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The old year is almost over, and there are only few hours left. Areyou ready to welcome new one into your life? Have you decorated aChristmas tree and prepared presents for your loved ones? We herehave a gift for you. The latest New Year Live Wallpapers will lookso good on your smartphone or tablet. The holiday spirit willfollow you no matter where you go. Everyone enjoys puttingsparkling ornaments and garlands. That is when you have most fun.Put some lights on your house to make it stand out from the rest inthe neighborhood. Winter has come and everything you lay your eyeson is covered with snow. Fir trees seem like they are ready for aball. Go down to the lake, that has frozen over the night, andenjoy skating on top of it. You will feel the magic all around you,and it will be like you have entered some fairy tale. Download freeNew Year Live Wallpapers app and the top backgrounds that you havegot the chance to see so far will come on your screen. The mostmerry holiday in the whole year is definitely Xmas. You should puta Christmas stocking on your fireplace and wait for Santa Clause tobring you gifts. The question is whether you have deserved them.You are anxiously waiting for the clock to strike twelve so youcould kiss the one you love. This night will be memorable and youwill never be able to forget it. To help you improve your screen weoffer you fifteen cool moving objects. Browse through them andselect the one you like best. Set the snowdrops to fall on yourscreen or bubbles to dance happily. You will be impressed when yousee them.The best way to celebrate the turn of years is to preparea surprise dinner for your beloved. Light up some candles and setthe table in front of the fireplace. The flickering light will makea romantic mood. Express your love and make her forget about therest of the world. Now is the time to make her feel lovely bygiving her that significant gift. With the newest New Year LiveWallpapers your screen will completely change its look. It will beso cool! All your friends will envy you. The most popularbackgrounds are really wanted, and that’s why you should hurry upto get them now. Show your girlfriend just how much you love herand take her to the shining gazebo. It is decorated so lovely withthe magnificent tinsel and glittering Christmas tree in the middle.Now is the time to pop a question if you haven’t done it so far.Get down on your knees and make this night even more special. Thesepopular photos are specially designed for all people who want apiece of this magic on their devices. Even the children can setthem very easily. All you have to do is to download them and taponce to preview the latest images and then hold to set yourfavorite one. As simple as that and only few clicks away from you!There is no time to waste! Rush to the market and download the topNew Year Live Wallpapers. These wonderful photos are our present toyou, so they are absolutely free! Merry Christmas and happy NewYear. Ho-ho-ho!Categories: Fantastic Live Wallpapers 10 differentthemes available Completely free wallpapers that will decorateyour device 15 amazing moving objects which speed and number youcan changeWonderful backgrounds that you can choose from

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Tiger Live Wallpapers 1.7 APK
If tiger is your favorite among the wild animals then this newestapp is the best choice for you and your smartphone or tablet. Thisanimal has always been admired and feared. Its strength and beautycan now be always with you with the popular Tiger Live Wallpapers.Be inspired to do great things in your life just by looking at thismagnificent animal which has no fear. No matter if it is resting onthe rocks or is strutting on the bank of the river, it is aweinspiring. There is no need to go to the zoo every time you havethe wish to see this incredible creature. All you have to do is tounlock your device and it will be there right in front of you.Download free Tiger Live Wallpapers app and have somethingcompletely different on your screen. Watch how they are playing inthe middle of the meadow. This photo on your screen will definitelyimpress you and all your friends. You will be amazed with thebeauty of their stripes. Browse the images and choose the one youlike best. It is not that easy, isn’t is? All of them are lovely.Go for a walk with this wild cat if you are not afraid. Walk alongthe lake and see how this creature goes into the water to wash itsfur. There is the option to make your screen come to life with somecool moving effects. You are given the chance to choose amongfifteen different ones. Set colorful flowers or yellow leaves todance across your screen and you will see how extraordinary yourdevice can be. You will fall in love with your smartphone, that issure. The top Tiger Live Wallpapers are offering you theopportunity to watch these wonderful carnivores in action. You cansee them chasing their prey or resting on the soft grass. Relaxwith them in the middle of the grassland, under the sky, watchingthe fluffy clouds sliding above your head. These new photos willrock your world and you could never go back to your oldbackgrounds. The leopard is flaunting on the hills and there isnothing left for you to do but to sit down and admire itsmagnificent colors. Black and brown stripes are so wonderful andthey are the reason why this animal is so popular. When wintercomes and everything is covered in snow, they are still outside,searching for food. Their battle never ends, so this is somethingwe can all learn from them. You should never give up. The latestTiger Live Wallpapers will take you to the prairies and show youthe natural habitat of these stunning creature. You can enjoy thesewonderful photos if you install them on your device. All you haveto do is to tap the download button, and then tap once to previewthe images and hold to set your favorite one. It takes only fewseconds. Don’t miss this great opportunity and download the latestbackgrounds that will beautify your screen. Get the top Tiger LiveWallpapers and have the incredible strength of these animalsinspire you. The greatest news is that this cool app can be yoursfor free! Categories:  Fantastic Live Wallpapers  10 differentthemes available  Completely free wallpapers that will decorateyour device  15 amazing moving objects which speed and number youcan change Wonderful backgrounds that you can choose from
Spring Live Wallpapers 1.5 APK
Recollect your thoughts and get the feeling of serenity whilelooking at the marvelous landscapes. The wonderful springtime thatyou have been waiting for such a long time is finally here for you.You can go for a stroll through the magnificent green hills andfill up your lungs with the fresh air. Admire the gorgeous daisiesthat you meet on the way. Walk on the bank of the river and seeyour reflection in the water. Pay attention not to admire yourselftoo much or you will be like Narcissus, who fell into the waterenchanted by his own beauty. The top Spring Live Wallpapers willbring the best photos on your screen which you will be able toenjoy as soon as you download this popular application. What betterplace is there to relax and become joyful then the middle of thegrassland. You can lie down amidst the colorful flowers whose scentwill intoxicate you. Listen to the chirping of birds and find yourinner peace. Download free Spring Live Wallpapers app and get apiece of paradise on your device. Watch how the tulips sway in thewind and enjoy their amazing colors. The new backgrounds are sorealistic that you will get the impression of really being outdoorsand feeling the Sun on your skin. Found out how is the view fromthe top of the mountain. You will be amazed. You can now walkthrough the green pastures and pick up the wild flowers to make abouquet. The newest Spring Live Wallpapers give you the opportunityto make your screen come to life by setting some cool movingobjects. Whether you choose bubbles or water drops to slide acrossyour screen you will enjoy. The cold winter is over, and the snowhas melted down. Everything is slowly waking up. The animals arecoming out of their habitats, flowers are blooming. Walk throughthe meadows and admire the blossomed trees. Sit under one of them,and their fragrance will make you cheerful. The feathery clouds aredancing happily in the sky, and you will feel like a part of someenchanted land. Watch how a ladybug runs on the leaves of the grassand enjoy the warm sunlight. Just like a kid play with her, imagineyour wish and rest assure that it will be fulfilled. The latestSpring Live Wallpapers are giving you a chance to always enjoystunning scenery. Have you ever wondered how it is to be surroundedwith scented flowers in the middle of the glade, and thateverywhere you look there are fascinating colors? It seems like amagic carpet is all over you. All of you who adore to walk throughthe valleys can do that now pretty easily. Just install this coolapp on your device and tap once to preview the image and then holdto set your background. You will be done in a few seconds. Therewill be no end to your enjoyment. With the popular Spring LiveWallpapers you will get the top experience. Lovely wildflowers willdance up and down on your screen and your floral background willdefinitely impress all your friends who happen to see them. Let thebeautiful nature in your life. It will take your breath away.Download this gorgeous landscapes and immerse yourself into peaceand serenity. The best thing is that the latest Spring LiveWallpapers can be yours completely free of charge!Categories:Fantastic Live Wallpapers 10 different themes availableCompletely free wallpapers that will decorate your device 15amazing moving objects which speed and number you can changeWonderful backgrounds that you can choose from
Fountain Live Wallpapers 1.5 APK
There is no need to leave the comfort of your home if you want toenjoy the view of the most wonderful fountains in the world. Youcan have them on your screen with downloading the newest FountainLive Wallpapers on your smartphone or tablet. You can now enjoy theamazing landscapes that will impress you and all your friends. Thispopular app brings the most incredible photos that you can set asyour new background. If you want to relax and to reflect about yourlife you can go for a long walk in the park. Sit next to thefountain and feel how the burble of water takes away all yourproblems. Download free Fountain Live Wallpapers app and beautifyyour screen with these astonishing backgrounds. Now you have thisopportunity to enter the royal garden and to admire the perfectlandscape architecture. The colors of these top photographs are soreal that you will almost be able to smell the intoxicating scentof the colorful flowers. For changing the look of your devicecompletely you can set some pretty cool moving objects. Choosebetween dozen of them and set the one you like best, or change itevery day. No matter if you set bubbles to burst or flowers andballoons to slide across your screen, you will have tons of fun.And every time you unlock your device these photos of fascinatingnature will bring a smile to your face. The latest Fountain LiveWallpapers will allow you to enjoy sitting in the beautiful yard,listening to the song of the birds. If you take great delight inwatching flowerbeds and lovely bushes of different shapes then youshould definitely download these top backgrounds. You will beinspired to do remarkable things in your life. With the magnificentFountain Live Wallpapers you can travel to the town square andmarvel at the captivating musical fountain. One of the best thingsin the world will be in front of you and watching it will be anenjoyment for all the senses. You can now have the picture of theincredible fountain that resembles the downy tufts. Visit thefamous cities and walk among the buildings. If you want to have alot of fun you can go to a spray pool and enjoy. On the other hand,if you prefer to breathe the fresh air and want to rest watchingthe greenery all around you, you can sit under the tree and smellthe freshly cut grass. The popular Fountain Live Wallpapers aredesigned to make your device better and more beautiful. They can beused by both kids and adults, by all of you who appreciate thesemagnificent and precious works of art. The latest backgrounds cancome to your device when you click the download button and afterthat it is no problem to set them. Just tap once to preview theimage and then hold to set your chosen background. There is no timeleft to think more about this, just hit download and install themon your device. You will not regret your decision. Is there moregorgeous background for you then the fountain with a little angelin the middle. You can have these cool Fountain Live Wallpapers nowtotally free of charge!Categories: Fantastic Live Wallpapers 10different themes available Completely free wallpapers that willdecorate your device 15 amazing moving objects which speed andnumber you can change Wonderful backgrounds that you can choosefrom
Flower Clock Live Wallpapers 1.5 APK
Can you imagine how extraordinary it would be to have a clock thatis completely made of flowers. These little miracles exist all overthe world and you can have their gorgeous photos now on yoursmartphone or tablet. The popular backgrounds will take you awayinto some mystical place, and everywhere you look you willencounter some amazing things. The top Flower Clock Live Wallpapersare offering you the chance to be unique with some prettyincredible pictures on your screen. The amazing gardens are thebest place for you to calm and gather your thoughts. The sweetscent coming from the lilac will relax you and make you doze off.Dream about something wonderful and forget all your problems.Download free Flower Clock Live Wallpapers app and find yourself inthe middle of the meadow filled with lovely dandelions that areswaying in the wind. The clear blue sky above them will help youfind your inner peace. Don’t let be any clouds in your life nor onyour device. While you are stepping on the soft grass you will comeup with the solutions for everything that has been bothering sofar. The breathtaking photos of these wonderful clocks are sofascinating that you will not be able to look away. Their numbersare made fully of colorful flowers. You will be hypnotized bywatching the move of the clock’s hands. With some cool movingobjects your screen can become even more interesting. There arefifteen of them from which you can choose. If you set some lovelyhearts or glowing flowers to slide across your screen you willdefinitely amaze all your friends. With some shine your screen willbecome a ray of light. The latest Flower Clock Live Wallpapers takeyou to greenfields where you can enjoy pleasant daisies and tulips.If you are nature lover then these sensational backgrounds are yourbest choice. We have created them specially for you so you will befascinated every time you unlock your device. They can be used byeveryone, by both kids and adults. There is no need to do anything.You are only required to download this newest app on your deviceand then to tap once to preview the image and hold to set yourfavorite one. A piece of cake! After this you are all set to go!While you are playing chess the magnificent lilacs will help youwin. You can have a little trip and go to a clock tower. This placeis so extraordinary that you will be left speechless. Sit downamong the tulips in front of it and enjoy the blossoms. You willimmediately fall in love with these new backgrounds. With the topFlower Clock Live Wallpapers you will get the access to some of themost gorgeous backgrounds that you have ever seen. Go out in thefields and pick up the flowers that you can put in your vase. Yourentire house will smell so lovely and because of it you will bejovial all day long. These latest backgrounds are waiting for you,so don’t miss this great opportunity and grab them right now. Youwill be dazzled every time you unlock your device, and what is evenmore you will never be late again. Download the popular FlowerClock Live Wallpapers and get a hold of some pretty amazingbackgrounds. The exciting news that I can give you about thisfantastic app is that it is absolutely free!Categories: FantasticLive Wallpapers 10 different themes available Completely freewallpapers that will decorate your device 15 amazing movingobjects which speed and number you can change Wonderfulbackgrounds that you can choose from
Water Live Wallpapers 1.5 APK
Dive into the crystal blue water and enjoy swimming in themagnificent sea. The Sun above your head will warm you and you willfeel like being in paradise. If you go far away from the shore youmight even get the chance to see the whale. He is going after hisbusiness and not paying much attention to you. He is enormous andawe-striking. If you like to be surrounded by water and feel thatyou cannot live without your everyday swim then download for freethe newest Water Live Wallpapers app. With these cool backgroundsyour screen will become a pool of aqua. Let the soothing effect oflime help you relax and recharge your batteries. Drink up the freshsqueezed juice and feel energized the same instant. If you want tobe alone and to have some time for yourself then walk down to themarvelous waterfall. The droplets will wet your face and itssoothing sound will make you forget about all your problems. Thescenery is fascinating. The water runs hastily over the rocks andtall palm trees are towering towards the sky. You will be leftspeechless when you see this for the first time. The popular photoof a sublime shark jumping out of the ocean is available to you toset it as your top background. It will guard your device from theunwanted influence. If you install the latest Water Live Wallpapersyou will also get fifteen pretty cool moving objects among you canchoose. Select water drops or glowing flower to beautify yourscreen. Check out for yourself how extraordinary they will look.The bright color of emerald leaves touching the river will amazeyou and will bring the brightness into your life. Have fun and playby throwing the pebbles in the lake making circuits in water.Admire the brilliant blue color of clouds in the sky that reflectsin the ocean. When you find yourself in the middle of a desert theonly thing your are craving for is a gulp of water. Suddenly youwill see the oasis and your wish will come true. What a greatfeeling to come across something like this. Install the popularWater Live Wallpapers very simply. Download them first and then taponce to preview the latest photos and hold in order to select theones you liked best. A walk in the park! Your screen will soonbecome a glass of water. Raindrops will fall down on it and it willlook fabulous. Why should you wait any longer? Take up on thisgreat opportunity and get your own piece of heaven. The newbackgrounds take you to the snowy mountains and help you gatheryour thoughts. Feel like being on top of the world. You will beinspired with the marvelous view spreading in front of your eyes.It is so lovely up there that you will not want to come down. Thebest photos will definitely blow your mind and you will recommendthem to all your friends. So, hurry up and get your doze ofloveliness. Have your heard? You can download them for free? Howawesome is that?Categories: Fantastic Live Wallpapers 10different themes available Completely free wallpapers that willdecorate your device 15 amazing moving objects which speed andnumber you can changeWonderful backgrounds that you can choose from
Whale Live Wallpapers 1.6 APK
Recently in the world, whale watching has become a kind of sport.People have discovered that observing these astonishing animals issoothing and extraordinary. We are offering you the chance toadmire these incredible creatures on your smartphone or tablet. Tomake this happen all you are required to do is to download for freethe newest Whale Live Wallpapers app and sit back comfortably inyour armchair. Without leaving the convenience of your own home youcan check out how these mammals live, feed and breed. Have themalways on your screen and access them with only one tap on your newdevice. If you are brave enough dive by the side of orca and havethe perfect swim with this huge creature. Sea life has always beenfascinating people. The bottoms of the ocean are still unexploredfor us and underwater you can find a lot of amazing animals thatyou haven’t seen or heard of before. When the humpback whalecruises the ocean all you can do is sit and watch. This magnificentmammal disposes of the stalled water through his blowhole. Itresembles a splendid geyser. Follow the movement of his flipper andfin. The splashing of his tale will cause the water drops to fallon your face. The top Whale Live Wallpapers are giving you thechance to decorate your screen with some cool moving objects.Fifteen latest ones are at your disposal and no matter if youselect blue stars or bubbles to slide across your screen you willbe blown away. Embark your boat and sail across the sea to findbeluga whale. When he gets a glance of you, he will make a show,splashing with his tale and flippers. He will strut in all hisglory. With the latest Whale Live Wallpapers you can browse amongthe best backgrounds and select the one you like most. Seagulls arethere to keep the company to these impressive creatures. Every timeyou unlock your device they will bring a broad smile on your face.Install them with just few clicks on your screen. First, hit thedownload and afterwords tap once if you wish to preview the coolphotos and then hold to set the one you have chosen. As simple asthat! Even kids can use this popular application by themselves. Itis specially created for all of you who are keen on these grandioseanimals. The clear blue color of the sky is reflecting into the seagiving it a gorgeous color. If you take delight in admiring the skythen this is the best way to get what you like without leaving yourhome. Big white fluffy clouds are waiting just for you. With thetop Whale Live Wallpapers you will be able to immerse yourself intothe sublime beauty of breathtaking and popular photos. Hurry up,and download them to your device right now. You will find out thatwe have prepared them for you completely free of charge! Startenjoying now! Categories:  Fantastic Live Wallpapers  10different themes available  Completely free wallpapers that willdecorate your device  15 amazing moving objects which speed andnumber you can change  Wonderful backgrounds that you can choosefrom
Parrot Live Wallpapers 1.5 APK
Have you ever felt alone? Did you ever have the wish just to talkto someone and to have someone to keep you company? If you cravefor having someone in your life who will always be there for you tocheer you up with a clever remark then these newest Parrot LiveWallpapers are your best choice. The most intelligent bird that canlearn how to talk will be your friend and you will never feel aloneand blue again. They are so cute and talkative that you will barelybe able to get a turn to speak. Have the beautiful images of themon your smartphone or tablet and amaze all the people around you.The romantic photo of two birds enjoying their love on the branchwill definitely melt your heart. Become amorous and express yourlove towards your girlfriend being inspired with these sweetcreatures. By downloading free Parrot Live Wallpapers app you willbe able to browse between the latest photos of your favorite pet inthe lovely cage. If you are bored of the old look of your screenthen this is the right way to change it into something completelynew. Select some of the coolest moving objects and let your devicecome to life. Set the alluring hearts or the gorgeous diamonds toslide across your screen and enjoy their marvelous beauty. Lookspretty amazing, right? What better friend is there for yourchildren than this smart talking pet. Spend some quality time downat the beach, while your kids are playing with the colorful parrot.Listen to the sound of the ocean and soak up the Sun. The topParrot Live Wallpapers are enabling you all this, so you will lovethem for sure. If you wish to relax and to run away from your dailychores then walk down to the green meadow. The parrots are alllined up on the fence and are chirping from joy. With the popularParrot Live Wallpapers you will get in their happy mood because itis so contagious. We have designed these delightful backgrounds forall of you who adore nature and like to spend time outdoors. Enjoythe fresh air and the intoxicating scent of wildflowers. Lie downin the middle of the grassland and observe how the fluffy cloudsmove slowly in the sky. The colorful feathers of these birdsstanding on the twig will raise your spirit and you will startsinging your favorite tunes. Choose amidst the top photos andselect the one with this animal with beak trying to stand still onthe bow on the sandy beach. The water from the ocean is coming andpreventing him to do this. When you select this image just tap onceto preview it and then hold to set it as your cool background. Now,you are given the chance to have the same companion as pirates hadwhen they were cruising the open seas. Put on a patch and a hat andimagine you are one of them. How great is that? You can go likethis to some costume ball or a Halloween party. All your friendswill be impressed when they see your talking pet. Teach him someinteresting phrases and let him entertain the crowd. There is noneed to hesitate about getting these popular Parrot LiveWallpapers. You will definitely love them. So, download them now onyour device and have tons of fun. The best thing about this latestapplication is that you don’t have to pay anything for it. It isabsolutely free!Categories: Fantastic Live Wallpapers 10different themes available Completely free wallpapers that willdecorate your device 15 amazing moving objects which speed andnumber you can changeWonderful backgrounds that you can choose from
Latest Live Wallpapers 1.5 APK
If you want to change your old background and to have a totally newlook on your screen you can download the popular Latest LiveWallpaper. The amazing snowdrops will definitely change yoursmartphone or tablet into something cool. You can relax and forgetall your problems with just one glance at the latest photos ofclear blue sky. Take a long refreshing walk by the river and gatheryour thoughts. You will come across a waterfall that will amaze youwith its beauty. Sit down on the soft grass and soak up the Sun.Download free Latest Live Wallpapers app and go for a ride in a hotair balloon. The view overlooking the green hills and grasslandswill take your breath away. The fluffy clouds will dance happilyall around you and you will get the impression of being in heaven.If you are afraid of heights you can stay on the ground and ride ahorse. Gallop through the fields filled with dandelions and havetons of fun. You might come across the a little fawn. It hasstranded and is separated from its mother and you can help him finda way back home. In order to make your device ultimately cool youhave fifteen popular moving objects to choose from. You can takeyour pick. Set the downy tufts to fly over your screen and blowtheir seeds away or have some colorful flowers to dance happily allover. The yellow leaves can float on your screen and decorate it solovely. Whatever you choose you will be over the Moon with joy.With the top Latest Live Wallpapers you cannot go wrong.Travel toanother city and explore all its options. You can walk among thetall skyscrapers and admire its magnificent beauty. Go shopping andcheck out all the amazing things that you can find. Climb on top ofone of these buildings to see the view from. With the newest LatestLive Wallpapers you will be able to enjoy the night lights of thetown. Just go out and have a great time. To find your inner peaceyou can walk through the meadows and let the butterflies bring asmile to your face. They will keep you company and you can stop andsmell the roses. If you want to surprise someone you can pick themup and make a wonderful bouquet. The beautiful spring has arrivedand you can start enjoying it now. The latest backgrounds arespecially designed so you could admire the beauty of blossomedtrees. Walk among them and soak up their intoxicating smell. Ifthat is not your cup of tea then you can set the incredible pictureof winter and have this season always with you. Put on a pair ofwoolen gloves and go outdoors to catch the snowflakes. You and yourfriends will have so much fun. With the top Latest Live Wallpapersyou get the best backgrounds that exist at the moment. Setting themup is a piece of cake. Just install them and then tap once topreview the image and hold to set your favorite one. There is noneed to think more about this. Download this best application onyour device completely free of charge! Categories: Fantastic LiveWallpapers 10 different themes available Completely freewallpapers that will decorate your device 15 amazing movingobjects which speed and number you can change Wonderfulbackgrounds that you can choose from