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Blogger-droid (Ad-free) 1.1.13
Simple Blogger client. You can:-create/view/edit/delete blogposts-post comments to published blog posts-upload picture(s) andvideo(s)-select size and quality of pictures uploaded-select uploadalbum at Picasa Web Albums-set publish date/time-publish asdraft-share pictures, videos, YouTube clips, links etc.* No ads* NoBlogger-droid signature* Using Flurry for basic metricsClient ( *** Follow Blogger-droid on Twitter [email protected] ***---Do you need support, have any questions or afeature request, send a mail to: [email protected] or useGTalk: [email protected]: I keep getting a CAPTCHAerror?A: The CAPTCHA handling in the app is a known bug, to get ridof the CAPTCHA requirement you need to use a browserand log in at and/or and/or (depending on which google service requiringCAPTCHA)with the same credentials that you're using inBlogger-droid app.Q: I get a 403 or 404 error when trying topublish blog posts with pictures?A 1: To be able to post pictures,you must activate your account @, allpictures uploaded from Blogger-droid will end up in the defaultalbum 'Drop box'.A 2: Your Google account may be full.A 3: Your'Drop box' album may be full. It seems like there is a limit of1000 pictures in a album.A 4: Make sure there is no unwanted spacesin your username, some keyboard software have a tendency to add aspace at the end.Q: I can't publish blog posts with pictures?A: Tobe able to post pictures, you must activate your account @
Weber BBQ Guide 1.0
Anders Hedström
Weber barbecuing guide.