1.5 / February 17, 2018
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Clash of Ninja Warrior Assassin Fight: Survival Escape Hero isfast-paced action packed game, climb your ninja warrior or ninjahero on wall with rope and stairs, zipline from rooftop & swimthrough river in ninja go. In this violent 3D action game you playas angry ninja samurai. It’s time to show your ninja attack martialarts and Kung fu moves with lethal weapons. You have gone throughlearning of kung fu, fighting skills, martial arts, climbing fromyour evil sensei. After killing all ninja war lord soldiers inforest fortress it's time to attack ninja heroes special forces inthe city. Be a ninja warrior superhero and take a deadly revengefrom ninja war lord castle enemies with classic samurai sword,super martial arts fighting and survival skills. Become legendninja assassin to defeat all strange shadow rival fighters andbring victory with your amazing fighting skills in ninja battle andninja wars. Start killing barbarian guards as soon as you see them.Lots of challenges are waiting for survival escape mission in epicninja warrior assassination game. Fight evil ninja soldiers &ninja war lords on your way and avoid every deadly attack! Climband fight with sword blade, combat rivals with perfect actionskills & kill samurai Wazir for once and for all. In Clash ofNinja Warrior Game 3D be an ultimate ninja assassin hero and rescuedark dungeon. Just like other ninja heroes, fight like a braveninja hero, experienced warrior assassin & bring death to allyour rival ninja go soldiers.Clash of Ninja Warrior Assassin Fight:Survival Escape Hero is game about blood revenge, enemy ninja warlords burnt your village killed your wife and companions. Play asperiod Japanese ninja warrior hit-man infiltrate enemy territory,start slashing enemies with your samurai sword. Enemies are unawareabout your ninja assassin stealth infiltration skills like ahit-man or a spy. Sneak up enemy ninja heroes with stealthtechniques, soldiers are well-armed so avoid making any noise.Climb wall with rope and stairs, jumps from rooftops attack enemiesfrom behind in ninja attack. An army sniper is hidden in jungle, asthief keeps yourself in shadow before fight. Ninja Battle war lordstask force has hired some evil ninja challenge them in combat fightand kill them all. Guide your hero to the rooftop and ziplinethrough rope in enemy areas like a thief & become the ultimateNinja Assassin Warrior 3D.Clash of Ninja Warrior Assassinationfight Features: • 10 breathtaking assassination war missionsagainst armed soldier• Realistic stealth and combat movementsbetween ninja shinobi fights• Amazing swimming, jump, weapon strikeanimations• Smooth onscreen touch buttons for shadow fighting game•HD graphics with beautiful forest locations to explore

App Information Ninja Warrior Assassin Fight: Survival Escape Hero

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    Ninja Warrior Assassin Fight: Survival Escape Hero
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    February 17, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Airport Ground Flight Staff 3D is a fun, free commercial airplaneservice staff game with many special airport vehicles and airportcargo driving challenges for you to overcome. All 10 levels aredesigned special operations in mind, to make this airport game funfor the player. Being an airport ground flight staff you have totake control of operations, in levels you will be given the chanceto drive either a luggage trolley, airplane fuel truck, airplaneoil truck, airport taxi, airport bus, tow truck, push back towing,airplane staircase van car or an emergency aeroplane fire truck inorder to succeed in driving while competing with the given timelineaccording to the airplane game requirement. Airport simulator is afree airplane flight vehicle driving game which allows the user toplay as a tow truck driver, oil truck transport driver, airplanestaircase bus driver, cargo truck, commercial cargo plane driver,airport bus driver to transport passengers to the terminal, airporttaxi driver or as an airport emergency fire truck driver to performyour staff driver duty. Once you set off from your starting pointyou will have to drive to your destination to reach at thedesignated zones in order to complete the level.City AirportVehicles You’ll Get to Drive in This Airport Ground Flight Staff 3Dgame:Luggage Trolley or Luggage Carrier: Being a luggage trolleydriver you have to drive this in order to transport the passenger’sluggage to the correct aeroplane. These are sometimes verydifficult to maneuver. Be careful not to drive past your designatedunloading airplane place as reversing these cargo or luggagetrolleys is tricky to accomplish.Fuel Truck or Oil Truck: You’llhave to drive to the refueling station to fill up the tank to thentake to the desired plane that is requesting the refuel.StaircaseTruck: Driving and handling an airport staircase machinery truck isnot a great turning vehicle so you will have to plan your approachcarefully, in order to align the staircase to the airplane.TowTruck or Push Back Towing Truck: It is the one of the mostcomplicated vehicle within the airplane game. One wrong turn cancause so many problems while playing with a tow truck/push back towtruck when trying to get back on course. In reverse this willperform according to how much skills you’ve got for towing anaeroplane perfectly.Airport Taxi or Transport Bus: Passengers willbe wanting to get to their destination within time so you will berequired to use this to get passengers from the plane to theterminal safely and in good time.Emergency Fire Truck: Any sort ofemergency could or can occur at any time and you have to be alertedat all times. So always try to get you fire truck ready in case ofa fire on board a plane or on airport terminal.As a crowded cityairport you will depend on the airport machinery in order toconfirm that everything runs smoothly since you are the airportmanager and it is your job to handle airport madness in order tohelp the ground flight staff develop the airplane/airport work, soperform your staff crew duty as air traffic control operator. As aground staff your main task is to maintain aircraft flight,transport cargo, re-fuel planes & jets, tackle terminalemergency situations, navigate stair car and passenger’s securityso that nobody faces any sort of trouble. Stay updated with theflight crew & as well as the air traffic control tower in orderto get the green signal whether to board the passengers, refill theplane with the fuel truck, attach staircase bus, tow the plane withthe tow truck to the runway or park the airplane in thehanger.Airport Ground Flight Staff 3D features:✔ Amazing State ofthe art airport bus driving vehicles✔ Challenging airport groundstaff driver missions✔ Super smooth airport parking controls✔Unique Airport simulator game-play✔ Full-HD 3D airport plane groundstaff environment and sounds
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Welcome Crime Queen with suicide squad to mad city for epic clashof crime.Explore huge urban sprawl of mad city with crime queen inthe dark, seedy and ruthless underworld mafia. Avenge murder ofdrug cartel members by shooting corrupt police officers. Fight handcombat, master melee attack in stealth and grab arms for epicshootout missions against city law enforcement and secret agent.Pick up baseball bat and beat the hell out of rival gangsters.Fight police forces with sniper gun shooting and explosives likegrenades. Ride harley bike for extreme moto stunt fun and drivesuper luxury cars. Shoot rival gang members with automatic weapons.Commit serious crimes like kidnap mafia member in sea boat forextortion money and drug smuggling. Drive sports cars and escapepolice chase after committing heinous crimes. Straight outta prisongo to mafia chief and get recruit in top criminal gang. Get intocrazy action to expand turf inside mad city. Work for Don Corleoneas secret agent to avenge his lost family in cartel gang wars. Darkintriguing and ruthless world of crimes is at your fingertips now.Get out of urban slums and enter into glitz of crime world.PlayCrime Queen Mad City Simulator 3D game for unlimited hours ofaction violence and illegal adventures. Embrace dark life ofruthless crimes fighting against police force and rival criminals.Get armed with baseball bat, guns and grenades to blow up enemies.Ride motorcycle or drive gangster cars in city for chaos and mayhemin streets. Show real driver ability to runaway from chasing policecars and shooting bikes.Prepare for badass action against law andbreak every rule to pick a fight against criminal giants. Engage inpolice car pursuit and escape epic chase in mad city crimesimulator game. Forget san andreas crime stories and build your owncriminal empire in clash of crimes.Deceive police officers, doublecross mafia members and enjoy driving muscle cars inty open world3D city. Earn money for committing crimes and illegal activities.Rise from slums to top of criminal piles with your expertise. Grandplan for auto theft missions in san andreas city. Steal cops bikeand police cars for crazy fun on the go.Key Features of Crime QueenMad City Simulator 3D gameExpert hand to hand martial artcombatsMaster stealth melee attacksUse base bat or shoot guns tokill enemiesBlow up rivals using grenadesRide heavy bikes and drivesports carsUnlimited crazy actionHuge mad crime cityenvironmentRealistic graphicsStick around for awesome action andcrazy updates in this crime simulator game.
Transport Truck Parking Mania 1.3 APK
Experience ultimate trucker parking challenges around ruggedterrain and go for serious offroad-ing adventures. Drive transporttruck at chinatown high point to deliver extreme cargo in marvelous3D city environment. Play transport truck parking mania andmaneuver monster trucks on offroad terrain. Drive now 16 wheelertrailer on unexpected hideaway route and fulfill duty of a realtruck hero. Truck parking game reloaded with monster trucksalongside hill climb terrains for best trucking levels. Buildcareer as real transporter truck driver and hero in drivingsimulator game.Transport truck parking mania redefines traditionaldriving games with amazing offroad racing vehicles. Start engineand go for thrilling truck driving challenges while deliveringcargo containers on uphill mountains around big city. Show realauto driver attitude and drive across bridges to transport cargofrom one town to another. Drive carefully on offroad route andrestrain from truck drifting. Weasel into right parking spots andpark your vehicle. Aren't you tired of playing garbage truck gamesto dispose trash. Unveil real trucker skills by driving big vehicleon rocking roads in chinatown. Hold steering wheel steady andprepare for offroad journey of lifetime. Explore beautiful sightsaround high mountains and multi-storey rock cliffs. Key Features ofTransport Truck Parking Mania 3D:Challenging truck parkinglevelsTruck collectibles in multiple colorsRealistic driving feelon roadsIntelligent traffic systemHuge 3D city environment andimmersive graphicsSophisticated auto physics for best truck driving
US Army Sniper Combat 2018: Mountain Shooting Fury 1.4 APK
US Army Sniper Combat 2018: Mountain Shooting Fury game will letyou experience army missions where the ultimate kill is the needagainst the enemy battalion. Be the special sniper killer and theultimate sniper hunter to takedown the enemy military soldiers. Getthrilled with best US Army Sniper Combat 2018: Mountain ShootingFury game and win the sniper battle against the army assassins ofthe enemy. As the hero of this awesome & mind boggling enemysniping 3D free gaming world, you are virtually undefeatable, sotake longshots, shortrange shots and let bullets hit from yoursniper gun to become best player. In this new US Army Sniper Combat2018 game, protect your country from enemy attack by eliminatingeverything standing in the way of finishing your task. Don’thesitate to move forward in front of your mates and be the firstman to pull the trigger fast to shoot down, injure with enemyshooters and commandos. It’s time to conquest the enemy in US ArmySniper Combat 2018: Mountain Shooting Fury mission. You are thereal FPS sniper hunter who will precisely aim & target bysniper shooting at the Russian army battalion. Become the daringsniper hero on this winter snow sheltered mountain, fronting coldsnow storm. You must quickly hunt-down enemy base and use yoursniper rifle to take long distance range shot to conquest theseenemies. This will be a brutal fight between good and evil so giveall enemies a lethal setback every ware in battlefield until you’rethe last standing man and win this war. Challenge in the dangerous& interesting sniper shoot to assassin the blood assassinenemies in battle environment. Be the special sniper shooting toface & assault with modern sniper guns at deadly commandos. Youcan experience the real & modern American action shootingsimulator game.US Army Sniper Combat 2018: Mountain Shooting Furyis First Person battlefield game you've been expecting is here.Join the war and shoot to kill enemies. Agree to take the role of awar sniper hero and stop all enemy plans of city demolition. Hideyourself under the cover of the winter cold snow like an expertsniper and use your rifle to locate vehicles of enemy and destroythem. US Army Sniper Combat 2018: Mountain Shooting Fury. ArmySniper commando shooter 3d is target shooting experience withsniper rifle as military duty begins in this army sniper war game.Now it’s time to play as the us army sniper commando killer. Don’tlet anyone escape the fury of American war hero sniper bullets inthis amazing free online combat sniper mission game. In thismulti-level game, you will be given more army artillery weapons andadditions but you must win each level to unlock these benefits.USArmy Sniper Combat 2018: Mountain Shooting Fury game is a thrillingfps shooter game. Get ready to kill the attackers as an elitesniper commando shooter. The gameplay of ultimate sniper 2018 gameis about defeating the enemy army squad in the city for survival.It’s a call-in fps modern duty to hunt & strike at the hiddenenemies in the city. Take your position to shoot in this criticalmission with your sniper rifle for survival. You have to protectyour country in this frontline commando battle as fearless fpsshooter to compete the army. Use your sniper gun & rifle toattack the hidden enemy behind the walls. Stay in the line &with your special sniper warrior shooting skills & makestrategies to combat the enemy’s squad. US Army Sniper Combat 2018:Mountain Shooting Fury Game Features: • Third person & Firstperson Shooting experience• Enjoy realistic sniper shootingsimulation game• Full addictive control of latest shooting sniperrifle• War survival & thrilling sniper shooting missions•Ultimate US sniper commando shooting adventures• Realisticenvironment and stunning 3d graphics• Realistic 3D snow mountainenvironment• Different enemy encounter strike missions• Multiplemodern weapons like ak47 & mp4 gun
Flying Bird Hunting Season 3D 1.2 APK
Aim precisely to shoot the flying birds and get real bird huntingexperience in a beautiful jungle 3D environment. Enjoy the latestsniper hunt game by shooting ducks, seagulls, pigeons and many moreflying birds. Download the most awesome and coolest hunting season2016 game to improve skeet shooting skills. Perfect day to huntbirds like black crow, vultures and sparrow. Weather keeps changingfrom sunny dry to rainy & birds fly from mountains. Shoot downyour targets and make the most of hunting season 2016. Flying BirdHunting Season 3D is a super addictive bird hunt game to improvereal marksman skills.Take a trip to realistic birds valley in theforest to enjoy brilliant shooting missions. Grab a sniper rifle,do camouflage and take position in thick trees. Keep eyes in thesky looking for flying birds & aim with precision to shoot atfirst sight. Flying Bird Hunting Season 3D is the ultimate shootinggame to test your sharpshooter skills. After rain when the sky isclear you will spot lots of vultures, eagles and pigeons to huntdown. Make sure you shoot every flying bird that flies your way anddon’t miss any target. Prove your sharp shooter skills to become anultimate bird hunter. If you love skeet shooting or deer huntinggames and bird shooting passion then this is an ideal snipershooter game. Hunt and enjoy the stunning 3D jungle environment insavannah forest near mountains and lake. Become a wild hunter tofulfill you royal hobby in a breathtaking bird simulator game.KeyFeatures of Flying Bird Hunting Season 3D:Multiple thrilling andchallenging bird hunting missionsAwesome hunter experience byshooting ducks, pigeons, seagulls & vultureReal life birdforest environment near hillsRealistic physics & flawlesscontrols for best shootingStunning sniper rifle with scope to zoomin & zoom outAmazing bird sounds and high quality 3D graphicsWehope you enjoy our action filled game & have unlimited funshooting some real flying birds. If you have any suggestions, weare happy to hear from you.
Police Bike Stunt Crime City 1.0 APK
ARE YOU THE HERO COP CHICAGO CITY DESERVESRide the latest sportypolice bike and be a real maniac driver chasing criminals inChicago city streets. Ride epic police motorcycle and performincredible rooftop stunts in AEN arena or shoot gangsters inpursuit. Join police patrol force to crack down criminals heaven inthis mafia vs police bike game. Drive sports bike at night tocapture notorious gangsters and put underworld scum behind bars.Start your police motorbike officer job now and chase dangerouscriminals in Chicago crime city. Driving super fast bikes was neverso much fun before.SERVE THE LAW, PUT MAFIA CRIMINALS BEHINDBARSPolice Bike Stunt Crime City is the latest 3D action simulatorgame for moto racing gamers. Run after notorious thieves, thugs,bandits & catch them all before midnight. Become the bike herocop chicago deserves. Ride at night, in style with cop partnerarmed with guns loaded. Ride over stunt ramps in city streets toperform sky high jumps and shoot criminals hiding on rooftop. Enjoyepic police car chase missions and shooting action, all in one bikerace game. Police department deployed you on night duty to protectpeace of city. Don’t let your boss failed. Rumors are that a mostwanted prisoner escaped from central jail. Your job is to chaseprisoner and arrest him. Don’t let prisoner escape. In othermissions shoot at sight high value criminals running over buildingrooftops.KEY FEATURES OF POLICE BIKE STUNT CRIME CHASE GAME:Fastestpolice bikeDeath defying stunts & insane jumpsBike chasecriminals missionRooftop bike actionGangster car chasemissionsPolice shootout scumBeautiful city in night lifeFast stuntdriving bikesBig open world to ride inBadass bike chase actionWehope you enjoy playing Police Bike Stunt Crime city game. If youhave any suggestions, we are happy to hear from you.
Car Delivery Truck Transport 1.2 APK
Not just a car transporter game; Transport big limo, coach bus, 4x4jeeps and flying helicopter. Drive a real transporter truck todeliver helicopter, car and war tanks in open world 3D city. Firstdrive truck out of shelter on the city roads and start loadingvehicles. Become a town bus driver to maneuver big coach on longtrailer truck. Enjoy driving luxury cars and jeep. Takeoff inhelicopter chopper and fly over tall skyscrapers to park on rooftophelipad. Play Car Delivery Transport Truck 3D simulator game andcomplete driver job in challenging transportation missions.What wasoblivion, is here now! Experience how it feels to handle a huge 18wheeler trailer for transporting all kinds of vehicles. Everdelivered a war tank on a transport truck driving in 3D cityenvironment? Like a daredevil out of driving school, take thegigantic loader truck in curvy streets and transport city cars.Drive luxury car like expensive limo or 4x4 jeep. Load a school buson multi-storey car trailer and also park airlift helicopter attruck rooftop. Earn respect of a tycoon to transport flyinghelicopter, a tank and other road vehicles. Show immense talent indriving car and reckless parking skills. Put end on driving dumpertruck and take role of a hardworking auto driver. A real truck herofor transporting modern car, passenger bus and amazing limo. Grabsteering wheel of gigantic truck, press clutch and drive flawlesslyto complete job before deadline. Remember that mediocre truckdriver do not get paid for mess up. Become a limo car agent tomaster parking on cargo truck.Key Features of Car Delivery TruckTransport 3D Game:Become real transport manager to complete all cartransporter missionsUnending hours of fun car driving and flyinghelicopter over big cityReal time helicopter controls and carhandlingDrive multiple autos, city tourist bus and battlefieldtankSmooth flight handling, easy flying controlsAmazing 3D graphicsin realistic environment setting We hope that you enjoy playingtransport truck simulator game. Your Feedback, Ratings &Comments are valuable for us.