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Ninjas are perfect soldiers. They are lethalatshort distances... For this reason universal soldiers are soafraidof them. They do not make war like a professional army, theyavoidthe battle front and prefer to use unconventional methodslikestanding as a guerrilla to defeat their enemies. Ninjas are aneliteforce made of brave men willing to risk their lifes to winthe war:Ninjas are real killers!
Rebel troops hired hundreds of ninjas to fight againstthegovernment: They joined the rebel guerrilla and are wreakinghavocon the government army!

Help the ninjas to win the war against the soldiers! Be in theskinof a ninja trying to survive the war. Help him to avoidthesoldiers in this game full of action! Let´s finish this waronceand for all!

- In this fast paced game you need to be real quick: Selectyourfavourite ninja and start racing non-stop in thesechallengingninja games!
- Realistic scene with incredible graphics and a landscape of acityin destruction!
- Easy mobile control for all skill levels: You just need toselectthe difficulty level by choosing a ninja character!
- Exciting survival race against well-prepared soldiers
- Speed up your game points counter: The more you practice,thebetter you will race in this addictive game
- Appropriate for kids and adults who love ninjas andsoldiersgames

Your goal is to survive at any cost so you can lead the rebelarmyto the victory!
The scene is already prepared. Ready to start this funny ninjagame?Fight for the glory!

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App Information Ninja Soldiers War

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