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Providing you a beautiful jungle 3D gameNew World Wild Animal Hunting from the makers of best, freeandroid games for Google Play Android Store suitable for allandroid devices and tablets owning the gaming cell of MARKHOR andtop leading games like city snipers and formula 1 racing and manyothers. This game is about shooting and hunting down the animalslike deer, loins , bear, elephants and many other exotic animalsfrom meadows of savannas to tropical forests of Africa there is awide wild range of animals to hunt them down in this best adventuregame New World Wild Animal Hunting
To achieve a top rank of best shooter you have to aim precisely andshoot animals mostly deer, lions , bear and many other to get thereal wildlife hunting experience. Play New World Wild AnimalHunting, the newest sniper hunt game of 2016 where our hunter willhave the clash with wilderness of barbaric and yet exotic animals "shoot them or die trying " is the slogan here.
Weather keeps changing so do the environment too but not making itdifficult but CHALLENGING for the best game play with smooth guncontrols, as you do have the sniper gun of a share shooter so it isjust like a sniping of animals from a distance there is a whole newenvironment experience from snowy mountains to African jungles inNew World Wild Animal Hunting. This time around the year is animalhunting season. It is a perfect day to hunt wild animals like deer,bear and lions etc. Grab your sniper rifle, do camouflage and takeposition in trees. Keep looking in the fields for wildlife animalsand aim to shoot at first sight. Test your sharpshooter skills withultimate wildlife animal hunting game. When sky is clear you willsee lots of eagles, vultures and pigeons too. Take a trip torealistic Hunting Valley to enjoy brilliant shooting missions.

Make sure you don’t miss any target and shoot every deer thatcomes your way. Become an ultimate hunter and prove yoursharpshooter skills. Hunt and enjoy the stunning jungle environmentin African forest near mountain and lake. If you have animalhunting and bird shooting passion then this sniper shooter game isfor you. Fulfill your royal hobby as a hunter in the wild, idealgame for shooting lovers having guts to accept the challenges ofthe marvelous New World Wild Animal Hunting game .

10 exciting and challenging bird hunting missions
Best hunter experience by shooting pigeon, duck, seagulls,vulture
Amazing sniper rifle with scope to zoom in and zoomout
Breathtaking African safari jungle environment nearhills
Realistic controls for best shooting experience
Stunning birds and high quality 3D graphics

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App Information New World Wild Animal Hunting

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    New World Wild Animal Hunting
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    August 10, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    1,000 - 5,000
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Dino Shooting Clash 1.2 APK
Dino Shooting clash!!!Best shootinggame of all time!!!Returning back to the Jurassic world to end the very last breedof few left over dinosaurs. Soldier of modern world has reached theworld of dinosaurs to shoot them down with the best army rifle tohunt dino. These dinosaurs are at your mercy to kill them down orthey will be alerted towards you on the first fire form the snipergun. This is a best sniping game with amazing new school featuresof best android free games.Ever wanted to play with dinosaurs in Jurassic Park? Now youcan! Move around in the jungle and Snowy Mountains and rough trackto track down the dino and killing them like a professional snipershooter.A Jurassic world for you to discover a dinosaur or becomediscovered. Become a Sniper or FPS style free roam and discovermany dinosaur deadly carnivores to the best hunter.This game willoffers In-app purchases to instantly unlock Animals/Weapons/Items.all these can be unlocked by playing and progressing through thegame, in our next update.JOURNEY THROUGH THE DINO WORLD – Dare to trek across the worldwhile evading terrifying pterodactyls, raging rivers, and more! Asthis game is full of adventure and best gaming mobile androidgraphics of all time.Before you download this dino hunt game the best ever clash ofhumans and dinosaurs, please consider that this app includesadvertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests.Hunt or be hunted! Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition ofa lifetime to kill the ultimate game in Dino Hunter: DinoShooting clash,.EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICSDynamic shadows, hi-res textures and realistic Jurassic models allcombine to make this one of the most beautiful dinosaur shootergames on your mobile device so have fun with the dino hunting !VISIT EXOTIC Jurassic LOCATIONSKill dinosaurs in lush and dangerous Jurassic environments like theshipwreck-strewn coast, overgrown jungle and dinosaur bone yard,snowy hills and deserted islands!EQUIP POWERFUL WEAPONSLoad up on firepower with destructive weapons like the amazingsniper gun and more over rocket launcher and crossbow. You’ll needa powerful arsenal and an expert shooter strategy to kill thesedinosaurs!People have already spoken***** “this is the best free game of all time “Kotaku***** “working of developer has brought us the real feel of extinctanimals like dinos of lost world“ Gamezebo***** “you people are setting up the standards toohigh”Modojo***** “shape shooting yeahhh!!! My best loving free android mobilegame”Twitter team memberFEATURES• Actual thrill of shooting and dino world• Amazing 3D graphics and prehistoric Jurassic parkenvironments• Many thrilling levels• Awesome gameplay with attacking animations
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We bring for you one and only sniper X on bankof battle beach, Mr. Sniper X will drill with his best action soloskills against criminal terrorists, bad boys and vagabonds who aretrying to harbor at country’s Southern sea port to Kill Shot CityPolice Commandos, Army, Navy, Air force Seal Officials as well ascivilians indiscriminately. Sniper X Battle Shooting is one of thebest Sniper Shooting 3D free Games of year 2015 / 2016. But enemydoes not know Mr. Sniper X – a well-trained commando sniper, isthere to save the city. He will guarantee to shoot all enemies as abrilliant sharp shooter. Mr. Sniper X is the last hope for Citywith his latest most sophisticated multiple automatic Free guns andweapons. Saving city from terrorists with minimum possible loss isthe key component of Mr. Sniper X fighting elite strategy ofNational Security Policy. Mr. Sniper X is specially trained tocombat with all kinds of conventional and unconventional, hot startor cold start situations, he is fully prepared to snipe, headshotsenemies and rouge elements, he is even prepared to dismantle anddefuse all kinds of bombs and missiles, arms, armaments andmilitary hard wares. he is master to calculate the air frictionunder the hoover of flying cobra helicopter, jet plane, airplane oreven from ships.He possesses all kinds of ultimate sniper qualities, suchas:• Mr. Sniper X knows the art of Kill Shot, assassin and HeadShot the enemy• During his tuff trainings he was also taught the art of sharpshooting in multiple environments like sea, desert, air, day, dawn,dusk, night, evening, rain, snow, mountain, trainings in ALL kindsof possible natural environments make him more strong andfirm.• Mr. Sniper X has to eliminate and kill enemy soldiers, officers,military personnel, ships, drones in Firs Person Shooting 3D freegame• Latest zoom in and zoom out option
Dino Adventure City 1.1 APK
If you love Dino Hunting Adventure Games, thensurely Dino Adventure City is one of the best Adventuregames to download free 3d action pack with full of adventure DinoHunting Simulation Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are deadly predators youmight be facing at the cross road on City roads. There are chancesthat you are going to face Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores,Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus which have escaped fromjungle and now racing towards city to get save themselves fromjungle hunting. Dino are used to live in Jungle environment andgetting allergic of environmental changes due to global warminghence, Dinos are running to city to find any survival island tosurvive in towns. Jurassic Dino are behaving like beasts andbecoming solid dangerous for the inhabitants of city and rushingtowards city for their own survival. But you don’t need to getworry at all as you are having an athletic body equipped with oneof the best shooting gun with full of ammunition so, don’t beafraid of dinosaurs.
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