3 Cubes Research Limited Apps

Drive Time 1.5
Drive Time is a fully featured 3D driving game that plays directlyon your android wear smart watch. Smash though road blocks, Jumpramps, and over take your opponents while you race to the finishline. Unlock more tracks by gaining points from collecting trackdiamonds, getting air time over jumps or completing races.Drive Time can be controlled with either touch or tilt controls.You can further accelerate up or break by collecting the red andgreen track tokens. Drive Time has been designed with low memoryusage so the game can be paused and resumed quickly while checkingyour smart watch home screen without effecting your race. Even ifyou only have a few seconds to spare you can race a little here orrace a little there.Features:✔ True android wear 3D racing game✔ Physics based drivable vehicle✔ Destroyable objects✔ Tilt and button control options✔ Multiple stages✔ Vibration Support✔ Normal and reflection mapping✔ Round and square smart watch formats supported (including Moto360)✔ Quick swipe to pause and return to home screen✔ No timers, No IAP✔ All android wear smart watches supported
Indigo Lake 1.5
Reports of unusual sightings at Indigo Lake are commonplace butrecently a spate of suicides has triggered an investigation byparanormal specialists. Your good friend Dr Everett was sent to thelake to find out the truth behind the recent activity but he hasfailed to report in. It is now your task to find him and put torest any supernatural activity for good.Indigo Lake is an open world first person psychological horrorgame set around an abandoned lake resort. The player can freelymove anywhere within the environment to search for clues and dispelthe spirit forces. With such a large environment a 4X4 vehicle canbe used to manoeuvre quickly around the map. The player is equippedwith a hand gun loaded with tracer rounds that can scare away thespirits, blast through doors and trigger puzzles.Indigo Lake has been loaded with the latest 3D graphicstechniques to produce a living world. Trees, vegetation and eventhe rain moves in the harrowing wind. Advanced particle effectsfill the environment and distant lighting strikes light up everysurface. Indigo lake shows off the most impressive weather effectsever seen on a mobile device with each rain drop creating a splashwhen it strikes the terrain. Full screen blooming and chromaticaberration enhance the game visuals to a level not usually seen ona mobile platform.True physics have been applied to the vehicle dynamics with eachwheel possessing independent suspension. The complex physics alsoextend to the player model allowing you to be pushed, knocked andeven thrown around the environment.Features-Per Pixel Lighting on all surfaces even on slowerdevices.-Destroyable objects.-True projectile based hand gun.-Physics based drivable vehicle.-True particle collision physics.-Large free roaming map.-Elegantly designed first person controls.-Saving.Device Requirements-Dual core 1 ghz CPU, 1 gb ram, adreno 305 GPU orequivalent.www.toucharcade.com - 4.5/5 Stars - "A a superb first-personsurvival horror game ... Indigo Lake will leave you wantingmore".www.148apps.com - 4.5/5 Stars - "Indigo Lake is a chillingexperience which fans of the horror genre can not afford tomiss".www.appsmile.com - 4.5/5 Stars -"This game legitimately weirdedme out... We haven’t felt this uneasy about a horror gamingexperience since Dead Space".www.pocketgamer.co.uk - 4/5 Stars -"Indigo Lake surprises bybeing a genuinely scary and atmospheric adventure-puzzler".www.ifanzine.com - 4/5 Stars - "If it’s scares you’re after,look no further. 3 Cubes Research’s game is freaky in all the rightways".www.cnet.com - Game of the week- "I guarantee you'll havegoosebumps".www.sirloinapple.blogspot.co.uk - "Indigo Lake is an incrediblepiece of work and is truly a masterpiece".