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In this fun action game, you need to solve puzzle to gainmaximumnumber of bullets to counter your enemies.


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    Bullets 3D
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    September 10, 2021
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Gamers Tech 3D
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Fire Fighter Truck Real City Heroes 1.0.8 APK
Gamers Tech 3D
Hey Fire Fighter hero start serving the nation by playingaction,rescue, driving and parking games 3D. Play Fire FighterTruck RealCity Heroes to serve the city to quench the burningbuildings andvehicles! With Fire Fighter Truck Real City RescueHeroes youencounter a building in flames. The entire city is inflare yourduty is to survive the lives just like fire brigade tagteam.Citizens are captured inside buildings and this mission isfullydangerous. Are you up for this bravo challenge? Grab your hoseandslap on your combat fire fighter boots; fires don’t waitforanybody. Fire Fighter Heavy Duty Truck Real City RescueGameincludes brigade truck driving & rescue 911 missions. Youcanrace through the smooth city roads with your team in a quickcarrace. Evade traffic and keep pedestrians safe. You are therealsuperhero and lives of people in this city depend on you. Souseyour parking skills to avoid clashing with city vehiclesbecausethere is already so much hassle going on in the city. Next,embarkon several firefighting rescue missions in differentlocations.There will be shopping malls full of people, city banks,schools,office buildings, and even hospitals that needed to berescued!Real Fire Fighter Truck City rescue superhero game 2018 isaboutheavy duty driving and parking 3d game in a modern city forhelp,and then rescuing innocent people with your fire brigade’sgrandtruck that you drive using your expert fast driving skills.Being asuper firefighter get ready for the rescue mission 2018.Show yourpower of extreme bravery and drive your firefightingemergencyvehicles and save pets, stop trouble and water leaks, andcompletemany other dangerous missions, all within a gorgeousurbanspecially designed environment in city fire fighter truckrescuegame 2017! Enjoy the job of fireman who joins fire departmentandgets firefighting training session. Get the task, if you locatethesource of the fires quick enough for rescue, whether they beshops,plazas, or apartments, you’ll get a maximum reward which is agranddeal! However, as you progress through the firefightingheroesgame, levels will become more complex, challenging, andprettydangerous. There is the challenge to rescue the nations andstampout the fire from the firefighter truck. Use your whistle toawarethe city about the burning buildings and try to become abravofirefighter in one of the best 2018 firefighting trucksimulatorgame. This mission is not for the faint of heart, you needto be abravo firefighter commando. If you want to become asuperherofirefighter you need to learn the driving skills andparking a firetruck. Drive your speedy rescue truck to become areal super firehero fighter. Fireman job is terrible so be careful!Fire rescuetruck driving is not that easy. Take care of otherpeoples becauseyou have to pass through the grand city where youcould challenge alot of rush. Exercise caution at all times to beextra careful.Being a grand firefighter truck driver your duty isto survive thelives of citizens and reach at the point of fire. Youare a realfirefighter of this city. Make sure that the tank ofwater is full.In this game for every mission you have limited time.The mini Mapis guiding towards fire. Start driving heavy dutyFirefighter truckin the city today and extinguish all burningequipment in a limitedtime. Fire Fighter Truck Grand City RescueSimulation is a realgame play with a variety stunts for the rescueand loads ofmissions. This game is above most addictive game withbig rescuefire truck in ambulance in Fire Fighter Truck Real CityHeroes. Youare an ultimate fireman to go on firefighter truck roadtrip withyour favorite fire fighter parking truck simulator. Goodwishes toplay this amazing firefighting 3D game. Key Features 1-Amazingfire fighter trucks 2- Grand city to rescue 3- Challengingmissions4- Easy fire fighter truck controls 5- Amazing soundeffects &3D Environment
Western Cowboy Gun Shooting Fighter Open World 1.0.6 APK
Gamers Tech 3D
Become a cowboy in the western area to win the mafia war! The greatwestern old world shows the picture of a battlefield. Mafia gangsand gangsters started the mafia war in the west world. They areinvading the great western with their red dead plans and send theirteam in the dishonored western side. The cowboy is needed in thiswestern area because he can exhibit his shooting skills as a mafiafirst hunter and gunfighter to defeat the mafia gangs in thisaction adventure game. Play as a cowboy who can ride horse as well.There is huge responsibility on you to rescue the Westland ashigher authorities have assigned you this duty to participate inthis war. You might have played FPS shooting and commando missiongames but this new shooting game will give you something else thatyou really want to play. Explore various modern weapons in thisfrontier mission Start this cowboy adventure on your horse toexplore the world of gunfighters. There are lot of missions andchallenges of bounty hunting. Become a mafia first hunter todemolish the wrath of killers and gangsters in this great westernworld. These kind of cowboy games demand lot of skills just likegunfighter, real horse rider, commando and travel from town totown. Explore various elite weapons in these cowboy missions. Youare highly trained cowboy of the Great western world to explore thetowns of west to defeat the gangsters in one go. Go in the townwith your racing horse and leave your wrath as a great cowboy inthe history of great western in these kind of western games. Playthrilling adventures as a cowboy and gunfighter Rescue the greatwestern from the wrath of enemy gangs and terrorists. Win theunique fighting missions as a frontier to be the killer of the evilentities. Western Cowboy Gun Shooting Fighter Open World providesyou thrilling battlefield of great western challenges. The life ofcowboy is not easy as they have to compete with the modern fightersthat are equipped with guns and weapons to defeat you in this mafiawar, but you have to be alert and calm in these kinds of cowboygames. These things will measure your patience and passion forbounty hunting adventures being a cowboy of the great westernworld. Stunning 3D graphics and audio effects will boost yourstamina to win the mafia war. The adventures are lined up insequence and in the form of checkpoints, on each checkpoint you areassigned to a mission, you can enter buildings, jungles, houses torescue the innocent lives from the crazy terrorists. Earn therewards on mission completion, find the hidden places to play nextmissions follow the map carefully, ride your horse, win the crazyhorse race. You as a cowboy can buy some clothes from store such ashat, pants, jackets etc. You can buy the Shotguns, Knives and otherweapons to win. The horse will be your virtual partner if you wantto reach at some point in minimum time. The west world want peace,you can bring their peace back with your cowboy shooting skills andefforts. Western Cowboy Gun Shooting Fighter Open World offers thegreat western platform that is battlefield this time. And as acowboy or a commando you can rescue everything from the assassins!Key features Explore the great western world Rescue the west worldfrom gangsters Multiple missions to play with modern weapons Playas a horse rider and cowboy of the western world
Gorilla Robot Transformation : Gorilla Attack 2018 1.0.0 APK
Gamers Tech 3D
Let’s transform into a wild gorilla to attack monsters in bigcity!The great US city is under attack, evil robots and monstersaretrying to invade the place by applying their evil strategies.Thereis lot of crashing, attacking and destruction Ito spread thecrime,they want to attack and occupy the battlefield earth asrobotwarriors. Transform into a modern robotic gorilla to smash alltheenemies in town. You have to rescue the city from evil hands,sobouncing attack, be a rat smasher and evil destroyer to wipeoutthe fighting robots. Use your real robot transforming powersinto agorilla for the welfare of the big modern city. Be the caretakerof this battlefield earth to prove yourself as a superheroroboticgorilla of the year 2018! Transform into wild gorilla andangryrobot to win this futuristic battle, you have got allsuperherofighting powers to vanish the evil robot warriors inthisadventure. Be a gorilla hunter for the rat smasher andmechwarriors, hunt them and give them a lesson to prove yourKongpowers. Evil robots are attacking the innocent lives, usingmodernweapons and machines to spread terror in the city, they wanttoruin the place and convert that into a warriors battlefield.Attackand occupy with full force to show your wrath in thisfuturisticbattle. Become an evil destroyer in this robottransformation 3Dgame of 2018. US police cops has placed your dutyto crash andsmash the enemies evil robots in this modern city, be areal crazyhero in this futuristic battle. Gorilla RobotTransformation :Gorilla Attack 2018 is all about thrilling actionsand adventuresfor fighting in this transforming robot games of2018. If you areaddicted to robot transformation games.choice foryou, you mighthave played real robot fighting and shooting gamesbut this GorillaRobot Transformation : Gorilla Attack 2018 willprovide you mostthrilling experience to wipe out the evildestroyer. Attack andoccupy on all the enemies by showing yourtransforming powers as agorilla hunter to save the city from badhands. You will exploremaximum robotic futuristic powers in thiscrime city for theultimate success. This 3D simulator will let youexperience finestcontrols of bouncing attack, rat smasher attack,kicking andfighting attacks to win on this battlefield earth. Shotevil robotswith war machines, gorilla games are real thrillingtransformingrobot games having crashing and smashing combatmissions to play,Become an evil destroyer angry gorilla to defeatenemies with realforce strike because you have all the roboticpowers that are vitalfor transforming robot games. Try to kill evilrobots by using yourfuturistic powers to be the robot warrior wildgorilla in thisfuturistic battle. Transforming into real wildgorilla in thiswarriors battlefield having mech warriorscapabilities making thisGorilla Robot Transformation : GorillaAttack 2018 3D game the mostthrilling adventure for you to play.Enjoy transformation intorobots with the mixture of attack andoccupy powers is consideredto be the best gorilla Kong gameplay of2018. This is thefuturistic battle of robots that has to be win atany cost for thewell being of the citizens. Get ready for theincredible gameplaywith stunning 3D graphics and best cityenvironment. Show yourwrath in this monster gameplay to win thehearts of people. Evilrobots are burning the buildings, houses andworkplaces to ruin thecity, you have to be a sharp gorilla hunterto be there on time andgive them a real lesson so that they won’teven plan to destroy theliving places of innocent people. Downloadto play real robottransformation fighting game with responsivecontrols! *Keyfeatures* Real controls to fight in warriorsbattlefieldTransformation into robotic gorilla Wipe out the evilrobots tosecure the city Rescue the city from the wrath of badpowersThrilling and challenging missions to play Stunning 3Dgraphics andamazing city environment
Gangster Plan: Crime Open world Sim 1.0.1 APK
Gamers Tech 3D
Are you ready to the rescue the innocent people from horriblelifeof fear among blood, shots, bandits and killers? WithGangsterCrime Plan Simulator it's time to show everyone who’s bossby yourincredible shooting you can destroy your rivals and rulingthestreets. Get on bike or car on these grand city roads ofredemptioncity. You are not a random peaceful policeman. You are atruegangster, who doesn’t need peace for glory - you have a greedforrevenge from those who have let you down. You have a bigselectionof weapons and must to kill as much as possible banditswith guns,knives and other deadly weapons. Choose your favorite oneand startthis grand shooting mania. You as an expert gangsterplayer aregiven a full sized modern city where you can go nuts withall thepower and weapons in your hands, but don’t go on thecuriousrampage because then the cops will be upon you, don’t letthem winthis fight of war, terror and shooting. The action in thiscrimesimulator 3D game adventurously revolves around shootingandkilling your enemies. Criminals have taken over the city ofpeace,to stop all this you have to be one of them as well. To stopthesecriminals you have to complete a lot of life threateningmissionsand you need to learn how to fight with hands how to be arealgangster and snatch the cars, run like macho mafia man.GangsterCrime Plan Simulator is an action packed tremendousshooting andfighting gangster game with lots of missions. When youare drivingaround in gangster grand city you can look on theminimap formissions or you can use the quick buttons to start rightaway adeadly mission, kill as many people on your way as you want.Spreadthe crime and download the game for free. As a world bestandnotorious criminal you can hit the other cars and fight withotherpeoples without any reason in the city and complete yourmissions,start shooting and killing for money. You can shoot, killpeople,rob banks and blast bombs. There is a criminal’s chaos inthegangster city. You are not an innocent citizen or anypoliceman.You are a dreadful gangster, who kills for money andsatisfaction.Key Features : 1. Classic city environment 2. Stealand drive anycar you wish 3. Huge 3D realistic world to explore 4.The realgangster theft action game 5. Unique mixer of a shooter,punch game6. Shoot and kill people to earn money 7. Easy and smoothcontrols8. Fun and Free to play
Modern Police Chasing Monster Truck : Cop Escape 1.0.1 APK
Gamers Tech 3D
You are in war with cop drivers! Police cars are chasingthecriminals, gangsters and bad crime mafia in the NYC city. Theyarehighly talented and well trained to down the heavy criminalswhoare destroying the concord of the NYC city. It’spoliceresponsibility to bring peace again in the city and get ridof allthe crime and Thief mafia that are trying to invade thecity.Monsters are running here and there on their monster trucktofulfill the mission, they are highly equipped with weaponsandmodern cruiser. These crazy gangsters and monsters areescapingfrom the modern cop drivers. They are involved in highlycriminalsecret activities in the city. If you like chasing cargames andhave passion to escape in the NYC city with the gangstersquad thenthis one 3D simulator game of 2018 is the excellentchoice for youto amuse your spare time. Kill your time by being awild driver ofthe year 2018. This is one of the best 3D chase gameof 2018 andthe adventure of escape. Be a reckless monster car truckand defeatthe cop drivers in this criminal mission. Police ishighly equippedwith the cop force, latest cars and vehicles,adventure racingcapabilities, crazy shooting skills, ultimatesmashing skills, theyare the real heroes it’s their duty tomaintain the peace in theNYC city. As we know that police chase thebad gangs, crime mafiaand crazy monsters. They don’t even botherabout their preciouslives and perform their duty with the fullexcitement and crazypassion. They are riding in the crazy cop squadand roaming allaround the city to chase you. You are the realfighter, Be a crazystunt gangster crime driver to enjoy thisadventure to its fullest.Ride on the challenging Offroads to hidefrom police, jump on thecrazy hurdles to save yourself from theultimate death in this 3Dsimulator of 2018. The amazing adventureis in your waiting list.The real crazy chase racing will blow yourmind with peace. You arethe real crime mafia squad for that thepolice are chasing to bust.Your vehicle is a real 3D hero that willride on the hurdles, jumpon the slopes to reach at the safe zones.This 3D chase game isfull of joy and energy. This 3D crazy stuntgame will boost yourstamina to drive on the roads with full passionand hide away fromthe real police. You will become the adventurouscrazy race whileplaying this 3D chase simulator. This game withmodern driving andadventure racing features and the new concept ofpolice chasingafter the monster truck type car will fascinate youand increaseyour crime urge to play more missions. This 3D chaseadventure gameon the super real reckless vehicle will transform youinto anamazing crazy realistic racing car driver. Police cops arerunningwith the full speed and trying to hunt you as soon aspossible. Youare in the grand city like a war zone as a gangstersquad, you haveto save yourself from the cop cars and police. This3D crime stuntgame is basically just like the games of murders andenemies. Inthose games the enemies are the real soldiers or humans,but inthis 3D crime escape simulator your enemies are real cop carswhoare chasing you all around the city. If you get busted bythepolice then you would be in prison for years, just for the sakeofyour all criminal activities in the NYC city. Police isequippedwith crazy shooters, real weapons, muscles, recklessracing,crashing, vehicle drifting etc. NYC city shows the pictureof 3Dsimulator where these criminal activities are happening sincemanydays. Police is high alert in all the areas of this crazyrealadventure city. Show your drifting driver skills otherwisetheywill chase you in the given time and you will get bust inthisgrand city. Download and get the crazy ride in monster cartruck!*Key features* • Amazing thrilling environment with stunning3Dgraphics • Crime simulation place; police cops cars chasingaftermonster car • Great stunts of racing, speeding, crashing •
Perfect Bike Rush 1.0 APK
Gamers Tech 3D
Make a perfect bike by collecting parts of your choice and Ridethebig wheels! Ride your bike to collect more wheels and grow asbigas you can! Beware of the obstacles in your way! Can you becomethebiggest and more powerful?
City Snow Excavator Simulator Machine 1.0.2 APK
Gamers Tech 3D
City Snow Excavator Simulator Machine" is an extremedrivingsimulator of heavy snow excavator. City Snow ExcavatorSimulatorMachine game is new snow rescue mission game which offersyou avariety of road builder and snow excavator trucks each withtheirown mission and tasks. it is a very complicated mission, be aheroand rescue city from winter snowfall by operating yourheavymachinery but must be careful not to run out of fuel. As anexpert,you have to drive snow excavator through narrow streets torescuecity form winter snowfall and snow blizzard. Winter season isnowon its peak, snowstorms and snow glacier sliding has causedroadblockage in this City Snow Excavator Simulator Machine game.Yourgoal as a snow excavator operator is to complete snowrescuemission to save your city from this heavy snowstorms andsnowglacier sliding because you are expert of using heavyexcavatorsnow machinery. Use snow excavator machine to clear theroads.Drill the ice, excavator road blockage and dump the ice usingthetow truck. After heavy snowstorms and snow sliding, the peopleofthe city calling you to rescue them from this disaster, cleartheroads, rescue them, you must immediately reach their withoperationvehicles to clear the roads with your best experience todriveheavy bulldozers, crane, excavator, and other machinery. Sitbehindsteering wheels and take control of all these operations toclearthe city from snowstorms and snow sliding. Be quick whileusingthese heavy machines, rescue city, save the people andproveyourself a hero. ***Key Features*** 1. Smooth Controls 2.HeavyOperation vehicles 3. Different Rescue Operations 4. RealisticSnowWeather and Animations 5. High-Quality 3D Graphics 6.Multiplecamera views 7. Story based Game-play 8. Universal &free gamefor you
Rugby Master 3D 0.1 APK
Gamers Tech 3D
Are you ready to make an unbelievable Rugby touchdown? Rushthrougha lot of enemies, team mates and various obstacles. Try toget asbigger as possible get to the finish line! Slide over thescreen tomove your character. Rugby Master 3D is the exciting freegameyou'll want to tell your friends about. Features: - A lotofinteresting levels - Smooth and satisfying merging physics -Greatgraphics