1.0 / April 5, 2017
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Become a futuristic robot working for asecretcorporation and stealing important information from thehi-techoffice! Find out all sides of this interesting and dangerousjoband have fun playing Ninja Cyborg Fight and Escape:FuturisticRobot!

Be really noiseless like ninja invading the futuristicgovernmentoffice, hack every computer and terminal, get importantdata tosell it to the secret corporation later! Try to avoidmilitaryforces, ‘cause they are ready to catch anybody they notice!Runthrough the steam-punk office rooms quietly, use yourspecialweapon to stun or kill every guarding drone standing on yourway!Train your battling and stealth skills and be reallydifficultrobot to catch!

Hit your targets carefully, otherwise they will raise the alarmandcall SWAT or even other powerful robots for help! You’ll be deadina second! There are also ordinary people, but don’t worryaboutthem too much: they are afraid of you too much, so theywon’tattack you! Break through the dangers of this futuristic worldandhave fun with Ninja Cyborg Fight and Escape:FuturisticRobot!

Earn points for successfully done missions and unlock new typesofpowerful weapon such as guns, rifles, submachine guns orevenbludgeons! Power-up your robot’s skills and don’t forget tomindyour health indicator – if it drops, you’ll be deadimmediately!Steal compromising information and become reallydexterous!

Ninja Cyborg Fight and Escape: Futuristic Robot features:
• Futuristic robot escape simulator
• Wide range of interesting missions
• Different types of enemies
• Interesting edged and shooting weapons
• Amazing 3D graphics

Become the most brutal robot ever! Steal secret information andhavefun playing Ninja Cyborg Fight and Escape: FuturisticRobot!


App Information Ninja Cyborg Fight and Escape: Futuristic Robot

  • App Name
    Ninja Cyborg Fight and Escape: Futuristic Robot
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    April 5, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.2 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    100 - 500
  • Price
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