Warspear Online (MMORPG, RPG, MMO)
Warspear Online – the classic 2D MMORPG withmillions of players from all over the world!Bestowed the award of “Best MMO RPG game” in 2015 by «BEST APPEVER AWARDS»!Download the game and all updates for free!Choose your side in the War of the Spear. Lead your army to battlein open PvP, stand shoulder to shoulder with your friends to defeatdevious dungeon dwellers and obtain the title of Strongest ArenaWarrior! There’s no time to wait – you must act!Create a hero- 4 races and 2 alliances: Firstborn and Chosen vs. Mountain Clansand Forsaken- Blade Dancer, Ranger, Druid, Paladin, Priest, Mage, Barbarian,Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Necromancer and Death Knight, Seeker,Warden, Charmer, Hunter- 100+ expert skills for personal builds- 100+ relics for adding effects to basic skills- Character customization: costumes, decorative items, haircuts,hair colours- 9 crafting professions for creating unique armor, weapons andaccessories- 150+ personal achievements with unique rewards, rating top-1000,sharing on Facebook- Loyal Minions to help you in battlesFight with enemies- Capturing Castles on Ayvondil- Battle zones for free PvP-battles, friendly duels- Arenas of 2х2, 3x3 and 5x5- Massive battles for territories between Alliances foughtregularly- Thousands of monsters and hundreds of dangerous bossesExplore a huge world- 8 huge islands- Dozens of Dungeons with treasures- 1,500+ original quests and hundreds of daily ones- Monthly updates: new quests, territories, dungeons, skills,achievements, decorative items, equipmentPlay with your friends- Unite in Guilds and groups- Take part in tournaments, events and Arinar holidaycelebrations- Communicate in chats, trade and exchange goods____________Four new classes have entered the War for the Spear in update7.0!LegionCharmer. He can use magical weapons, cloth armor, maces withshields and heavy gear. Can summon the Wolf of Darkness.Hunter. The first Legion class to wear bows and crossbows.SentinelsSeeker. Can become invisible. Likes two-handed weapons anddaggers.Warden. Increased ability to survive and great aggressionskills.____________Technical features- 80 Mb free space- Android 2.3.6 and more- EDGE/3GWebsite: http://warspear-online.comForum: http://forum.warspear-online.comFacebook:
Story of Warspear 1.5.1
Meet the Story of Warspear! Set in theuniverse of award winning MMORPG Warspear Online, "Story ofWarspear" is a fantasy animated comic book experience throughthousands years, when White Wanderer created a world calledArinar.Download and get more information on the background of GreatHistory, Wars between Mighty Races, Epic Battles, Artefacts andmore!ABOUT WARSPEAR ONLINEA free-to-play MMORPG, Warspear Online covers all major platformsincluding iOS, Android, Symbian, PC and Windows Mobile allowing aplayer to jump into the game instantly from virtually any moderndevice. Submerging a user into a long lasting conflict between twoalliances, the Keepers and the Legion, Warspear Online offers achoice between 4 races and 12 distinct classes to play. Multipleweapons and armours and galore of unique skills, abilities andspells help brave adventurers to defeat fearsome and powerfulmonsters or challenge players of a confronting faction to a deadlyPvP battle.