1.0 / January 18, 2016
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NINJA CLASH Premium will be the most exciting casual cutting gameyou’ve met! Your quest is to help ninja to fight against piranhaand survive! Try your best to use less time to kill the piranha!Use more than one weapon to kill them! You can use your ninja skillto view your skills!FeaturesSmooth game controlBackground music isin harmony with the game!
Many game modes for you to chooseSpecialand interesting level settingsShare fun with your friends!

App Information Ninja Clash Premium

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    Ninja Clash Premium
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    January 18, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    4415 Richmond Avenue Fremont , CA 94536
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Are you looking for a highly entertaining, funny and amazingadventure survival run? Welcome to the miniature world of a Bug´slife. Dive into the adventures that a bug must face in his day today, and try to sort all the obstacles in this mini madness chaos.Find your way in several environments, depending on what kind ofbug you are trying to save. If you´re an ant, you’ll have to sortwood sticks, leaves, and even water drops when raining to avoidlosing your path. Change your tactics and strategy depending onyour natural predators. If your character is a caterpillar, thenfind some good camouflage and hide from birds! Now you are aladybug? Avoid the kids that are wishing to turn you into a crispytoasted bug! Don´t let them rip off your wings! Improve yourreflexes and keep your brain entertained in this incredible endlessrun adventure filled with tons of adrenaline racing! ★★★ Use theTurbo Booster to Improve your Bug Skills! Collect other Power-UpFunny Boosts to achieve multiple side mission goals! Live a Bug´sLife Now, GetTurbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive NOW for Free on GooglePlay Store!!! ★★★Perfect for all, kids and adults can spend hoursin this addictive running game! You better rush to collectcherries, stars, and jewels to upgrade your character! Travel asfar as you can with the new improved bug, gain extra skills likedash, sprint, and roll to be able to sort the always changingobstacles, gaps, narrow bridges, huge rocks, and all kind ofdifficulties on one of the top tricky games of all times! Add moreexcitement and put your reaction and reflexes to test, enter thekindergarten where your worst enemies are a magnifying glass andall the insect smasher teachers! Dodge quickly their attacks withyour stored boosters and gain extra rewards to keep your bug´s bodyin shape. You can also upgrade their natural armors and fightagainst the Mother Nature!🏁 🏁 Join the Ultimate Bug´s Race Againsttheir Wild Hunt predators!! Help your bug win this survival DashRunning Challenge on: Turbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive for Free NOWon Google Play Store!!! 🏁 🏁 This game was designed with amazing 3Dgraphics, super crazy environmentally realistic sounds, easy toplay to grant an amazing user experience during the game-play,extremely addictive! Your kids, friends, and family will absolutelylove it. Dare to change your perspective and enter into a littleworld adventures! Grab your device and discover the hidden jungleof your garden! Turn your bugs into real insect legend heroes,teach others your fruit treasures and place your name on top of ourleaderboards! Be ready to begin your journey!★★★ Don't wait anylonger, Download it for FREE, Limited Time Only: Turbo Bugs 2-Run& Survive on Google Play Store!!! ★★★Features of the game:-Several Bug Characters to Choose - Friendly UI- 100% OriginalThemed Endless Runner Game- Multiple Power Up Boosters - CustomizeYour Bug with Different Skill Upgrades★ This is your chance to geta unique, funny and addicting game for adults and kids from allages, totally FREE!!! Continue the adventure saga of our firstTurbo Bugs withTurbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive NOW !!!! ★
Brain Puzzle 3.6 APK
Treat yourself to a free, fun and unbelievably addictive brainworkout! Our Puzzle Bundle is designed to put your logic, memoryand wit to the test through a series of free mini challenges. Themind teasers we have for you will strengthen your mind and keep italways sharp.Even kids love it! This brain puzzles help improvingchildren’s mind, memory and logic skills, without even trying! Withits cute graphics, the game can win you as a loyal fan, as it doesto its all-million mobile user from all over the world! Try thisbrain teaser challenge and share with friends: ask friends for helpabout a user solution, brag about your great mind power or justshare to the ones you know will enjoy it. You don't need advancedapparatus or contraptions to play the test - just your mobile phoneand your brain. Here is how to play it: You start with a fewunlocked puzzles. The faster you solve them, the more Zold you’llget. The more Zold you get, the more unlocked puzzles you willhave. Simple yet challenging, right? If you desire to improve yourbrain performance and make a perfect score or just for fun, you areable to replay a puzzle, for free, as many time as you want! Thisgame first release launched at #1 in UK!!! Great brainiacs there!How about your country? Not to worry, the game is translated inGerman, French, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Russian. So,wherever you are from, go for it and prove your country as the bestbrainiacs ever! What others say for us? “Should you Download BrainPuzzle FREE? Brain Puzzle FREE is a genuinely excellent game thatis fun to play and very well crafted. If you enjoy puzzle games ofall kinds, be sure to check this out. It’s rewarding, addictive andabove all, fun.” (★4.5/5) — AndroidTapp “Brain Puzzle is a simpleapp that focuses on delivering highly challenging puzzles.According to the developers, users with high levels of dexterity,wit, and logical thinking are the ones who will be more successfulin overcoming these mind challenges. The puzzles are unique andpretty much original, so don’t expect too much puzzle rehashes fromother similar apps. Some puzzles will require you to find hiddenstuff, solve riddles by determining patterns, connect the dots, andeven match images.” (★4/5) — AppsPirate “Bran Puzzle Free is a funpuzzle game for Android that includes several different types ofgames. These games grow in difficulty and present many games thattest your logic skills, your memory and observation. Overall, thisgame is one of those games you are always thankful to haveinstalled, because it's the perfect time waster without being anonsense game.” (★4.5/5) — AppsZoom Are you smart enough? Do youhave the skills? Do you dare? Put your brain on the fun fire! We atBytewaves would like to express our gratitude to all of our fansand supporters! If you like our game, please, rate it in the AppStore! Thank you! We would like to stay loyal to our customers, sowe want to warn you that the game may not run with its fullcapacity on older devices with less memory and old fashionedhardware. If you have any problems with the game, don't hesitate towrite us at: support@amnesiapps.com. Please, include your devicetype and firmware version.
Running With Santa 2 1.7 APK
Addictive for both kids and grown-ups, Running with Santa 2 is ourholiday present for you to revive the Christmas magic and brightenup your festive spirit in the best time of the year. Embrace thesnowy adventure to become the good-will missionary and saveChristmas from turning into a complete disaster. Unluckily, Santa'ssleigh has been struck by a lightening and all the presents havechaotically scattered all over the North Pole's village coarse. Thejolly old man is in big trouble and truly needs your support. Don'tlet him down, neither all the kids impatiently waiting for theirChristmas gifts! Fasten your belts and let the endless holiday runbegin! Become Santa's best guide while navigating his run throughthe snowy North Pole village’s alleys. Hurry-up and collect all thepresents fallen off the sleigh as fast as you can. Make sure thatall the kids over the globe receive their presents just in time forthe holidays. Bring smiles on their faces and make Santa happy too!Slippery bridges, menacing icicles and dangerous gaps are only afew of the hardships to face on your snowy way. Watch out and trynot to miss a single present. Various bonuses and power-ups thatawaits you throughout the route will help you do that. Run fasterand jump further to retrieve as many gifts as possible. The morepresents you collect, the easier your mission becomes! Equip yourcharacter with a blazing fast jet pack or just pick up a magnet tomake sure that no gift is left behind!Choose your favoritecharacter and play the game exactly the way you have alwaysenvisioned it. Join the gift hunt and become a part of the craziestChristmas adventure ever!Enjoy the stunning snowy landscape anddelightful Christmas music that will magically take you to theNorth Pole!Main Features:- Thrilling 3D graphics - Various bonusesand power-ups- Challenging goals- Tricky obstacles- EnchantingChristmas musicBytewaves team wishes you Happy and CheerfulHolidays!
Turbo Bugs 1.9.5 APK
Save a bug’s life with Turbo Bugs! Join the turbo race and provethat you are fast enough to smash the competition and survive inthis cute, incredibly addictive bug running game, perfect for kidsof all ages (and adults too).Change the perspective to experience aday of a turbo bug’s life and try to survive in the race for aslong as you possibly can! Face all threats and dangers a turboracer bug has to deal with every single day! Your turbo run shouldkeep you in the race as long as you don’t make a wrong move.Sprintfast, jump, dash and roll to stay ahead of the mean kid’s deadlymagnifying glass, while avoiding all obstacles that are trying toslow you down on your dash to safety.Find your way through theforest’s narrow paths and tricky obstacles that you need to nimblydodge if you want to stay fast and alive! Don’t let the kid withthe magnifying glass get to you, as one touch of its ray could endyour race and turn you into a toast.Put your lightning reaction andreflexes to the test and run as long as you can to save the littlebug’s life. Narrow bridges to cross, wide gaps to jump, trickyrocks to avoid - those are only a few of the obstacles that youneed to watch out for while dashing through the course of thisendless running game.Keeping your turbo run on could be reallyexhausting, so collect all cherries and melons that get in yourway! The fruit will help you upgrade your bug and set new records!Keep an eye for the various power-ups that could be foundthroughout the entire course and don’t miss a chance to grab onefast! They are there to keep you racing longer and make it easierto achieve all the crazy goals.Choose your favourite turbo bug andget running!Features:- Multiple bug characters to choose from-Diverse Power-Ups- Crazy Goals- Endless Runner- Stunning 3DGraphicsJoin our facebook community and vote for the next characterthat you want to play with!Do you want to be racing with asupersonic cockroach or an ultra-Fast ant?It’s up to you!We atAmnesiapps would like to express our gratitude to all of our fansand supporters!Thank you!
Ninja Clash is the most thrilling, action-packed, fish slicing gamethat you will find, available for Android! Help the black ninjadeflect the kamikaze fish waves that are trying to take him out.Put your stamina and reflexes to the test and see if you have whatit takes to become the ultimate Ninja warrior! Your sword and ninjatraining are the only allies that you have in the unfair battlewith the crazed kamikaze fish. Prepare for the battle of your life!Kick, punch, slice and slash with your sword to keep the enemyaway! Try and defend yourself as long as you can from the flyingsushi that is always ready to attack from all directions! Thelonger you stay up slashing attackers, the harder it gets to holdoff the bloodthirsty fish that gets hungrier by the second. Yourtrusty blade, kicks and punches are your only allies in the fightagainst the relentless enemies! Slash your way through each levelwith as little damage as possible! Slice as many fish heads as youpossibly can! Jump and duck to avoid attackers organized strikes,while slashing their heads with your sword!Features: · Leaderboardand Achievements (NEW)· Fast paced slicing action · Awesome ninjamoves · Immersive techno inspired soundtrack · Challenging playdifficulty · Addictive gameplay · Organized Enemy attacksWe atBytewaves would like to express our gratitude to all of our fansand supporters! If you like our game, please, rate it in the AppStore! Thank you!
Running With Santa: Xmas Run 1.9 APK
Save Christmas and become Santa’s little helper with the bestrunning game of the holiday season!Hurry up and help Santa on hisrun to saving Christmas!The jolly old man’s magic sled has beenstruck by a lightning and is now out of order!The only way to savethe holiday spirit is to help Santa Claus run around the North Polevillage and collect all presents that fell off the sled in theaccident.Hurry-up and collect as many gifts as possible from thesnowy paths of Santa’s North Pole village as quickly as possible!Make sure that all good kids receive their presents just in timefor the Holiday.Join the gift hunt and have the Christmas adventureof your life!!!Icy bridges to cross, sharp icicles to avoid, widegaps to jump over - those are only a few of the obstacles that youwill have to face while running with Santa. Try not to miss any ofthe presents that you find on your dash through the snow.Don’t missany of the power-ups and bonuses that are spread all around thesnowy North Pole course! They will help you run faster and longerso you can collect more presents for good kids from all over theworld! The more fallen gifts you pick up, the easier your missionbecomes. Upgrade your character with a funky turbo jet pack, or geta magnet and make sure that there are no presents leftbehind!Choose your favorite character!Do you want to play as Santahimself or prefer one of the little dwarfs? It is up to you!Onething is for sure - you are going to fall in love with our greatChristmas running game once you see the stunning 3D graphics andhear the magical Christmas Carol soundtrack!Join our facebook pageand tell us which dwarf or reindeer character you want to play withnext!You can’t get enough of Santa's little helper dwarfs?Just votefor Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, Sneezy, Sleepy, or Happy!Which ofSanta’s reindeer is your favorite - Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen,Comet, Cupid, Donner or Blitzen?This is your game so have your sayand have it your way!Features:- Various Power-ups- Fun Goals-Multiple Characters- Endless runner- 3D GraphicsJoin our facebookcommunity and vote for the next character that you want to playwith!We at Bytewaves would like to express our gratitude to all ofour fans and supporters!Thank you!
Brain Puzzle PRO 1.2 APK
Enjoy the most challenging and diverse brain Puzzle Bundle evermade! Give your brain a fun and incredibly addictive workout thatwill put your logic, memory and reflexes to the test. Thisincredibly engaging puzzle bundle is designed to strengthen yourmind and improve your brain performance in a fun and engaging way,through a series of diverse mini challenges and brain teasers.Allkids love it!The fun and colorful graphics and gameplay engage kidsof all ages in an unique way that facilitates learning and makes ita fun and enjoyable experience. Want your toddler to improve hisattention, train his memory or develop better sequential thinkingand logic? Then Brain Puzzle is the right tool!Give this brainteaser challenge a try and we can guarantee that you will fall inlove with the rich selection of diverse logic puzzles and freshmini games, that will keep your mind sharp and snappy! How toplay:You start with only two unlocked puzzles. The faster you solvethem, the more stars you get. Earn at least one star per puzzle tounlock the next one.Sounds easy? Get playing and tell us how ‘easy’it is!It has never been easier and more fun to improve your brainperformance to a whole new level.Are you smart enough? Do you havethe skills? Do you dare? Put your brain on the fun fire! We atBytewaves would like to express our gratitude to all of our fansand supporters! If you like our game, please, rate it in GooglePlay! Thank you!
High Burger: Cooking Game 1.9.5 APK
You think that you’ve got what it takes to become the ultimateburger maker? Prove your cooking skills by making the tallestburger tower that reaches the sky and beyond with this yummycooking game for kids.The goal is very simple - collect theingredients that fall from the sky, stacking them together into aninsanely tall burger Tower. You also have to keep an eye on therecipes - stack the ingredients in the order in which the customeroriginally placed them. Once you have all the ingredients, simplyfinish the burger off with top bun. All of the hungry customers outthere will thank you for this and you will receive a larger tip.HowTo Play:You start your career as a “Beginner” , but if you workhard and prove you are good enough you can become a “LEGEND”.Youhave three lives which will help you fulfil your order. Be wary ofthe rotten ingredients!The bug and the fish will cost you one life.No one wants dead bugs in their burger. Cats, however, are the mostdangerous! They will try to grab your burger and ruin your order.Ifyou fail the order, don’t worry! You can use “Save Me” and keepyour progress. Try to catch the falling chilli pepper - itskyrockets you high into the sky and beyond!Complete the goals toincrease your tip multiplier!Brand New Extra - KIDS MODE for ourlittle fans! Parents, be sure your kids have fun without worryingabout ads or purchases!What is Kids Mode:- Easy gameplay fortoddlers - easy gameplay, no bad ingredients, progress will besaved when your child fails an order- No ads- No in-app purchases