1.5 / May 15, 2019
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Bike Stunts 2019 brings to you the best of stunting and racingworlds. Here is your chance to step up and prove that you are themost intense and competitive biker! Complete various challengingmissions to earn game coins and buy new bikes with those coins!Cross the finish line safely without falling off the track tocomplete each level. Let’s find out what you have, use yourmotorcycle driving tricks and ?Finish all the challenging task.Press the race button to accelerate, press brakes to avoidcolliding, left and right arrows are placed to control leaning aswell. With every bikes upgrade the control and grip of the vehiclegets better. Finish all the levels with three stars, and make yourchance to qualify for next levels. Some tracks require high speedsand some careful movements so choose carefully before you beginevery race. Realistic and eye-catching graphics to will provide youwith the best motorcycle game experience. Explore the immersivethemes and study the racetrack to make it within the least time forthe highest rewards. Bike Stunts 2019 Game Features : -Intelligently designed tracks - Authentic 3D physics and feel goodgraphics - Well optimized motorbike controls - Smooth stunts andrealistic bike handling


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    Bike Stunts 2019
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    May 15, 2019
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Timuz Games
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    Hitech City, Hyderabad, Telangana. India
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Download to PLAY your new game "BIKE RACING 3D" in “Racing”category on Google play now!Get onto a new challenge of bike race.Enjoy a new bike drag racing game with exciting levels and amazingHD graphics with smooth physics control. If you are crazy aboutracing game and crazy about bikes, then try this game to enjoy. Buy& upgrade new sports bikes to boost your power. Shift your gearand race in different locations & cities. GAME FEATURES:-*100%FREE game play. (Pay to remove ads)*Upgrade to boost your speed insports bikes. *NEW Realistic bike physics controls. *Amazing HDgraphics & 3D environments.*Real 3D environments, with multiplecamera views. *Explore different locations & new cities.*GooglePlay Game Services integrated for leader boards andachievements.*UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends onleader board.*Share on Facebook and Google Plus.How to Play:-Tapyour phone/tablet on your right side to race, brake and control thespeed.Tilt or move steering to control the bike.Check out our freegames previews, game trailers, videos and more free apps in thefuture.Game Videos and Trailers:- SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW UPDATES &NEW LEVELShttp://www.youtube.com/user/gamesgeni?feature=watchLikeus on Facebook:- SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW UPDATES & NEWLEVELShttps://www.facebook.com/timuzsolutionsThis game is suitablefor all kind of genres from kids, girls and boys of allages.Install and Play your new game in "Racing" game category –Bike Racing 3D for free on Android now!This game is COMPATIBLE withall mobile devices of android phones & tablets like nexus,samsung, lg, nokia, motorola, panasonic, HTC, Sony etc above 2.2and up.If you have any problem in installation, please report to usinstead of giving negative comments. We will try to fix it as soonas possible. To get new updates of Timuz games, Please subscribe uson facebook, Youtube and Twitter!
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3D BALL FREE BALL GAMES combines the elements of arcade and puzzle.Its time to check out your skills in this addictive arcade games.You need to maintain the speed and movement. It requires high levelof balancing. It is not so easy, where the balls are the onlycharacter because the way runs over the clouds across narrow roadsand air tunnels. The 3D effect scene enables you to experience theimaginary traps and barriers. In some levels you roll a ballsthrough a maze and collect gold coins. You will face so manyobstacles like controlling the balls and escape from falling. Theball must not roll down and stay away from the edges or you mayfall! Collect as many coins as you can to unlock new characters.Now, let's control the balls and conquer the world by upcomingvarious challenges. Realistic 3D animations with lively soundeffects. It’s totally free, Play this "3D Ball Free Ball Games"through different insane levels, challenging games mode and muchmore. Get ready to roll.Game Feature:1.One-tap gameplay with simpleintuitive controls.2. Stunning 3D effects.3. Beautifully detailedgraphics.4. Exciting and Fun levels.
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* * * Thank you to all our 10,000,000 Users! * * * Enjoy the crazyRUN game with new fantasy theme and environments.FEEL the real HDwater surfers and amazing game play. How far is your run? Let’ssee.Download RUN RUN 3D and Play your new "FREE" game on AndroidGoogle Play! Unlock new challenges and unlock new surfers! Enjoythe adventurous run. Test your reflexes in the most daring chasewith Gran, Surfer, Chaser, Speedy, Dasher and many more detailedcharacters! Unleash the angry runner within you in this beach city.Take control of our hero, grab all the coins; dodge the obstacles,run, jump, and glide! Just do anything to keep him alive.Go alongwith your friends and beat them with our latest advancedmultiplayer feature to make your gaming experience immersive andvisually stunning. Run for Fun-Race for Place! Unlock Gran’s uniquetalents and climb the leader boards!Run till you are Number 1!GameFeatures:-Loved by more than 10,000,000 users!-Most popularmultiplayer run game on the Play Store!-Excellent HD graphics-3Dfantasy game play-Best 3D environment!-Upgrade new characters-Unlock new power ups-Exciting and Fun PLAY!-New unique watersurfers-Rock to our awesome soundtrack!-Crazy runachievements-Share your best score on leader board-Compatible withall tabs and mobile devices-Best HD game play in tablets!-It's aFREE game!How to Play:-*Swipe your fingers to move left andright.*Swipe your finger to jump.Check out our free games previews,game trailers, videos and more free apps in the future.Game VideosandTrailers:-http://www.youtube.com/user/gamesgeni?feature=watchLikeus on Face book:-https://www.facebook.com/timuzsolutionsThis gameis suitable for all kind of genres from kids, girls and boys of allages.Install and Play your new game in casual game category – “RUNRUN 3D” for free on Android now!COMPATIBLE with all mobile devicesof android above 2.2 and upIf you have any problem in installation,please report to us. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.
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Bike Racing Mania is all about bike balance, skill and control asyou guide your rider across the ramps, jumps, barrels andobstacles. 30 levels, high end graphics, realistic physics enginethat tests your abilities and control. Negotiate hundreds ofobstacles including ramps, jumbo tires, rocks, planks and more inthis exciting racing games. It is an extreme test of skills, overall kinds of obstacles, both natural and man-made. Try bike racingthrough a world of adventure and crazy characters. Go crazy withthe combinations, it’s your ride - your rules. If you like stuntgames then you will love this one to. Features: - User friendly GUIand controls fit for a stunt games. - Different amazing heavysports upgrades and offroad Bikes. - Realistic 3D graphics withdynamic lighting and amazing environments
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Download and Play your badminton game for free.Enjoy a newmultiplayer game from timuz!Play your favorite character in a newrole of Stickman Badminton.Play in different modes- Quick match andtournament with amazing background and themes.Competition is not aseasy to win. You have to be fast and greed for the glory to wintournament.Win trophies with achievements on Google Play leaderboard. Improve your skills, challenge your friends and compete withother countries to win the title.Login with your name and itdetects your country automatically, for example USA, Japan, Brazil,South Korea, etc to save records.So get ready to jump and smashyour opponent with our new game of badminton league!Features:*Twogame modes - Career mode and Tournament mode.*Neat graphics andexciting rounds to win.*A Better camera view and soundtrack.*Unlock new achievements after every level.*Addictive gameplay with simple touch controls.*Google Play Game Servicesintegrated for leader boards and achievements.*UNLOCK newachievements to challenge your friends on leader board.*Share yourscore on Facebook and Google Plus.*It's a 100% FREE game!How toPlay:Tap your phone/tablet on right side to play shot.Tap on leftto control left, right and jump.Check out our free games previews,game trailers, videos and more free apps in the future.Game VideosandTrailers:http://www.youtube.com/user/gamesgeni?feature=watchLike uson Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/timuzsolutionsThis game issuitable for all kind of genres from kids, girls and boys of allages.Install and Play our new game – “Stickman Badminton” for freeon Android now!COMPATIBLE with all mobile devices of android above2.2 and upIf you have any problem in installation, please report tous. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.Download and playyour FREE game for Android now!