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A newborn baby has just been added to your family and amidst allthe joy, happiness and fun, he needs to be taken care of by adoctor. This is a fun game with a number of exciting tasks to teachkids how to take care of the expecting moms and newborn baby boysand girls. Download and find out how exciting the mommy careis.Baby goes to Doctors Office Clinic and is focused for littlekids. Its a chance to be the doctor!Mommy is a bit tired after thechildbirth so you have to ask the newborn baby doctor for babycare. Enjoy the baby doctor game, dress up and play with adorablebabies. Since you are new to the newborn baby care you need to makesure that the doctor takes complete care of the mommy and baby.Take little baby junior girl or boy with you to see the doctor.Usea thermometer and check baby's temperature. Give some medicine andpills to help recover the mommy and baby. A fun filled doctor gamethat lets you check problems of other baby patients and fixthem.From injecting medicine and syringes to zapping germs in thebody- you get to learn to be a doctor and you decide how to proceedwith treatment.Now hospital has become a fun place, since it hasbecome so easy now to treat the patients and little doc with thehelp of nurse, injection, medicine & all the other doctor toolsthat will help you treat & cure your cute baby patients quicklyand bring smile on their faces back.Play the wonderful game whereyou are the doctor with a cute assistant & nurse and you haveto cure baby kids.Get in the Doctors role and check the heartbeatwith stethoscope, measure temperature using thermometer, diagnosehearts with the electrocardiogram, treat with syringes, eye drops,cough syrup and bandages.Make sure baby never catches a disease orcold or a running nose on a flu. Treat your little patients andgive them the hospital care they deserve. This game is the bestexperience to treat patients and give them the cure against thediseases they are suffering from.

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    Newborn Doctor: Mommy Care
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    May 26, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Accure Technologies
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