAngels in a quick and practical way.
How to become a wiccan 1.0 APK
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You Want to Know How to Become a Wiccan? Have you recently had arevelation in your spiritual path that has led you to thealternative religion of Wicca? You are not alone in this time ofenlightenment. However excited and clear your mind and heart mightfeel towards the idea of being Wiccan, maybe you are unsure as tohow to become a full-fledged Wiccan . . . maybe you are confused asto where you should begin in your path. In this guide, I will gointo the basics and some details as to how to become a Wiccan. Letme start by saying, learning and practicing Wicca as a religionshould not be something you are doing to be "cool" or rebel againstsociety or your family, etc. It should be taken seriously, just asanyone would take any religion seriously. Inside this amazing freeguide you learn step by step how to become a wiccan. FREE YOUTUBEVIDEO AND PDF GUIDE INCLUDED!!
Spiritual bath for money 1.0 APK
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Looking for how to take a spiritual bath for money? Are you worriedabout your financial situation? Have you waited for a long time forit to improve but nothing is working? A money bath is what youneed. If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place to gethelp. A money bath can help you revive your financial luck. Thisbath is a ritual performed in many traditions (magic can also beemployed to amplify the ceremonial workings, you know). Thisspiritual tradition is performed before entering a magic circle tocast spells. You are soaked in a bath of herbal ingredients such ashoney, cinnamon and oils. Some even perform a ritual with moneyoil, as it is believed to draw cash towards you. When the money oilis dabbed on your hands, resume or business card, it brings goodluck. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can still perform aceremonial shower instead by using a cloth pouch filled with herbs.This bath is very effective to bring money and good fortune to yourlife. Inside this free app you’ll learn step by step how to createan effective money spell with an spiritual bath for good luck andmoney!! Enjoy! THREE FREE YOUTUBE VIDEOS HOW TO MANIFEST MONEYMONEY RITUAL BINAURAL BEATS FOR MANIFESTING FREE GUIDE "HOW TOMANIFEST MONEY'
witchcraft for beginners 1.0 APK
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Witchcraft for Beginners: Learn to Cast a powerful Jar SpellWitches Jar Spells Jar spells, also known as bottle spells orcontainer spells, are an old form of folk magic. One of theearliest mentions of this type of magic came from a 17th century. Aman was advised to make a Witch's jar for his wife, because it wassuspected that she was being 'bewitched' and they wanted to breakthe curse. While this form of magic is most found in cursing andcurse-breaking, it’s not just for baneful magic. The Hoodoo ‘honeyjar spell’ for example is common in love magic. The jar spell isoverall versatile, and can be custom-designed for a variety ofneeds. Although this spell is for beginners, that doesn’t lessenits effectiveness.. Enjoy! NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO INCLUDED WITH FREEGUIDE!!
How to get rid of negative energy 1.0 APK
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Ten Effective Rituals for Cleansing and Clearing Your Energy FieldThe physical world is a great metaphor for the metaphysical world,especially if you keep in mind the principle of correspondence: asabove, so below. We can look at any number of physical entities—agarden, a closet, a whole house, a business, the body—to understandthe concepts of clearing, containing, and cultivating. Becauseenergy (both physical and metaphysical) is meant to flow, it is,unless inhibited, always moving. The physical world has structureand if we want the structures to remain healthy and intact, we haveto take care of them. Clearing your energy body is just like that.You consciously examine what is residing within you. Then you candecide what you want to keep and cultivate and what you want torelease based on your free will. Most of us have a lifetime ofenergy built up like plaque on teeth or in arteries. Our energybodies could look like a hoarder’s house, so full that it is hardto move around and where stagnation is the order of the day. Thisis why clearing takes a little more effort and time when you firstbegin this work. There is an accumulation of stuck, negative energythat needs to be removed. Inside you’ll learn Ten Effective Rituals(Best Practices ) to cleaning and cleaning your energy field! Freeguide and video added
Remove curse 1.0 APK
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Quickest Way to Break a Curse or Hex A curse is a spell that istargeted directly at a person or place and is meant to cause harm.There are many such spells, but they can be broken!! Inside thisamazing guide we will reveal how to know that you have been cursedbecause most people don’t even realize they have been cursed,you’ll learn how to break generational curses and spells to breakgeneral curses. We’ll also show you how to keep spells from comingback! Enjoy!! FREE VIDEO AND PDF INCLUDED INSIDE