1.0.1 / October 8, 2014
(3.6/5) (187)


Explanation“The world’s best parking game!!!”Up to 6million peopleenjoys our Real Parking 3D! And now it’s time to try in bus!1.Experience the natural handling.2. Leveling system is added!Improve your driving skills and challenge for the world’s bestdriver!3. Your eye will be blinded by the 20 various stages!Busreal parking 3D!!The most realistic parking game you will evermeet.You will be also prepared for the real parking skills too!Now,drive around the city by bus and challenge through the difficultparking game rounds.You can also try simulations to park moreaccurately and safely.Change your own record by parking faster!Raise your rank by earning more trophies!(Eagerly look forward toour up-coming stages too!)Tip- Change your view point by draggingmiddle of the screen- Your handle will be automatically lead backwhen it’s released.Contact ms@clius.co.kr


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    Bus Real Parking 3D
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    October 8, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    06053, 서울시 강남구 학동로 223-6 조인빌딩 1층
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Car Racing Game that race in the sky for the first time!Forgetabout the racing on the ground~If there's RealParking3D game on theground, there's RealParking3D Mini in the sky!!Feel the thrill ofrollercoaster!! Feel the rush of speed in the sky!!Various stagesthat everyone can enjoy the game on the level you like.CrazyAddiction!!Whoever had hard time parking, Come on~Whoever likes thespeed, Come on~Whoever wanna feel the rush of thrill, Comeon~Whoever wanna go for a solo ride, Come on~Whoever wanna freeride above the city, Come on~Too easy and Too much fun direct UI inyour hand!The Best Unity3D engine for the mobile 3D Real RacingGame!!Realistic Graphic.*** Be aware of New Updates ***
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기아자동차 국내영업 안전보건 수첩입니다.국내영업 안전보건 수첩 내용1. 산안관련 법을 통해 안전보건 및 재해보상 법안내2. 재해자 산재처리 관련 안내3. 건강검진 및 단체 상해보험 안내4. 심리상담제도를 통해 고민해결 방법 안내5.근로자의 건강과 안정을 위한 정보 안내6. 노사 조직 안내7. 노사 조직 및 복지제도 안내본 프로그램은 등록된 기아자동차직원들만이 데이터를 다운로드하여 정상적으로 사용할 수 있습니다.----개발자 연락처 :서울시 강남구 학동로 223-6조인빌딩 1층전화 02.6925.0618Domestic sales of Kia Motors Safety andHealth Handbook.Domestic sales information, health and safetyhandbook1 San Antonio law and workers' compensation law and healthand safety information through2 treatment-related informationscattered jaehaeja3 health screenings and group accident insuranceinformation4 problem solved through counseling system MethodsMayfor workers' health and stability guidance information6 LaborOrganization Information7 Labor Organization and the welfare systemguideKia Motors staff of this program Only the registered data canbe used to download and properly.