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Pregnant mommy's gives birth to twins a babygirl & a baby boy after her pregnancy. And she needs your helpin her parenthood to tailor the clothes of newborn babies familyadventure. Help mama in her initial parenthood difficultlife.

Features of Newborn Baby Clothes Tailor:
*** Choose baby girl or baby boy.
*** Select baby clothes style(shirt,romper,suit).
*** Choose unlimited color combinations of clothes.
*** Stitch dresses with stitch machine.
*** Dress up the babies with costumes, my clothes and cute outfitsfrom wardrobe.
*** Toys for my girl.
*** Glasses for kids fashion.
How to Play Game:
*** Choose baby, select style & color, and cut the clothe inappropriate style .
*** Stitch clothes to make them wearable.
*** Dress up kids with complete clothes.
Download now the newborn baby Clothes tailor and start learning andenjoying the my clothes tailoring girls games.

App Information Newborn Baby Clothes Tailor

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