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CR☆鉄道物語 1.0
零戦☆SLOT 2.0
CR☆三国志-赤壁ver 1.0
三国志☆SLOT 2.0
Mach Ninja 1.0
ArtScape CO.,Ltd
High speed & exciting NINJA action!Fly the sky of the Tokaido in easy operation![How to play]* You caught by tapping the shuriken -> Fly by tappingthescreen!* You tap the shuriken one after another, and you fly.* You defeat the enemy in the collision.* When the speed goes up, an aggressive area also spreads.* You compete with a friend. By the distance and a struck head!Japanese ninja called Shinobi.Here is the world of Shuriken and Katana.You get excited by high-speed and ultra-exciting endless run.
The pinball-style slot machine fan cannotbeoverlooked.Super-real slot game "FUJIYAMA" finally appears.Vividness of eyes and beautiful graphic that can taste enoughJapanand light sounds such as kabuki and the four seasons.
Iラブ野球☆SLOT 1.0
Golf MODELA -Golf Game Course 1.2.7
ArtScape CO.,Ltd
Free Real 3D Golf Game "Golf MODELA"Introducing "Golf MODELA", Friendly 3D Golf Game you'll everplay,and You can Craft your Golf Course, too.You can craft the Golf Course.Let's play "Everybody's Course" that all craft.Bookmark other gamers' "Everybody's Course".The tournament hold every week by "Event Course". Let's readrankingnews.(1) Play Menu-"Event Course"The tournament hold every week.You play 9 holes and compete for high score by Ranking.Order and score are placed in "Ranking Board"!Only high score is registered with the score.-"Master Course"The course that was prepared for in the Game.Golf Courses increase when improved.-"Everybody's Course"You can play your course or Everybody's Course.(2) Course MakerComplete the course by scoring PAR or better. Your course willbeplayable when you register all 9 Holes.
じゃりン子チエちゃんの花札 1.0.0
じゃりン子チエちゃんの世界を満喫できる花札ゲームアプリの登場。あの「大阪カブの会」を再現したモードや、人気キャラ達と対戦を楽しめるモードも搭載。チエちゃんの世界を満喫できる花札ゲームアプリです。★搭載モード「大阪カブの会モード」・・・タイムアタックモード  ガサ入れの前に勝ち逃げできるか!「勝ち抜きモード」・・・おなじみのキャラ達と「コイコイ」「花合わせ」「おいちょかぶ」で対戦してください。「フリープレイモード」・・・お気に入りのキャラと心行くまで花札をお楽しみください。(C)はるき悦巳・家内工業舎/双葉社(C)ArtScapeAppearance ofplayingcards game app that can enjoy the world of JarinkoChie-chan. Alsofeatures that "Osaka turnip of meeting" the mode orreproduce, modewhere you can enjoy the play against the popularcharacter who. Itis Hanafuda game app that you can enjoy the worldof Chie-chan.★ equipped mode"Osaka turnip Kai mode of" ... Time Attack modeYou can either win fled can before putting Gasa!Please to play in the "tournament mode" ... familiarcharacterwho as "Koi-Koi," "Hana alignment" "Hey Cho strain".Please enjoy playing cards to your heart's content with the"freeplay mode" ... favorite character.(C) Etsumi Haruki-cottage industry sha / Futabasha(C) ArtScape
麻雀☆SLOT 2.0
戦艦大和☆SLOT 1.0
CR☆戦艦大和 1.0