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Transit King Tycoon – City Building Game 3.3
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Welcome to Transit King Tycoon. In this city building game, youstart your own business with the goal to become the best tycoonmanager in the world. Build roads, develop factories to boost yourtown and deliver the goods to your cities. Become the leader andtrue idle builder manager in this game, make your businessprofitable! Build empire your way Your success depends on yourstrategy and willingness to deliver goods on time that will help tobuild your cities faster. What route to set up first? What cityneeds a supply? Should you optimize your game strategy? Thedecisions you make during the city and road buildings will have amajor impact on the rewards you receive. Grow your company Once youhave successfully released a few games you can move into your ownoffice and forge a world-class development team. Hire staff, trainthem and unlock new options. Once you have successfully deliveredfirst production you can upgrade your fleet of vehicles (yes yes,this isn’t just an idle builder game, but this is a car tycoon aswell). Buy new trucks, upgrade roads and complete new contracts!Features 💼 Start a game with a small business 📈 Build your own gamestrategy 📝 Complete new contracts and get new rewards ▶️ Upgradecity from a town to megapolis ➖ Build new roads to deliver goods ontime 🏆 Compete with your friends 🎮 Play city building games ✈️ Opennew areas and islands 🔝 Become a market leader 💲 Earn your firstmillion 🥇 Unlock achievements The full game has many more featuresin this transit game that are not listed here to prevent spoilers.Transit King Tycoon introduces ✔️ Amazing animation and graphics inthis idle builder 📥 Frequent updates to satisfy every single player🎯 Interesting events and daily rewards for best players 📱 New UIoptimized for phones and tablets A game with 💚 Transit King Tycoonis a city building game that gives complete freedom to the player.If you like online tycoon games you will enjoy it. If you've neverplayed tycoon manager games, you will be surprised how interestingit is. Build your transit empire!