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This application is free service officially offered by [NHK GOGAKU]NHK language study program portal site. There are fully loaded withfunctions that can support daily language learning device! You canlearn it smoothly anytime, anywhere by using this application, notonly by watching TV or listening to a radio program. You caninteroperate this application, [NHK Language Program] will be muchmore fun! [Introduction and features] - Streaming Radio program Youcan listen to NHK radio programs from the beginning to the end. Itis available for eight languages. You can check key phrase andexplanation by listening it. - English: the Word Master Recommendedfor your spare time or while on the move! "Daily Quiz" It consistsof two patterns: "Basic Quiz" and "Advanced Quiz". You can check anumber of exercises in each English word. You can learn it at yourown pace by reading explanation, so it will not be just rotememorization but support expanding your vocabulary. "Weekly test"and "Monthly test" How many quiz can you complete within a timelimit? You can try it having game feeling. "Listening to thepronunciation of words and example sentence" You can check themeaning of the word, pronunciation sound, graphic image, examplesentences and so on. The achievement that you can understand at aglance! You can check the current learning situation and thelearning time so far on the report card. In addition, you can seebadges that you earned according to the number of attendance."Let's check forenotice!" You can check the theme and English wordsof the quiz to be published in the list every week. "Let's look upwords you do not understand right away." We accumulate the wordspicked up by the program in alphabetical order. - Chinese: theSeicho-Kakunin-Kun Comparing example with your tonal each syllabledisplaying over, you can check the difference visually. And it willautomatically converse your tonal, you can hear your correct tonal.You can continue because it is fun! This can be your New partner asa Chinese pronunciation practice device.

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jp.or.nhk.nhkworld.tv 7.1.8 APK
Watch NHK WORLD TV live and on-demand. NHK WORLD TV is theEnglish-language international broadcasting service of NHK, Japan'sonly public broadcaster. This app provides you with NHK WORLD TV'snews and a variety of programs via live, 24 hours a day. As a newlyadded feature, you can now check for the latest news. Many of theprograms are also available as video on-demand (VOD), except forsome programs due to reasons of copyright. Also the app providesEarthquake scales and Tsunami Warnings/Advisories in Japan,Breaking news by Push Notification. The video quality depends onyour communication environment. The app will adjust connectionspeed automatically. Please be aware that the service is free,however, data communication fees are the responsibility of users.
RADIRU RADIRU is NHK’s official app available on live streaming ofradio broadcasting through the Internet. In addition,for someprograms, you can listen to the sounds that were broadcast in thepast. Enjoy NHK radio programs in commuting, anytime and anywhere.RADIRU RADIRU supports for smartphones and tablets with Android OS4.1 or later. The service is free of charge, however, it's stronglyrecommended choosing the flat-rate data plan. Live streamingprovided: You can choose 8 local area programs. - Hokkaidoprefecture on Radio 1 and FM - Miyagi prefecture on Radio 1 and FM- Kanto area on Radio 1 and Tokyo area on FM - Chukyo area on Radio1 and Nagoya area on FM - Kansai area on Radio 1 and Osaka area onFM - Hiroshima prefecture on Radio 1 and FM - Ehime prefecture onRadio 1 and FM - Fukuoka prefecture on Radio 1 and FM On Radio 2,provided nationwide programs. On-demand provided: For on-demandprograms, you can listen to past broadcasts.Regarding someprograms, you can listen on the linked program website. - Based ondetermination by IP address, all programs are available only inJapan. - Depending on your Internet connection, programs may not beavailable. - About live streaming,we don’t provide the time signaland EEW (Earthquake Early Warnings) because delay will occur. - Wecannot provide some programs due to copyright.
Listen to NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN stream live radio and audio clipsin 17 languages on your Android device. NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN isthe international broadcast service that is produced by NHK,Japan’s only public broadcasting station. This application willallow you to enjoy news and programs provided by NHK WORLD RADIOJAPAN on your Android device anywhere in the world around theclock. It's possible to read the latest NHK WORLD news stories.Please note that some programs may not be available for reasons ofcopyright. The service is free; however, data communication feesare the responsibility of users.
NHK Kouhaku 8.1.0 APK
This is an official app of "NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen". You can seethe outline of past Kouhaku, participating singer & song list,and moderator name. * Compatible with Android OS 5.0 or later.
NHK Clock 1.2.0 APK
The popular classic NHK clock that used to appear on TV every hourof the day can now be downloaded onto your Android Phone!*** Now with widgets! ***You can choose between two backgrounds, blue and wood.The original time tune that was heard on TV can also be heard onthe hour by setting the "Time Signal" ON.
NHK on Demand 2.1.2 APK
This app is designed to allow you to use NHK On-Demand. NHKOn-Demand is a fee-based video service available only in Japan forviewing content broadcast by NHK on computers, smartphones,tablets, high-function televisions and other devices, using abroadband connection. With NHK On-Demand, you can see programs andnews you missed, or older shows you want to see again, whenever youlike. Available Content 1. Catch-up Programs This service providesaround 500 ~ 600 programs monthly from among those broadcast onNHK’s four channels (General TV, Educational TV , BS1 and BSPremium). These programs will be available for around two weeksfrom either the day of their broadcast, or the day after. 2. NewsPrograms NHK’s major news programs are available for one week,starting from a few hours following their broadcast. 3. ArchivesSelection This service provides around 6,000 classic dramas,documentaries and other programs carefully selected from the wealthof video resources held in the NHK archives. These will be madeavailable in accordance with their rights licensing periods. SalesStyles There are three ways to purchase shows. You can eitherpurchase catch-up programs or archives selection shows one at atime as “Singles,” get the “Catch-up Programs Unlimited Pack,”which gives you unlimited programs from among catch-up programs andnews programs each month, or get the “Archives Selection UnlimitedPack,” which gives you unlimited programs from among the archivesselection shows each month. * Please confirm the details on the“NHK on Demand” website.PC/Tablet:http://www.nhk-ondemand.jp/share/enjoy/#chkSmartphone:https://www.nhk-ondemand.jp/share/smp/#/share/smp/enjoy_chk.html
NHK uses images of disasters, accidents, and natural phenomena,captured by our viewers, in our news and other programs. If youhave a photo or video to share, taken on your smartphone or digitalcamera, please send it to us. Please also use the function with aspirit level which can recognize the level of a camera and theanimation photography lecture for beginner.
jp.or.nhk.news 3.1.0 APK
This application will deliver quickly the latest news and disasterinformation in Japan. Japanese version only. Please note that somevideos cannot be made available for copyright reasons. Contents -News on business, politics, accidents, crime, etc. - News andevacuation information about natural disasters ex. earthquake,tsunami, volcano eruption, typhoon, flood - Weather forecast - Livefootages - Push notifications