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"you love the basketball like everybody in the world .everyoneknownabout it's legends players who made us love it from thebottom ofour heart. You like to watch the basket ball games .Theprofessionalplayers expose they drills and skills in the court,and thepassionate ones loves to play it in the street.Today wehave madethis free app to evolve your knowledge of this popularsport.Learnmore about it through this free application . TheBasketball isplayed by two teams of five players each. The playerstry to scoreby shooting a ball through a hoop . This tutorialcovers the verybasics of how to play basketball. This app is meantfor anyone whowants to play basketball. It is a basic guide tohelp a beginnerunderstand the game ."

AANVULLENDE INFORMATIE basketball:drills,moves,techniques

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"You want to be the ultimate fighter,learn the best submissionmoves ever.This free app it's what you are looking for. Mixedmartial arts or MMA, (and formerly free or free-fight), is not justabout submissions ,kicking and punching ,it's a complete combatsport that utilizes a variety of different martial arts techniques(i.e. moves from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,Wrestling moves, Boxing, MuayThai, Karate,bjj etc.). Both fighters can use many moves andaccording to the federations rules, percussion techniques such askicks, punches, knees and elbows are allowed, as well as techniquesof clinch, locks,submissions, holds,projection and grappling inorder to control or defeat the opponent. mmafighting includevarious types of fights in which a winner can be declared within afew seconds to a few minutes. In this app, we will get to know someamazing facts and interesting details of this fascinating sport.Wewill provides detail about MMA fighting, submissions holds andgrappling moves such as the Guillotine Choke, Kimura Defense andArmbar from Guard. to help you improve your skills in self defenseand become an ultimate fighter. All of MMA submission techniques,and training in this free app are will explained in aninstructional videos to help you learn more about a specificsubmission move or counter/escape. The most of these grappling andsubmission techniques in MMA fighting are dangerous and it shouldbe only practiced under the supervision of a trained martial artsinstructor. This app is for passionate who wants to learn andparticipate in Mixed Martial Arts. It is a basic guide to help abeginner understand this sport."
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu:lessons,training,moves 1.1 APK
"Learning Brazilian jiu jitsu requires discipline ,timecommitmentand realistic goals. Brazilian jiu-jitsu or BJJ is amartial artbased on grappling and ground fighting,, a combat sportand apersonal defense system derived from imported Judo andJujitsutechniques.focusing on the skill of controlling one’sopponentthrough techniques that force him or her to submit.Brazilian JiuJitsu one form of martial arts. It requires physicalstrength,clear mind and a lot of training to dominate your opponentin thefield. Many years of practice and hard work is requiredwithconsistency to become a black or blue belt champion in thisgame.There are a lot of variations of sweeps and locks and chokesandpins and escapes and guard passes. It’s enough to make yourheadspin! Brazilian jiu-jitsu promotes the concept that a personcandefend themselves against a heavier and stronger opponent byusingleverage and submissions moves (chokes, locks) , especiallybybringing ground combat using appropriate techniques Inthistutorial you will show you how to practice jiu-jitsu and helpyouin your daily training and wokout to learn the bestoffensive,defensive and counter techniques in bjj to dominate youropponentThis free app is meant for anyone who wants to know aboutbjj. Itis a basic guide to help a beginner understand bjj "
Badminton 1.2 APK
"Badminton is a racket sport that opposes either twoplayers(singles) or two pairs (doubles), placed in twohalf-pitchesseparated by a net. The players, called badistes, scorepoints byhitting a wheel with a racket to make it fall into theopponent'scourt. The exchange ends as soon as the steering wheeltouches theground or stays hooked in the net.The steering wheel isaprojectile with unique aerodynamic properties that give it averydifferent trajectory from the balls used in most racket sports.Inparticular, the feathers create a much larger drag, causingafaster deceleration. The wind has a lot of influence onthistrajectory, because the mass of a steering wheel is generallyfivegrams, badminton is always practiced indoors.Since 1992,badmintonhas been an Olympic sport in five disciplines: men'ssingles,women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles andmixeddoubles.This is a small tutorial that explains the basic rulesofhow to play this sport.This free application is for anyone whoisinterested in badminton and wants to learn the rules of how toplaybadminton.There are no prerequisites whatsoever. All that youneedis a passion to learn and play badminton."
Skateboarding:Tricks,Moves,tips for beginners 1.1 APK
"Skate boy Are you ready to have some fun and learn themostbeautiful skateboard tricks. Skateboard is used as a meansoftransport or to perform tricks, most often inurbanenvironments,skate spots , or in dedicated spaces:skateparks.Skate board is a sport of action that is not just aboutriding anddoing tricks, it's about being creative! This free videotutorialis meant for anyone who wants to learn the most populartricks. Itis a basic guide to help a beginner understandSkateboarding anddoing the most popular tricks such as:ollie,frontside, backside,shuvit, kickflip, heelflip, hardflip, varialkickflip, 360 flip andlots more. Skateboard is also a way to movewhile having a goodtime, hair in the wind, it is also a form ofart, a job, a way oflife. Skateboarding is constantly reinventingitself over time. sowhat are you waiting for skate boy!! go to thenearest skateparkand start your Skateboarding training to be thebest skateboarderin the world . "
Boxing lessons:training and techniques 1.1 APK
" Learning Boxing requires discipline ,time commitment andrealisticgoals. In this tutorial you will show you how to practiceboxing andhelp you in your daily training and wokout to teachyourself theessentials foot work ,stances and strikes like jab,hook,uppercutand cross . It is a basic guide to help a beginnerunderstand it andbelow some of it features techniques. - Punches -Basic Combinations- Bag Drills - Beginner Mitt Drills - Defense -Beginner Footwork -Shadow boxing drills Boxing is a fighting sportpracticed since theeighteenth century to one against one, who usespercussion strikeswith padded glove and it generally refers toit.In this tutorial youwill learn the fundamentals of boxing.Practicing boxing exercisesat home or throwing some punches atsandbag in the gym will lead tonoticeable improvements in skillover time. in this app you willknow some important info about thisfighting sport,such as ithistory, moves and strategies, gear,etc..The information here ismeant to supplement your knowledge on thesport. "
American football:usa rugby tutorial 1.5 APK
American Football world wild known as the Rugby Football isplayedthroughout the world, it is still mostly seen as"America'ssport".this sport it's an union of Rugby and soccer, andit'splayed in between two teams.In each team there is 11 players.sofootball enthusiasts worldwide will most likely have to traveltothe USA to see their idols play live, this free application hereismeant to supplement your knowledge on the sport.You will findinthis application a brief overview of the basics ofAmericanfootball. This tutorial is meant for those who want to geta basicoverview on American Foot ball or rugby. It is preparedkeeping inmind that the reader is unaware about the basics of thesport. Itis a basic guide to help a beginner understand the sportand how toplay it. Before proceeding with this tutorial, you arerequired tohave a passion for the sport and an eagerness to acquireknowledgeon the same.
Shotokan Karate:lessons,Training,Moves 1.0 APK
"Learning karate at home or in dojo requires discipline,timecommitment and realistic goals. This free app will show youhow topractice karate and help in your daily training to teachyourselfthe essentials stances,katas and kumite . Practicing athome or indojo will lead to noticeable improvements in skill overtime. Theinformation below will help to understand the basic ofthis martialart : Karate is based on percussion techniques usingall thenatural parts of the body (fingers, open and closedhands,forearms, feet, shins, elbows, knees, head, shoulders ...) toblockthe enemy attacks and / or attack. The techniques includeparries,dodges, sweeps, projections and locks. To acquire masteryof thesetechniques in combat, teaching includes three complementaryfieldsof study: kihon , kata And kumite . The kihon consists ofrepeatingindividually and most of the group time techniques,positions anddisplacements. Practiced with a partner in a codifiedway, it iscalled kihon-kumite. The kata (which means ""form"") is acodifiedand structured sequence of techniques aimed at theformation of thebody, the acquisition of automatisms but also thetransmission ofsecret techniques. The kata goes beyond the purelytechnical aspectby allowing the practitioner, by particularlynumerous repetitions,to tend towards the perfection of the gestureand in particular toexperience the spirit. Kumite Is theconventional combat of karate.Kanji kumi Means ""group"" and kanjite Refers to the hand, whichimplies working in pairs rather than inisolation. Is practiced bytwo partners. Attacks and blockages canbe defined or free. Freecombat is called ju kumite. If we comparethis practice to alanguage, then the kihon are the basicvocabulary, the kata areready-made sentences and the""applications"" are put into practicein everyday language. . "
Soccer:Drills,Skills,Techniques 1.2 APK
" You want to be the best soccer player among yourfriends.Improveyour skills,drills and moves .This app will be yourguide to ballmastery to shine like the popular football stars inthe field.Through this tutorial you will learn how to incorporatethe mostpopular moves,skills and drills into your daily trainingandpracticing them will help you to to become a skillful dribbleronthe field. Soccer coaching drills and skills are will explainedinan instructional videos to help you mastering them step by steptobecome an exceptional skillful dribbler on the field. Footballorsoccer is the most popular ball sport in the world.footballrequires a lot of stamina and staying power on the groundas it isall about foot speed,skills,drills and the confidence toskillfullymaneuver the ball to score a goal. This app explains thesimple yetfundamental rules . One of the best things for a soccerfan towitness is a player moving past opponents like theyneverexisted.they spirit around their opponents, who are onlyleftchasing the wind from their trail. Dribbling is an art formthatnot many are artists of. The ability to make the ball feel andlooklike a part of you is something that only a very few players intheworld possess.The best football players in the world are oftenthebest dribblers. Better dribbling skills allow them to executemorecreative plays.Every fan has an opinion about the world'sbestsoccer players, "