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Hi, earlier phoned our boss and we have to go to work to completean order. We are very agitated because we were preparing for afamily dinner and there are many things to do and the mostimportant thing is that we must take care of our two children. Wecalled grandparents but they can not come so now we are looking fora good and responsible child. Can you help us? Do you want to bethe one who today will take care of our children? If you want tohelp us you can do this through this game for kids. This kids caregame is very easy.To lead the mission at the end you have to payattention to all instructions of this care game forchildren.Details are important and you must be very careful. Ourchildren are sensitive and they need you.Please respect everythingthey want.Good luck!1) At first you will have to go them to thedoctor;2) Disinfect all wounds, apply a special ointment with atweezers and pull each spin;3) After you have treated all you haveto wash wounds well;4) Use a shower gel for kids;5) Rinse with warmwater and wipe with a clean towel;6) Now the children want toeat;7) You will find everything you need;8) They want to eat milkwith cereals;9) After eating you will have to sit in bed and thengive them water;10) Now the children can sleep;11) After they wakeup you will have to dress them with the most beautiful clothes andaccessories;12) Because Christmas is approaching, please choose aspecific costume for this holiday;13) Children look great andeverything is due to a very good child.Thank you were here with ustoday, you are the best friend of ours and please come back dailyto help us through this Christmas game for kids.Have fun!

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Santa claus christmas games 8.5.1 APK
Hi, nice old that Santa is bringing us gifts every year, he comeswith many gifts for each and makes us very happy. Especiallychildren are those who are waiting with great impatience. In thiskids game with Christmas you will meet Santa Claus, he is in hisliving room where he expects you to give you two missions. Thefirst mission is to find all the presents and for this you willhave to click on each bell until you receive a gift. When arenumbered bells you have to select them in ascending order. Afteryou get the gifts you need to find all the letters composing this:We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The letters are hiding in tree, onthe Santa suit, in the house and even on the fence. After you havesolved the last mission Santa will be able to leave to carry giftsand sure he will come to you to bring you what you want. No doubtyou are the best friend of Santa and this game for kids with SantaClaus will help you.If you do not want to disappoint him you haveto pay attention to all the details of this game for children withtwo levels.Pay attention to clues and everything will bewonderful.Thank you for choosing this beautiful game and invite youto choose other games for girls and christmas games to test yourskills in this type of game.Have fun and Happy Holidays!
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Hello, welcome to this wonderful world, a world full of colors andhappiness. Today you will meet a beautiful land that certainly willhelp you relax and have fun very nice. Perhaps you think what willhappen in this game for girls and we will say that today you willmeet a beautiful mermaid who has a child and now the beautifulmermaid is pregnant. Beautiful mermaid is very nervous and sheneeds your help to be able to meet her baby. Do you want to helpour friend to know her child? If you want to be our help today thencertainly we'll be best friends. You will be entertained at thesame time you will be able to practice certain skills.Prove toeveryone that you are a child who may be a responsible doctor forseveral minutes.Pay attention to the details of the game withmermaids.Follow all instructions of the game.Good luck!- Mermaid iswith her daughter and she is expected to go up to her and help herto go to the hospital;- After arriving at the hospital you'll beable to begin consultation;- Check heartbeat;- Check if the girlhas fever;- Check blood pressure;- Now you have to do ultrasound tosee how it feels the child;- The child was born;- Check heartbeat;-Check weight and height;- Give him milk;- Change the diaper;-Choose the most beautiful clothes;- The child and his mother feelgood, you're a wonderful doctor.Thank you for your help, you are agood friend and please come back daily to help us through this gamewith babies.Have fun!
Birthday party girl games 8.3.1 APK
Hi, how are you today? Would you like to attend a birthday party?Sure you like this kind of party and you are very excited whenyou're invited to party with your friends. We organize a hugeparty, it is a party where many children want to reach but it isimpossible because can be present only the closest friends. We wantyou to know that you are a good friend and you are definitely onthe guest list but we must not forget all the things that need tobe resolved in this game for kids. Do you want to help us toprepare the most beautiful party for our child through this gamefor girls?If you want to help us you're wonderful, you're a goodkid and look forward to know you better. Please follow allinstructions in this cooking game for kids.This game with birthdayparties for kids will help you have fun.Good luck!1) Our daughteris called Dana, she wants from you to be very attentive to detailto avoid the unpleasant surprises;2) The party will be in theevening so the atmosphere will be very quiet;3) For starters playwith Dana. She wants it and you will have to help her play with theball;4) When she wants to play you'll have to provide the piano;5)Then she will want to play with a doll and a wooden horse;6) Afterplaying our girl will want a glass of milk;7) Decorate withballoons;8) Mother of Dana will come to see if you follow theinstructions and you take care of her daughter;9) Now you need toset the table;10) Put on the table plates, cups, forks, spoons andthen have to bring food and plates to sit in;11) Do not forget toarrange napkins and drink;12) Her friends must now begin to comeand help them to sit down;13) Children are very happy that are withtheir friend;14) If the phone rings you will need to answer;15) Ifyou want you can attend the party;16) This party is the mostbeautiful party were we were and all that is due to you;17) You area very good organizer of events;18) Our daughter is very happy andshe wants to stay with her friends;Thank you that today you havechosen to be with us and invite you to play more games for girls.Without your help we would not be able to do everything that itneeds to get a successful party. If you want to help us you can doevery day just through this kids game with parties forchildren.Have fun!
Horse Baby Birth 8.3.1 APK
Hey, we all have a favorite animal. Our favorite animal is thehorse because he is very beautiful, sensitive and clever. A horsealways understand if the owner has a problem and then he sufferswith him. We can tie beautiful relationship with animals if we lovethem. The care of a horse requires a lot of work. Today we have aproblem because one of our horses will give birth. We are veryexcited but we need your help. Do you want to help us through thisgame? Do you want to be the child that we need today? If you wantto be our help, this animal game for kids will help you showeveryone that you are a very responsible child.Please be carefulwith instructions of this game.Good luck!- At first you have totake care of the horse, to do cleaning and give it food;- Give him:corn, hay, apples and water;- Wash thoroughly the horse;- Removesinsects;- Clean the horse with a clean towel;- Now you have tostart consultation;- Check heartbeat;- Give him a pill that willhelp her to relax;- You need to do an ultrasound to check thecondition of her baby;- You have to do an anesthesia;- Put anoxygen mask;- Baby was born;- Need to consult him;- Check theweight and length;- Give him food and water;- Mother and son feelvery well. You are a very good veterinarian.Thanks for your help,please come back every day through this game for girls.Have fun!
Prom Queen Salon Girls Games 14.1 APK
Tonight two beautiful models have a meeting with the richest man inthe world that will make them stars. These beautiful sunrise butthis does not tell you anything, they should be cleaned and dressedappropriately so they get a spa treatment, a course sessioncosmetics and fashion. For starters, his apical layer of cream onthe face and then we rinse with water, and we will apply anotherlayer of cream. Then you must erases all traces of remaining waterbefore and to eliminate pimples on the face as it looks very uglyand do not like either. Still have to choose some accessories forthe event, to choose an evening dress and to make a beautifulhairdo. Now the two girls can go to this meeting because it looksvery good and we have prepared the right way. Thank you forchoosing this game and please try other games for girls to see ifyou're doing as well as you did before.Instructions: Use yourfingers to play
Tailor Designer Clothes 7.5.2 APK
Hi, we all like to dress with fashionable clothes, we are alwayscareful what colors and what models are wearing every year orseason. If you're a passionate of fashion this kids game will helpyou have fun very nice. Through this tailor game for girls you canhave a tailor shop, this it is very modern, it is the mostimportant workshop in the city. Surely this idea make you happy andthis game for girls is what you need on this day. You will havewell-known clients, these are actresses and you will have the honorto make the dresses for a party. They have great confidence in youand therefore you will need to use all your skills.Be veryattentive to details in order to complete this mission.Pleasefollow all instructions of the game.Good luck!- At the beginning ofthe game you will meet on your first client;- She wants a gorgeousdress and you will have to help her choose the model;- Afterchoosing the model you have to start doing dress;- First you haveto measure the dimensions of young actresses;- Choose material andcolor;- You can start the tailoring;- With a pencil you can draw onmaterial;- Choose a good scissors;- Choose the most suitablethread;- Now you can start to mow;- The dress you made is verybeautiful;- Workshop definitely will keep his place;- Are you agood seamstress and certainly you will have many clients.Thank youfor what you did, please come back daily to help us through thisgame for girls.Have fun!
Newborn Baby Bed Time 6.7 APK
Hi, we all like little children, they are very beautiful andplayful, children can make us more beautiful day. Today throughthis game you can have fun and make new friends. Surely you're agood kid and you will be able to do everything you need to be ableto complete this beautiful mission. Mission we are talking about isspecial, it is a mission that will help you test your skills. Youwill be able to take care of the baby of a good friend, sherecently born and today will bring home baby.Certainly you willlike to take care of the little and you become his friend throughthis game to care babies.For everything to come out exactly as weplanned you will have to pay attention to details.Follow allinstructions of the game.Good luck!- In the beginning you will knowchild;- He is looking forward to meet you;- First you have to fillthe tub with warm water;- Wash child with a special shower gel;-Use soap for delicate skin;- Wash her hair with a shampoo forchildren;- Dry hair with a towel;- Girl wants to eat;- Give herfavorite food;- Turn on the light;- Change the diaper;- Apply babypowder;- If she cries you will have to sing a lullaby;- Choose themost beautiful clothes;- Decorate the room;- The girl is veryhappy, you are a good friend.Thank you for help, please come backdaily through this game for girls.Have fun!
Princess Sara Ambulance Doctor 7.5 APK
Hi, how are you? Are you ready for fun with us? Today we will beyour best friends, we can play together every day through this gamewith doctors for children. If you're a clever kid definitely youwill handle with what you have to do but you should know thatbesides the intelligence you need courage and seriousness. Today,through this game for girls you'll be able to play the role of aroyal doctor. If you're wondering what is a royal doctor we willexplain you what is his role, the royal doctor is the doctor whocares for the royals. If the queen is cooled the doctor mustconsult her and to provide appropriate treatment. Today you willhave to take care of the beautiful princess, she had an accidentand only you can help her. This kids game is very beautiful and youwill like very much to take care Sara and certainly you will testall skills.If you want to make happy our friend Sara you will haveto pay attention to all details.Good luck!- At the beginning of thegame you will meet Sara;- This was on the balcony and play with hercat;- But she was not careful and falls, now has aches and pains;-You'll have to go and help her;- Has many injuries you have todisinfect them;- Remove the thorns;- Apply a healing ointment;-Bandage the wounds;- Give her a painkiller;- Do radiography;- Giveher candy;- Choose a beautiful dress;- Choose the most interestingaccessories;- Princess is very beautiful, you did a great job.Thankyou for helping, please come back daily through this game with theprincess.Have fun!