6AlmostThere / May 21, 2017
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Check NFC and other sensors like Gyroscope or Accelerometer. Also RO O T. But we can't forget Pedometer, Orientation Sensor, MagneticSensor, and Light Sensor.*Gotta pay for Root, Magnetic sensor, andLight Sensor

App Information NFC/Root(And More) Checker

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    NFC/Root(And More) Checker
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    May 21, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
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    JARK Inc Games
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Got ADHD? Got Autism? Good! We heard that you like to spin things,so here ya go. We got - FIDGET SPINNERS - DIGIT SPINNERS - LEGITSPINNERS (we know, it's a stretch) - RIGID SPINNERS and - WIDGETSPINNERS Instead of having to pay like...$5 to play with one ofthese cancerous toys, you can play with this digital toy (which youcan't lose)for FREE. Unlike other "Fidget Spinner" apps, asmentioned above, we offer other Spinners besides Fidget SpinnersApparently this is supposed to be used for stimulation and relaxesyou.
NFC/Root(And More) Checker 6AlmostThere APK
Check NFC and other sensors like Gyroscope or Accelerometer. Also RO O T. But we can't forget Pedometer, Orientation Sensor, MagneticSensor, and Light Sensor.*Gotta pay for Root, Magnetic sensor, andLight Sensor
VR Checker (Easiest To Use) 1.0 APK
It just sees if your phone is VR compatibleWell that's not alltrue, it just sees if you have an accelerometer and gyroscope (theycontribute to VR).
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JIA Battery Saver is a small battery saver that saves your battery.IT'S THAT SIMPLE! We welcome you to community with over 1+ user.With just 2 clicks you can save up to 0%. JIA Battery Saver CAN notactually save your battery , however we CAN OPTIMIZE you phone. JIABattery Saver has the ability to detect the temperature of yourphone, AND convert it from Celsius to Fahrenheit. You don't need toworry about overcharge, because it isn't real.If need be, JIABattery Saver can detect your battery level. Or you could justswipe down on your phone.😜👍👌💯😂💪😘Why JIA Battery Saver - the BatterySaver of the century loved by over 1+ people?Because I, theDeveloper®, said so.Did we mention the word "battery" enough?JIABattery Saver is the easiest and best battery saver to keep yourphone in great condition.Got any questions about JIA Battery Saver?Contact us at [email protected]
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Are ya blind? Great! Does JARK Inc Apps has the solution foryou!!!!INTRODUCING................BLIND GAME!!!!It's a game for theblind people. You can play so many fun games*. You may not be ableto see it, but don't worry about that. We implemented a specialvoice to help guide through you this, so you can have as much funas a person with working vision. Internet connection required.*:You can only play one game
Friend Or Enemy 1.0 APK
Ever just wanted to die? Well now you can. Just tell Friend orEnemy to either "kill me" "end my suffering" "shoot me" or "take meaway"and it'll do it FOR YOU! No more will you have to go throughthe hassle of killing yourself which can take FOREVER.However youaren't just limited to death. You can also ask Friend or Enemy to"revive me" "give me life" or "let me live through the pain again".Did we mention that you can do this for FREEEEEEE!Originally, thiswas supposed to be an Amazon Alexa skill, however Amazon was like"Nah fam, dis ain't gonna work, U gotta go" and I was like "Aythat's cool, 🅱ut Imma still get this out somehow", so here we arenow.
Time Killer 1.0 APK
Bored? Need to kill some time? Looking for a quality,Family-Friendly app?Perfect! Do we have the solution for you!Introducing..............Time Killer!With Time Killer you can1.Create a score2. Increase said earlier score3. Play the SUPER FUNGAME: Button Killer!!!!!Get Time Killer today and kill any diseaseknown to man."Time Killer? More like the BEST app I've ever laideyes on" - Elvis Presley
Am I Rite? 1OG APK
Have you ever wondered if you were right or not? Yes you have. Stoptrying to be edgy. Luckily for you, there is now a completelyhonest "bot" on the market. With Am I Rite, you have the option ofknowing you are right through simple text or, if you're tooadvanced for that, speech. But don't worry; the voice speaking toyou won't be the normal text-to-speech-translator, rather it is avoice of an angle. Also, Am I Rite comes with a multitude of randomphrases to tell you if you are right or wrong(along with the text).