1.1 / September 14, 2017
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Epic battle begins in the city withcriminals.The ninja warrior fidget hero killer legend has been agang bossfor years in the town. Enjoy this ultimate ninja warriorwith mafiastrange boss. Do not let your shadow stickman rivals knowaboutyour critical extreme combat ninja warrior fight moves.Extremehigh security shadow ninja against crime in the city hasmade thesurvival tough for civilians. Meet other jail breakoutgangster andcriminals in brutal attack missions, escape from thescary criminalin simulator world. Underworld crime wings is strikeby his fatherwho is ninja warrior master. There has been an extremeclashbetween mafia hero and gangster. Rule mafia revenge escapesurvivalmissions before they even try to shoot & kill you down.Escapefight & shot to carry out different crime activitiesincludingchaos in ninja warrior fidget hero fight adventure. Pieceinto therole of thieves attack in mighty Ninja Warrior Fidget HeroFightsurvival escape game.

Enjoy this fun addictive game like a true ninja warrior. Sneakawayfrom knife attack, a police chase gun shoot mission, escapelike acommando hero ninja boy and rule the underworld city.Transform thepeaceful nights by killing gangster & criminalswith fidgethero to take your revenge. Plan extreme escape missions.Enter intothe realistic breakout destruction world of battle andwin the warfear. Fight & attack like a ninja warrior shinobi tocatch thereal gangsters & killers of town. You can kill them inmafiacombat ninja warrior fidget hero fight survival escape. Shoottokill shadow gangster carry out real missions grand battlewithcriminals of mafia town, survive squad with combat policechasemission and recue the gang war. Play hero ninja warriorchaseagainst criminals on highway for destruction to plan a crimeattackbefore criminal squad wings awake. Sneak shoot and kill tobecomeultimate fidget hero killer. Play Ninja Warrior Fidget Herofightaction adventure.

Special Features
Amazing 3D City Environment
Smooth and Intuitive Controls
Thrilling and challenging Fighting
Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
Fight with Fidget Throw, Sword & Punch

App Information Ninja Warrior Fidget Hero Fight

  • App Name
    Ninja Warrior Fidget Hero Fight
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    September 14, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Trend Entertainment Games
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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Believe it! Animal games were never such before and this is one ofthe best animal offroad drive animal transport truck simulator thatis going to be full of adventure for the animal lovers. Let's playOffroad Drive Transport Truck. In this mountain climbingtransporter 3D game, your duty is to transport farm animal likehorse goat cows to the city. You will move this heavy duty cattletransporter truck to its target with precision and accuracy. Do youthink you can safely move animals on roads & difficult hills?Drive your cattle transport truck and show your driving furiousskills. There are number of wild animals that you have to bring tothe destination to complete the level such as zebra elephant lionrhinoceros tiger bear etc. First of all you need to load wildanimals from circus and farm animals from cattle on the trailertruck and then you have to transfer and deliver them safe to theirdestination. It is going to be an ace among the animal convey gameshaving the original concept of transporter 3D with the wild animaltransportation missions. Transport farm cattle from farm to citygives you smooth and challenging game-play on difficult offroadchallenge yourself to become a cattle transporter off-road truckdriver. This cattle transporter simulation is a unique idea intransport game. So get ready as a cargo truck transport driver inthis simulator 3d. Here is a combination of perfect driving andsimulation. While moving mammal, you must transfer them in a waythat won’t cause them injury. Farm mammal transporter is designedconsidering a natural mechanism and environment. You will enjoy thedriving experience and enjoy the realistic offroad drive transporttruck. Game Level includes transport horse carriage in thisultimate horse simulator. Transport the angry cow from farm to themilk factory. Bring back the wild angry lion from the city circusto forest. Bring back the injured bear from the city circus tojungle. Deliver this crazy goat to its owner in this goat simulatorgame. Transfer wildlife zebra to the animal sanctuary in the urbancity. Bring back the wild tiger from zoo jungle . Transferrhinoceros from the animal doctor to the jungle. Take the deer toClaudia, from farmer who lives in the forest. Bring back theinjured elephant from the circus to the forest Special FeaturesMultiple Environments Like Mountains, Hills and City SmoothSteering, Brakes and Drifting Extreme Truck Transporter 3d Drivingwith Dangerous Turns A complete Hill Farm Off road Environment toExplore Load and deliver the animal in a heavy vehicle Amazing 3Dgraphics and sounds
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Professional robbers have planned a new bank robbery. Play the mostthrilling grand bank robbery master action packed game. Bank heistis the miami crime while employees and usually by standers aresubjected to force violence or the threat of violence Police squadcars arrived at the miami crime scene to capture criminals &gangster. Prepare for grand clash of police squad and robbers inwildest miami criminal lord chase counter assault game. Keep firingrifle and kill all officers of the police to escape. A large groupof miami crime squad is going to rush the bank in USA, they aresubjected to loot the entire bank. They can harm the civilians outthere in the miami. Being a member of gangster miami crime citysquad we selected you to accomplish this mission, Equip yourselfwith highly modified weapons to save the robbery and the civilianstoo. Enjoy this criminal simulation game you will learn thesestreets are hard. Streets of Miami are ruled by different criminals& mafia gangster. Gangsters group has planned a grand bankrobbery master to steal cash, gold and diamonds. Drive super fastcars to city bank and steal money in grand robbery. Park outsideand start shooting security guards. Play this newest grand robberymaster game and plot your runaway escape from city police. Seekvendetta by killing cops and eliminate law enforcement for theircunning activities. Explore huge urban sprawl ranging from glitz toghetto, from beach to the swamps in this city crime simulator game.Enjoy exciting robbery master missions and intriguing storyline asit unfolds mad crime stories. Be cruel and involve thrilling actionin town police vs bank robber’s missions. Prepare for epic clash ofcops and robbers in wildest criminal chase. Keep firing rifle andkill all officers of the law. Beware of sneaky police dog chase inmad city of criminal. Try escaping from even the narrowest ways.Police squad strike them hard to catch. Give them a hard timejailbreak prison escape challenge. You would need to take a realrival action & assault shooter with your weapons against theseruthless gangsters. After successful robbery master and gold heistwhatever happens just get away from chasing police cars. This is anepic bank robbery scene case you have to complete all clashmissions to be on top in this survival game! SpecialFeaturesAmazing 3D City & Bank EnvironmentDifferent CombatingToolsSmooth and intuitive controlsStunning & High Quality 3DGraphicsAssault Rifle shooting and baton fighting Thrilling andchallenging Car Driving MissionsEasy and fun to playInterestingGame Play
Real City Truck Simulator 1.3 APK
Get ready for the realistic and exciting driving & parkingexperience. Drive real city transporter truck to explore cityenvironment and test your extreme driving skills. Operate realtruck to transport cargo. Xtreme drive of mega transporter trucksand transport cargo to the destination. Show your skills as theextreme pro trucker to drive heavy duty transport truck carryingcargo like drums, vehicles & animals. Be careful on dangeroustwists and turns and deliver cargo safely. Be on time to satisfyyour clients because being late will result in the failure of yourbatch. Your driving experience begins with heavy duty transporter.You have to show your perfect driving skills to manage as Americantruck driver. You have a cargo American truck and multiple cars todrive. Save people from vicious beasts rampage in free slots oftime. Real City Truck Simulator gives an addictive game playexperience and realistic city environment to drive the grandmonster truck driver. It gives you smooth driving and handlingcontrols which will make you play this game for hours. We don’tpromote hunting animals that’s why we offer you to make themunconscious and transport animals back to jungle form metro area.You have to complete your driving challenges and be the best cargorough truck driver. Drive truck and transport car inside the city.Drive cars like a extreme driver. Learn to park them properly overthe heavy transporter truck trails. Paths are difficult to drive onbut you can handle this job with your perfect driving skills.Attach the trailer with your monster truck racing and drive throughcity roads. Navigate properly through the transportation process.Learn the real skill of parking and driving cars. Your superamerican truck canyon might be carrying dangerous cargo so drivecarefully. Your duty begins with driving cars through the citytraffic and loading vehicles inside the big transport truck. Oncethe cars are driven inside the cargo truck then you have to driveyour rough truck and drop them on their destination. Simulation anddriving all here with multi storey car transporter truck. Driveyour monster truck carefully and try not to damage cargo. Have youever tried to drive huge transport cargo truck with trailer? Try itnow by playing Real City Truck Simulator Game! Special FeaturesRealExperience of Driving TruckMore than 10 Exciting Missions SmoothSteering, Brakes, Drifting & LiftingAmazing 3D Graphics &City EnvironmentTransporting Wooden Boxes, Cars and AnimalsThrillof Extreme Driving on City Roads