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Fishing(Ace Games) Joy 1.5.24
Be fashionable in China in 2015, one hundredmillion loyal players, and has been awarded as the most popularmobile game many times by the chinese media!** Bullets bounce and never fall, abnormal version; the rewardcould up to 10,000 times, super exciting!** Original arcade version, brand-new checkpoints! Just enjoy the100 different scenes!** 10,000 times cannon, Dasanyuan,Xiaosixi,Corsair,LightningChain,storm machine winnings. You can enjoy the arcade fishing gamesuper cool and super exciting in anytime and anywhere!【Game Features】"Bullet bounce": bullets can bounce back and does not fall, neverwaste coins!"Cool skilledness" 'Lock', 'Fury', 'Speedy','10000 times' and'Puase' to help you sweep BOSS!"qianpao arcade" Original fishing arcade game, bullets unlimitedrebound, higher artillery level and more reward!"Hundred Versions" 'Toad Fishing', 'Monkey king',' Li Kui fishing','Aking', 100 versions, having everything you want ,and massivereward when clearance the checkpoints!"painted eggshell" Dasanyuan,Xiaosixi,Corsair,LightningChain,Tai-sai game when kills BOSS ..., uncapped awards sendsnon-stop: there are mysterious scenes and unlimited gifts.【Game Description】★ The hottest arcade game in China. Rich game contente with avariety of funny elements. There is not only touching orientalmermaid and beautiful underwater world. Besides, you can also enjoythe exciting of the arcade.Added Slot machines elements. The Roulette and a number of funnymini-games which will make you fondle admiringly!★ When you feel bored and you do not in party or without friendsaround. You only have to download our game, and it will get rid ofloneliness and bring you happiness!★ If you chase lively, stimulate and pleasure from Gambling, evenfrequently go to casinos. You also only have to download our game,although we dont have Dice and Poker,we can provide the excitingexperience of Casino through special features such as Roulette.Youcan enjoy the feeling of Casino without going out.However, you haveto be lucky enough.★ Although,you were always bad luck. For example, you never getrewards in Lottery and you never win a prize in Lotteries. The onlything you need is to accumulate slowly in our fishing,and you haveto believe that the final Monopoly must be you!!!★ So,dont watting, invite your friends and play together!
Fishing Saga - Crazy Slot Joy 1.5.29
Fashionable throughout China in 2016 with 300mloyal players and recognized as the most popular mobile game.**Amazing fishing that no shell misses a target; reward by 10Ktimes, so exhilarating.**Transplanted from original arcade game with brandnew stages!Selection of over 100 available!**Up to 10,000 shells, three great scholars, four small blessings,pirate ships, lightening strikes, and brilliant gold lets you enjoythe cool and thrilling fishing arcade![Game features]Shell rebounds to make each hit a target without wasting anygold.Cool skills of locking, enraging, high speed, and a thousand shellsfor you to finish off bosses.A thousand shells can rebound shells without any limits and withdouble refilling rewards.Selection of 100 including Toad's Trick, Li Kun's Fish Killing,Money King's Sea Attack, Snake's 100m Years, rewards of tons ofgold for stages!Egg play with three great scholars, four small blessings, pirateships, lightening strikes, and brilliant gold after finishing off aboss. Unlimited rewards: collected in mysterious fishingscenes.[Advantages]★ The hottest arcade fishing game with loads of contents andelements. During the process, you can also enjoy the beautifulunderwater and coolness of arcade hall. Elements of one-armedbandits and slot machines are also included, as well as the luckywheel a★ Cool skills have been invented, including locking, enraging, highspeed, and a thousand shells for you to fish easily. You canmanipulate all no matter if you're a hard core player or newbie.One more thing you need is luck. Just do what you like.★ If you always feel lonely, find it hard to make friends, orbored, you can download this fishing game. Download it for a bit offun during a long commute.★ If you like something lively, exhilarating, and the fun ofgambling or you visit casino frequently, you'll love to downloadthis game. It may not be as thrilling as Texas hold'em poker, butour lucky wheel has a different kind of fun. You might be the luckywinner!★ Join us in the shark fight. Let's dominate the underwater worldand create some time for fishing.★ Tons of gold and mysterious gifts for you!★ Invite your friends to this legendary fishing game.
捕魚無雙傳奇千炮版(街機電玩達人)繁體中文版 1.5.27
◆◆ 街機廳動漫城最火爆刺激千炮捕魚遊戲!◆◆◆◆ 每日金幣送不停,更多好禮等您挖掘! ◆◆【遊戲特色】▼ 百分百真人聯機在線打魚,告別假聯網,帥哥美女上傳靚照約起來~~▼ 前所未有的全新3D制作BOSS,千炮狂賺~~▼ 每月都將增加新玩法~帶妳爽歪帶妳海~~▼ 全面移植街機千炮捕魚玩法及畫面,帶妳找回賺分的感覺~~▼ 大三元,大四喜,壹網打盡,定屏炸彈,全屏炸彈,海豚,金龍等等等等,各種玩法應有盡有~▼ 《子彈反彈》彈無虛發:子彈射出後可以反彈,子彈不落空,不會浪費金幣。▼《酷炫技能》鎖定、狂暴、極速、萬炮、定屏,變態技能助妳橫掃BOSS!▼《千炮街機》純正的街機千炮玩法,子彈無限反彈,加炮獎勵翻倍!▼《百種版本》金蟾捕魚,大聖鬧海,李逵劈魚,蛇行億年,100個版本,應有盡有,通關還送大量金幣!【遊戲優勢】★大陸最火的街機捕魚遊戲,遊戲內容豐富,有著多種元素。在開心捕魚的同時,帶妳暢遊美麗的海底世界;還可以體驗街機廳的快感,加入許多老虎機以及拉霸機的元素,遊戲裡面的幸運輪盤以及壹些趣味小遊戲,定會讓妳愛不釋手,街機捕魚達人掌中必備!★遊戲創新各種神技,鎖定、狂暴、極速、萬炮、定屏等技能助妳在深海捕魚中更加簡單粗暴,無論妳是電玩城高手還是新手小白,在遊戲中學會運用各種技能,再加上壹點點幸運捕魚就是這麼簡單,就是這麼任性!★如果妳總是孤單壹個人,交友困難戶,時常感到無聊,妳可以下載我們的捕魚遊戲;如果妳在漫長的公交、地鐵途中,妳可以下載我們的捕魚遊戲,隨時隨地給妳帶來捕魚樂趣,幫妳趕走無聊,讓妳不再孤單!★如果妳喜歡熱鬧,喜歡刺激,喜歡賭博帶來的快感,甚至會時常出入賭場。妳可以下載我們的遊戲,雖然我們的遊戲並不能像德州撲克這類帶給妳刺激,但我們遊戲裡面的輪盤遊戲等特殊環節能帶給妳不壹樣的樂趣,嘻嘻哈哈賭聖稱號就到手了。有了它,妳足不出戶,就能享受到無盡的樂趣!★ 趕快加入我們吧,加入鯊魚全民大戰的行列,讓我們在這海底世界橫掃天下,開創自己的捕魚時代,成就妳的捕魚傳奇吧!★ 海量金幣搭配神秘禮包,驚喜連連讓妳賺翻天!★ 邀請好友壹起踏上充滿傳奇色彩的捕魚之旅吧!!!【關註我們】官方微信公眾號:bywsol客服QQ:1727126893◆◆ arcade cartoon city'smost popular fishing stimulate one thousand artillery game!◆◆◆◆ send non-stop daily gold, more gifts waiting for you to dig! ◆◆[Game Features]▼ hundred percent live online online fishing, farewell fakenetworking, upload Videos of hotties about it ~~▼ unprecedented new 3D production BOSS, one thousand artilleryKuangzhuan ~~▼ month will add new gameplay - take you cool crooked take yousea ~▼ comprehensive transplant arcade one thousand fishing gun playand screen take you earn points to get back the feeling ~▼ Big Three, Luckiest Man, One net play to do, set screen bomb,full-screen bomb, dolphin, dragon, etc., etc., all kinds of gamesare played everything ~▼ "bullet bounce" eyesight: When can bounce bullets firedbullets do not fall, do not waste coins.▼ "cool skill" lock, violent, speed, Wan guns, fixed screen,metamorphosis skills help u sweep BOSS!▼ "one thousand gun arcade" pure play arcade one thousand guns,bullets unlimited rebound, plus artillery reward double!▼ "one hundred kinds of versions of" toad fish, sea Storydowntown, Li Kui split fish, hunting billion years, 100 version,everything, clearance gave a lot of gold!Games Advantages]★ continent hottest arcade fishing game, game content-rich, with avariety of elements. While fishing in the happy, take you to thebeautiful underwater world tour; you can also experience the thrillof the arcade, adding elements of many slot machines as well asslot machines, roulette game inside the Lucky One more fun andgames, will make u addictive, arcade fishing Daren hands musthave!★ Game Innovation various nirvana, lock, violent, speed, Wanguns, set screens and other skills to help u in deep-sea fishing ina more simple and crude, whether u are a master or a novice whitegaming city in the game learn to use a variety of skills, One plusis that simple bit lucky fishing is so headstrong!★ If u always alone One person, friends hardship, often bored, ucan download our fishing game; if u In the long bus, subway on theway, u can download our fishing game, anytime, anywhere to bring uto fishing fun help u get rid of boredom, let u no longeralone!★ If u like fun, like the stimulation, like the thrill ofgambling, even frequented casinos. U can download our game,although our game and Texas Hold'em give u such stimulus, but weplay inside the roulette and other special links can bring u do notlike fun One can not, like, laughing and joking Winner title onhand a. With it, u staying at home, you can enjoy endless fun!★ Come on and join us, join the ranks of World War II sharkreferendum, let us in this underwater world swept the world, tocreate their own fishing times, the achievements of the legendaryfishing u it!★ massive gold with mystical gifts, surprises It allows you tomake earthshaking!★ Invite friends from the foot on the legendary One fishing tripnow! ! !【Follow us】No public official micro letter: bywsolCustomer Service QQ: 1727126893