AaronXYZ Apps

Take Leave- Click to Off 1.4
Currently there are Sick Leave and Personal Leave categories,providing more than 12 scenarios. Once you have selected a targetscenario, your leave letter will be ready immediately, all you needto do is select a mailing app and send it out!Furthermore, you areable to set up your own preference on:*Recipient mailinglist,*Recipient CC list, *Template style,*Sign off phrase, andmore...Click to Off support most of the main stream mailing appsuch as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo..,etc.
Ez Screen Recorder (no ad) 2.1.4
Ez Screen Recorder help you get your screen recorded more easilythan ever before. You could record your game screen, live chat,live streaming, live broadcast, and everything you like with justone click. Most importantly, all of the functions are totally freeand with no ads.★ no Root needed★ free and with no ads★ supportandroid 6.0 ★ light weight sizeMain features:➤ Front CameraRecording Customizable front camera preview window that can beplace at anywhere, you could even enable/disable it duringrecording➤ Mic Recording Record your speech in realtime ➤ HighQuality Recording/Screenshot Record with HD quality (720P, 1080P),multiple bit rates and fps are supported➤ Customized Menu Highlycustomizable menu that you can decide it's transparency and size➤Instant Start/Stop Control your record with drop-down notificationwith just a simple click➤ Video Manager Built in video manager thatmanages all your clips, playback and edit them with no pain➤ TrimVideo Trim the videos you recorded with this app ➤ Instant SharingShare your clips instantly to other platforms like Youtube,twitter, and whatsapp