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League of ninja assassins & shadow warriors awaits your enrtyto sword fight among the most skilled kung fu masters of the karategalaxy. Fight deadly monsters & extremely dangerous aliensalong with your light kitana sword in ninja battle game sim. As anultimate killing master, fight & kill all the enemy forcesrunning throughout Metropolis city & nearby empty villagesusing sharp shurikens & lethal ninja stars. Don't be a slowteenage turtle. You have to save the entire population from outsideforces of mutants & monsters as a trained blood hunter. So takeyour light samurai sword & get ready to battle the mostdangerous villains of Planet earth in this ninja fighting game.Little ninjas, you will face the dangerous enemies of extremefighting style in this lethal fighting simulator game. Learn tofight legendary monsters & become the ultimate fighter withyour samurai blade surviving the neverending waves of alien enemyforces in this karate battlefield. Filled with kung fu masters& real ninja deadly fighters, be an angry shinobi, blood ninja& immortal tiger in this extreme fight of monster warriors.This superhero rpg fighting simulator is made for little ninjaadventures who fight for glory of their extreme lord commanderstill the last second. As ancient ninja heroes, become a fearfulshredder for your enemy. You are the deadly fighter with promisedlegacy to save the humanity of earth from total annihilation. Doomsday & apocalypse are upon us. Sword fight your way through theextra territorial forces & become the master ninja warrior.Stealth experts! attack from the shadows. Darkness is your greatestweapon. Hide in their fears and attack them using deadly weaponslike kitana, samurai, throwing stars & long swords. Become oneforce to end injustice from this planet. Defeat mutants & stopthe world from ending.Start the training & learn to fight andbecome expert ninja shadow fighter. Your training skills will helpyou in modern combat fights. As a mortal kung fu warrior, yourevery fatal attack will make fear in your opponent's mind.Superhero ninja legends will write your name in the history books.Be an angry ninja swing fighter using your kitana blade to cutthrough dangerous monsters. Teen fight ninja simulator gives youreal opportunity to fight the horrors of alien city battles. Devilsfrom legends of ninja will face you on every corner of the city.Revenge is your only option.Ninja Assassin Shadow Warrior gameplayfeatures:1. Select different ninja characters2. Select differentninja swords to fight3. Attack & eliminate different monsters& aliens4. Rescue city from deadly evil forcesDownload the bestNinja Assassin & Shadow Warrior monster hunter game today &enjoy.

App Information Ninja Assassin Shadow Warrior: Monster Hunt

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    Ninja Assassin Shadow Warrior: Monster Hunt
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    October 24, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Cracked Warriors
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Ultimate Wild Tiger Simulator:Wild Forest Run A new animalssimulator 3D with fierce creatures roaming in the african jungle tosearch for the prey. But look! Those fearless eyes.. who else 3dtiger is searching for the herbivorous for the survival in blackforest in this wildlife tiger games. Become a real fierce creatureswith this tiger simulation game and live the life of tiger and getto know hot it feels to be fearless in this wildlife tiger gamesmuch interesting and thriller gameplay then Extremely realisticanimal simulator and lion vs tiger sim. Play as real tiger gamesand survive in the wildness as long as you can by living the lifeof tiger and attack Realistic 3D wild tiger simulator, blackpanther,Lion Angry Fox,Hippo,Rhino,starry wolf etc. Evolve yourfierce creatures to dominate the wild world. Best wildlifesimulator and tigers game for all hunting games & the tigerKing of the Jungle lovers. Furious Wild Tiger Simulator:SurvivalSimulator, a tigers game is awesome hunting games in lush greenforest wildness.It’s a battle against fierce creatures likecheetah, wild lions with dangerous panther, hippo and gorilla.Dominate as African tiger and become furious predator in the lushgreen jungle. Maintain your energy health and hunger in this cecilthe lion open world map in this animals simulator. Weaker animalslike Deer, Horse and zebra are your prey. In order to provide foodfor your family, you have to hunt them down by jumping at them andattack them until they are dead. There are also lots of endangeredferal animals in the realistic 3D tiger simulator games &jungle simulator game animal world full of adventure. This siberiantiger games give you chance to live the life of tiger and proveyourself the dangerous african jungle tiger of all the time hunterjump jungle!Play this adventure 3D tiger simulation & lion kinggame in your android tablet and smart phones. Rush in dense forestwith your swift speed, razor sharp claws superhero and powerfulbite catch tasty animals and crafty critters.Experience theultimate extreme wildlife simulator &lion vs tiger full of theadventures and the horrors of wild beasts. Have fun and enjoyjumping over obstacles and running across the massive the tigerKing of the Jungle simulator you play many engaging and fun questswith extreme amazing challenging levels. Ultimate Wild TigerSimulator:Wild Forest Run• Play as Furious Wild African Tiger• huntdown animals like bull, elephant, Zebra, sheep & rabbit.•challenging levels• Wild African Tiger especially against lion,panther, rhino, wolf, fox, crocodile & bear.• kill Jungle beastanimals• Explore the Jungle environmentDownload the Tiger Simulatorand experience the thrilling life of a ferocious fierce creaturesin the african jungle !
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