12.0 / November 7, 2014
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Operation of the button is easy. 1, I run to the left 2, I run tothe right 3, jump Music: Devil soul

App Information Ninja Escape Game

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Car of baby play 5.0 APK
Baby is an application of my favorite car. Car of all kinds to berun back to the beautiful night view or dusk. Car various actionsoccur randomly and the tap operation is simple, you can entertainthe baby. Accelerator, brake, overtaking, overtaken, and fun appmodel change, and just to look. Sound effects baby in a bad mood inthe real mood also will stop crying better. And airplanes witchappeared in tap of action in.
Ninja Escape Game 12.0 APK
Operation of the button is easy. 1, I run to the left 2, I run tothe right 3, jump Music: Devil soul
Bus the baby stop crying 5.0 APK
Babies and infants is a favorite kindergarten bus app.And puteveryone kindergarten bus runs the city.I passing with a variety ofcar, such as police cars and ambulances.Such as the sun and cloudsalso appear if I will produce a journey of fun bus.Operation alsooccur various actions when you tap a simple object, you canentertain the babies and children.Accelerator, back, overtaking,overtaken, it is fun even just looking app.Baby you not stop cryingpoor mood in sound effects and action also ceased to cry bettermood.
Samurai crusher Free Game 4.0 APK
Samurai crusherYour mission is to defeat the enemy to infiltratethe mansion of the samurai.Operation to defeat the enemy iseasy.Enemy that has a sword ① flick.Enemy that does not have asword ② tap.Let's defeat the enemy a lot anyway.It is a failure orincorrect operation, time limit will become 0.Bonus will be addedwhen you kill quickly.Each stage, different types of enemies thatappear will increase.Let's compete the score together.This game isa simple game that you can play easily at any time alittle,Reflexes is important.(Samurai Game)
Baby stops crying Car 3D 1.0 APK
Even babies and young children can enjoy the feeling of enjoyingdriving with just simple operation.It is also recommended when youstop crying babies who are in a bad mood and do not stop crying.Itis okay to hit other cars. There is neither score nor game over.Theoperation is simple. The car turns in the direction in which theterminal is tilted, and tap the screen to speed up.Sound effect:Satan's spirit