1.10 / January 22, 2015
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Ninja Assassin Samurai warrior is an actiongame which is about a clash between Ninja Assassin and Samuraiwarriors.From the makers of "Jurassic Forest Runner" and "DevilNinja Clumsy Jumper".
Remember the movies in which the hero fights the villain andagainst Destiny for his love. Experience the same story in this newNinja Assassin action flick. Complete your ultimate fantasy ofbecoming an ultimate ninja assassin and kicking butts of evilsamurai warriors. Assume the role of a ninja and fight the evilninja warriors for justice and love.

Play this fast paced highly attractive and addictive game “NinjaAssassin Samurai Warrior. This story is about a ninja warrior whois very skilled and powerful. No one stood a chance against him inthe Battlefield .No one could defeat him in the battlefield he wasout of their League .He was a master of advance ninja warfare.Butthe ninja warrior had only one weakness "LOVE". The ninja warriorlove a beautiful girl but some evil assassins samurai kidnapped thegirl and now ninja warrior is outraged and on a rampage to save hislove.

Now this outraged ninja warrior has only one goal and that is tokill every assassin samurai in his sight and save his love. Butsaving her won’t be an easy task. The ninja warrior has to killevery Assassin in his way and solve puzzles and eliminate the mostdangerous bosses.

Play as an enraged ninja killing every assassin and make thempay for what they did, there will only be a blood batheverywhere.

To save your love, slice your way through an army of samuraiassassins using your nimble jumping skills and special Ninjaattacks & abilities to reach and kill the Boss. Look out fortraps, hints and usable objects to solve a puzzle or to takebenefit of the surroundings.


- Fast pace and simple control
- Great sounds and stunning graphics, particle systems andanimations of Ninja
- Powerful BOSSES to beat
- Support Tablets, HD Resolution
- Fast and Brutal Ninja Actions!
- Ninja uses special Abilities to kill Assassin on one shot
- Challenging Ninja Missions.
- Grey Scale game play.
- Beautiful Graphics representing ninja surroundings.
- This ninja game is suitable for all action lovers.

How to Play

- Use the virtual joystick to move the Ninja Warrior left orright.
- Tap or press "UP" arrow icon to make Ninja jump
- Tap or press the "Sword" icon to attack the Assassin.
- Double tap or press the "UP" arrow for double jump.
- Tap the joystick Up and attack button at the same time forNinja’s Power strike.
- Attack and kill all the enemy Samurai assassins to advance thestage or level. You cannot progress until you have eliminated allthe Assassins samurais.
- Look for different hints to help ninja unlock or solvemysteries
- Each stage or level have different sets of hints so keep youreyes open.
- Use different objects from your surroundings for yourbenefits.
- Find keys to unlock doors.
- Sometimes you will need extra strength to eliminate the Assassinstry to get power-ups in those situations.
- The food power-up is for your health and the strength power upwill strengthen the power of the ninja attacks .You will be able tokill dangerous Assassins Samurai enemies with a single blow

Special Thanks
Special thanks to "O Planning"

App Information Ninja Assassin Samurai Warrior

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    Ninja Assassin Samurai Warrior
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    January 22, 2015
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    WTF- What the Fun
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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