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Fairy Farm - Games for Girls 3.0.3 APK
Fairy Farm is a kind and beautiful game about magical wizards.Working magic has never been as simple as it is in our game – cleartutorials and fun quests will help you learn how to play in justminutes. Here, you can cast incredible spells using the ingredientsthat grow right on your Farm. You can build astonishing buildings,plant fantastic plants, and raise and tame hundreds of wild anddomestic animals of which you have never heard before. Let yourimagination run wild expanding your territory and building the Farmof your dreams! Beautiful graphics, fun characters and magicadventures will please anyone who likes farm games and wants tohave their own magic garden. - No Internet connection required. Youcan play anytime, anywhere!- Regular updates available every weekwith new and unique animals and objects!- Discover over 150 magicalplants and trees!- Tame over 400 animals, like the flying pony,dragons, unicorns and other unimaginable creatures!- Craft potionsusing the berries and herbs from your garden and hold the bravestof alchemic experiments!- Decorate your Farm with the endlessassortment of incredibleobjects!_____________________________________________Visit theFairy Farm community on Facebook:http://on.fb.me/IL5vJQContact usat:android-support@fairyfarmgame.comThis Game is free to downloadand available in the following languages: English, Chinese,Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish Do not forget todownload all other Game Garden games! Find them here:www.game-garden.comCopyright (c) 2011-2017 Game Garden, LLC
Family Town 1.1.1 APK
Welcome to Family Town! Dear Mayor, this is your town now! Wecongratulate you on the recent promotion! Family Town is a townpopulated by the kindest and most caring residents. Since you arenow the Mayor, you can make this town the best place to live onEarth. Help your friends and neighbors, complete their requests,and they will always be on your side. The prosperity of Family Townis now in your hands! Here are a few suggestions for the newlyappointed Mayor: - Build residential houses and shops;- Don’tforget about parks and recreation centers;- Pay attention to theroads;- Complete residents’ requests;- Visit the Lighthouse;- Plantmore trees – a green town is a clean town;- Develop newterritories. While Family Town is being downloaded, here are a fewinteresting facts: - Hundreds of interesting tasks that you willreceive as you develop your Town;- Never-ending combinations ofbuildings and decorations that you can use to make your Town moreunique;- Tournaments with the mayors of other towns;- Uniquebuildings, such as an Airport, an Amusement Park, a Spaceport, andmany others;- Collections, mixtures, daily bonuses, gifts fromfriends, achievements, adventures and much, much more! Don’t missyour opportunity to become one of the greatest city-planners inhistory! Download Family Town for free and enjoy! Invite yourfriends and loved ones and build the best metropolis in the world!Visit the Family Town community and you will be the first to: -Receive all of the news and participate in various tournaments;-Win prizes and receive presents;- Learn new secrets and usefulsuggestions;- Have an opportunity to share what you know with andlearn from other players, as well as the developers of the game.Official Family Town community page onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/FamilyTownTimes
Legends of Moonvale 2.0.5 APK
Welcome to the exciting world of Legends ofMoonvale, where the air is filled with magic and mysteries, and thecreatures of five elements fight for their place under the Moon.Invite the most mysterious mythical creatures from around theworld to your city. Raise and train future heroes who will help yougo through the most exciting journeys of your lifetime. Grow yoursettlement from a small village into a flourishing city, which willbecome home to many different beings – from sea dwellers tomajestic dragons.- Over 100 mythical creatures which you will need to find and drawto your side.- Large amount of space for expansion. Improve the level of yourcharacters and buildings in order to unlock all of theirpossibilities and raise an unbeatable team of heroes.- Several hundred quests in the world full of magic, with newfantastic adventures available every week.- Your own Kingdom that can be built from scratch and filled withunique magical heroes. Develop several islands as you wish, makeyour own farmlands, or create mighty artifacts.- Superior graphics and animation will allow you to enjoy everydetail of your lands and heroes.- Opportunity to play with your friends and compete in hundreds oftournaments with other players._____________________________________________Visit the Legends of Moonvale community on Facebook:http://ggam.es/MoonvaleContact us at:support.android@moonvalegame.comCopyright © 2015-2016 Game Garden, LLC
Tales of Windspell 1.0.9 APK
Windspell is a floating island-city populated by wizards, mages andalchemists. It is the one and only supplier of magic artifacts andobjects, as well as rare potions to all of the known magicalworlds. Windspell also has the largest academy of magic, wheregenerations after generations of wizards have mastered all of thesecrets of magic. Here, you will go on exciting adventures andunveil many secrets of this magical world. Not one fairy tale canexist without magic objects and animals, alchemic potions,mysterious ingredients, and spells. Where do you think all thesecome from? Magic wands, flying brooms, seven-league boots, magicbeans, and other fairy objects are all crafted on the floatingisland-city of Windspell. Who makes all these objects? Well, theanswer to this question is a big secret! And the name of thatsecret is Windspell! - Unique city-academy fully under yourcontrol;- Hundreds of exciting quests that will teach you moreabout your favorite fairytale characters;- Dozens of mysteriousterritories;- Intricate potion recipes;- Dozens of the most unusualbuildings and decorations. Don’t miss your chance to be dedicatedas one of the founders of the magical city of Windspell! Downloadthe game for free and begin the most exciting adventure of yourlife! Invite your friends and loved ones, and together you can makeWindspell the greatest and grandest magical city in the world!Visit the Tales of Windspell community and you will be the firstto: - Receive all of the news and participate in varioustournaments;- Win prizes and receive presents;- Learn new secretsand useful suggestions;- Have an opportunity to share what you knowwith and learn from other players, as well as the developers of thegame. Official Tales of Windspell Facebookcommunity:https://www.facebook.com/Tales-of-Windspell-Community-1693637444235347
Island Village 1.1.5 APK
Wish you were in a tropical paradise? Haven't seen the sun and theocean for a while? Need some adventure in your life? If so, you arein the right place!A sea voyage has gone completely wrong for agroup of brave traveling cats. Now they have to make a new home onan island where no cat has ever stepped before. You will need tohelp them construct buildings from everything that they can laytheir paws on, grow wondrous plants on their farm, become friendswith the local population and, of course, unveil the mysteries ofthis land lost in time. City building has never been as simple andexciting as it is in Island Village. No characters are as cute andfunny as the group of our courageous cats! Will your village be thebest? What will you discover on the beautiful shore when the tideis low? Will the indigenous population be friendly, or will youhave to fight for your life?- Build your own village on a remoteparadise island;- Find all of the cat-friends that were lost duringa shipwreck;- Make hundreds of objects and articles, turning theisland into a flourishing civilization;- Tame exotic animals;-Unveil many secrets of the mysterious island;- Explore all of thecorners of the land unknown and make newfriends!_____________________________________________Visit theIsland Village community onFacebook:http://ggam.es/IslandvillageContact usat:Support.android@islandvillagegame.comCopyright © 2015-2016Startek Invest Limited
Pet Heroes: Puzzle Adventure 1.1.8 APK
Welcome to the magic saga and exciting world of Pet Heroes, wherethe air is filled with magic and mysteries, and the creatures offive elements fight for their place under the Moon.Invite the mostmysterious mythical creatures and pets from around the world toyour city. Raise and train future heroes who will help you gothrough the most exciting journeys of your lifetime. Grow yourkingdom from a small farm village into a flourishing city, whichwill become home to your pet heroes, many different beings – fromsea dwellers to majestic dragons.- Over 100 mythical creatureswhich you will need to find and draw to your side in a captivatingarcade.- Large amount of space for expansion. Improve the level ofyour characters and buildings in order to unlock all of theirpossibilities and raise an unbeatable team of heroes.- Clear thelevel and save your creatures and win together! Challenge yourselfto this puzzling saga, unlocking more and more 3 in a row quests.-Several hundred quests in the world full of magic, with newfantastic adventures available every week.- Your magic pets teamwill help you win in the puzzling 3 in a row battles against yourenemies - Awesome gameplay: your own Kingdom that can be built fromscratch and filled with unique magical heroes. Develop severalislands, make your own farmlands, or create mighty artifacts.-Superior graphics and animation will allow you to enjoy everydetail of your lands and heroes.- Opportunity to play with yourfriends and compete in hundreds of tournaments with otherplayers.------------------------------- Pet Heroes Puzzle Adventuremain features: • Diamonds, exploding bombs, chest boxes and muchmore • Spectacular bonus rewards unlocked after levels • Easy andfun to play challenges • Magical pets and creatures of allvarieties - puppies, rabbits and many more! • Hundreds of petpuzzling levels - more quests added weekly! • Leaderboards to watchyour friends and competitors!
Bowling by Jason Belmonte 1.771 APK
A game from the world #1 bowler Jason Belmonte. Get it now for freeand learn how to bowl from the champion! It's a tenpin bowling gameloved by gamers, real life bowlers and pro bowlers as well.Familiar swipe-to-throw system, yet exciting and challenging tomaster cause it involves every single aspect of a real life bowlingphysics. Tired of head-to-head games go and have fun in thePractice mode where you can test different balls on various lanesor just play with the bumpers on! Features - Build up your Arsenalwith the best branded bowling balls in the industry - Practice onthe real life oil patterns - Use skill-ups to level up faster andto blast those pins off the lanes - Keep in good shape with dailytournaments - Get your perks from a big pool of prizes with aslot-machine It’s the most realistic bowling simulator ever madeand it’s a great tool to up your score in a real game. Bewarethough it can be very addictive! Join our testers group to getinsider’s information straight from the developershttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1781596555490393/ Stay tuned forthe upcoming updates with our Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/belmo.bowling/ If you have any troubleswith the game, just drop us a line to support@wannaplay.studio.Challenge yourself in the best 3D tenpin bowling simulator evermade. Learn from the king of bowing and improve your game to bowlin the PBA one day. Bowl or be bowled! Bowling by Jason BelmonteDevelopers Team