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Draw Lines 1.0
Draw lines also known as Numberlink isbasically a style of logic puzzle involving finding paths toconnect numbers in a grid. Any Fan of Sudoku, Kakuro, Shikaku,Hashi are sure to find this path style puzzle entertaining. Thesmall puzzles are rather easy to solve, making Draw the lines apuzzle for all ages! and also fun to solve both alone and together.However the larger puzzles can be rather challenging and timeconsuming, making draw the line a true brain teaser.The lite version of this game comes with 10 puzzles where you get achance to test your skills.***How to play:- The gameplay is to pair up all the matching numbers on the gridwith single continuous paths. The lines cannot branch off or crossover each other, and the numbers have to fall at the end of eachline. All cells in the grid must be filled with lines.Game for kids
Dragon Rescue 3D 1.0
Touch to destroy 3 or more cubes of the samecolour and let the dragons to touch the floor alive andkicking.You have 9 levels with an incremental level of complication. Try toget to the castle of the village and rescue all the dragons.Download this free game and have fun with your friends the dragons.It's so easy to play and it's compatible with your devices.
Thánh Gióng Truyền Kỳ 1.1
****************************************************************************Chắc hẳn câu chuyện về Thánh Gióng không xa lạ gì với chúngtaThánh gióng từ 1 cậu bé lên ba chưa biết nói, chưa biết cười vàcũng chưa biết đi. Bỗng lớn nhanh như thổi khi có giặc Ân đến xâmchiếm nước nhà...Trong game bạn sẽ hóa thân thành nhân vật Thánh Gióng cưỡi ngựasắt, cầm roi sắt đi chinh phạt giặc ngoại xâmThánh gióng truyền kỳ, 1 game Thuần Việt hoàn toàn free có lối chơiphong phú, đồ họa chibi 3D đẹp mắt. Lối chơi mang phong cách đicảnh như vo lam, kiem the, ninja bao thu, nam lun....Cách chơi:- Điều khiển thánh gióng vượt qua các chướng ngại vật bằng cáchnhảy lên cao hoặc cưỡi ngựa sắt lao về phía trước- Tiêu diệt kẻ địch trên đường điNào cùng tải game thuần việt Thánh Gióng Truyền Kỳ về chơinhé!****************************************************************************Surely the story of Saint Giong no stranger to usSt. guide from one to three unknown boy said, not knowing smile andgo unknown. Suddenly huge blow when the enemy as fast as Grace toinvade our country ...In the game you will transform into the character Thanh Giong ironhorse riding, go iron rod invaders conqueredSt. align legend, 1 Thuan Vietnam totally free game play with rich,beautiful 3D graphics chibi. Gameplay style scene as vo lam go,kiem the, ninja conservative, male lun ....How to play:- Control holy align overcome obstacles by jumping or riding highiron work forward- Destroy the enemies on the wayCome and net game download Vietnam Thanh Giong CommunicationsStates of play offline!
Tower Box: Ice Age 1.1
Tower Box: Ice Age is amazing and colorfultype of tower building games for all ages. Have you ever built yourown skyscraper or even your own city? Now you have an opportunityto create incredibly big one in this wonderful game just taping onscreen of your device.It’s great chance to become a virtual builder! Develop yourreaction skills and attentiveness and be the best. The more boxesin construction are used the more points you get. Record yourhighest score! However, Tower Box: Ice Age is not so easy that itseems. Blocks swing all time and a building sways from side toside. Show all your attentiveness; you need to have an excellentagility and patience to succeed in this task.Tower Box: Ice Age isexciting game for training these skills! Download this buildinggame and start your train right now! Let’s try!HOW TO PLAY: Just tap the screen and create your uniqueskyscraper. Put down the swinging building blocks at the right timeexactly on the platform. Solve the block puzzle: pile up them ashigh as you can but be careful!Features of Tower Box: Ice Age:- Different backgrounds wont let you get bored;- Stunning and colorful HD graphics,constructions and plants willenrich your tower block game;- Enjoyable and simple gameplay for you pleasure.Do you want to build the highest skyscraper of all the time?Test your agility, patience, reaction and attention! StartyourTower Box: Ice Age right now! Become the best block masterbuilder! Good luck!
CS Gun Strike: Zombies Return 1.3
CS Gun Strike is an action game formatgunfight attractive.*************HOW TO PLAYCS Gun Strike to the CF you will experience with a wide variety oftoday's most modern guns ..*************FEATURE- User-friendly interface and easy to use- Photos beautiful and attractive- Amazing soundsWith CS Gun Strike unleash challenge myself with new rivalseverywhere!Download Gun Strike completely free right now!
Pirate Submarine 1.1
Who pilots a pirate submarine under the sea?You do! Up periscope mateys! Get in your secret submarine, in yoursecret hangar, and go in search of the lost treasure in thisamazing and expertly created game. To play simply touch the screento ascend and descend your submersible craft. Avoid the torpedoesthat will destroy your sub. Don't get caught in the traps! Searchthe deep oceans. Watch out for those mines! See how many coins youcan find at gillions of leagues under the sea!Features:• Free game• Fun sub action• Collect power ups• Awesome graphics• Professionally designed• Excellent game for all ages• Full menu with great options• Parallax scrolling racing game• Powerful submarine propulsion systemChallenge your mates, take on your family members in thisawesome underwater adventure game. Professionally designed forflawless, challenging, and smooth gaming experiences. Track yourprogress and keep on going! Find all of the surprises and power upsthat have been sunk to help you along your way. Make sure to getyour extra lives, you will need as many as you can get! Good thingwill pop up as you go! Just be careful of the tricks that await youfrom Davy Jones Locker! Leave them behind in a flurry of bubblefrom your powerful propeller! How far you go, all depends on yourskills. Good luck captain, you will need that too! Don't miss thelaunch of your own submarine, the crew will never let you live itdown!
Đột Kích 3D new 2016 1.1
★ Đột Kich 3D new 2016 là được bình chọn làgame bắn súng đột kích góc nhìn thứ 3 hay nhất năm 2016.★ Game Đột Kich 3D new 2016 được thiết kế giao diện 3D bắt măt vàmạng đậm phong cách đột kích sẽ mang đến cho bạn nhưng phút giâygiải trí tuyệt với★ Với Đột Kich 3D new 2016 hoàn toàn Miễn Phí – Bạn sẽ được thử sứcvới những tay súng cừ khôi, được trải nghiệm những phút giây đốiđầu quyết liệt.★ Đến với Đột Kich new 2016 bạn sẽ được trải nghiệm với rất nhiềuloại súng hiện đại nhất hiện nay như AK Vip, M4A1 Vip, 3z... và rấtnhiều sung giống như trong game đột kích mà hoàn toàn miễnphí.★ Bạn được nhập vai xạ thủ đi tiêu diệt quân địch ở các bản đồ quenthuộc như Trạm phát sóng, Ngã tư tử thần, Viện nghiên cứu,Thị trấnbỏ hoang… để giải cứu trái đất.★ Trò trơi mang lại cảm giác bắn súng như các game đột kíchCS,CF,CS GO, DOT KICH…★ Đặc biệt bạn có thể chọn bất kỳ súng nào để trải nghiệm mà khôngphải nạp 1 xu nào★ Game hoàn toàn miễm phí, free hoàn toàn********************************************************************************Chức Năng★ Giao diện thân thiện và dễ sử dụng★ Hình ảnh đẹp 3D và hấp dẫn★ Bảng xếp hạng cao thủ cập nhật online thường xuyênVới Đột Kich 3D new 2016 thỏa sức thử thách bản thân với nhữngđối thủ mới lạ mọi lúc mọi nơi!★ Download Đột Kich new 2016 hoàn toàn miễn phí ngay bây giờ!★ New 3D raid in 2016 wasvoted as the shooter raid 3rd best views in 2016.★ Game raid in 2016 new 3D design and eye-catching 3D interfacestyle raid network will bring to you, but moments of leisurewith★ The raid in 2016 completely new 3D Free - You are going tochallenge the marksman, to experience moments of intenseconfrontation.★ Go to the new raid in 2016 you will experience with a widevariety of modern weapons like AK Vip today, M4A1 Vip, 3z ... andmany fig raid like the game that is completely free.★ RPG gunner You are going to destroy the enemy in the familiar mapas broadcast stations, crossroads of death, research institutes,deserted town ... to save the earth.★ lonely brings a touch as the game shooting raid CS, CF, CS GO,raid ...★ Especially you can choose any gun to experience without chargingone penny★ Game completely included free, totally free********************************************************************************Function★ User friendly interface and easy to use★ Beautiful pictures and attractive 3D★ ranking online players updated regularlyWith 2016 raid unleash new 3D challenge yourself with newopponents, wherever!★ Download new 2016 raid is free now!
Jewels Candy Professional 1.3
Jewels Candy Professional is a brand new andcrazy casual game!Your mission is to find the Jewels Candy and get it! Solve all thepuzzles and try to get three stars in each level!Have fun in this puzzle adventure!How to play:1. Match three or more identical candies.2. Clear all blocks, the shinning star will appear.3. Make the candy star down to last line to solve the puzzle.Jewels Candy Features:- Sweet and shining candies, so delicious!- Leaderboards in your friends circle and world.- Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.- Many challenging puzzles to make the game more addictive.Enjoy this unique candy star game.
Bảo Vệ Gái Làng 1.1
★ Gái làng dạo này nhiều em đột nhiên xinhvàngon lạ thường, khiến cho lực lượng nhòm ngó ở làng khác ngàycàngđông★ Trai làng ta thì FA rất nhiều, nguy cơ FA ngày càng lớn. Trướcđâybọn trai làng khác vào làng thì vẫn ngó trước ngó sau vào làngngoanlắm, giờ thì chúng nó cậy đông xông thẳng vào làng cưa cẩmmấy emngoan hiền★ Các bạn nghĩ sao khi các em xinh tươi, hot girl làng mìnhbịcác thanh niên làng khác tán tỉnh?★ Các bạn sẽ làm gì khi các em xinh tươi, trẻ đẹp mà mình đang"yêuthầm" bị các trai làng bên cướp mât?★ Các bạn còn chờ gì nữa. Hãy cầm gach đá , cà chua ... xuađuổihết bọn làng bên để bảo vệ gái làng mình nào★ Hãy tham gia ngay game bảo vệ gái làng để thử trải nghiệm vàhọckinh nghiệm để bảo vệ gái làng mình nhé :)★ Cách chơi:- Sử dụng các vũ khí cho sẵn để tấn công trai làng khác, mỗi loạivũkhí có tác dụng khác nhau nên bạn hãy kết hợp chúng với nhau đểđạthiệu quả cao nhất- Sử dụng các vật phẩm hỗ trợ để trợ giúp trong những tìnhhuốngnguy cấp, khi bọn trai làng khác chuẩn bị ôm hôn mấy em xinhtươilàng mình- Sử dụng số sao thu được từ các màn chơi để nâng cấp vũ khí, chúýbạn có thể Reset điểm cộng để cộng lại nhéNgoài ra bạn có thể giải trí bằng các game khác trong phầnmoregame như KIM CUONG, hoặc các game bắn súng như DOT KICK 3D , CFhayvltk ,bao moi, danh bai, bau tom cua ca, phom, tá lả. Có rấtnhiềugame hay đang chờ đón các bạnChúc các bạn chơi game vui vẻ★ Gai village thesedaysmany children suddenly extraordinarily beautiful anddelicious,making eyeing force in other villages growing★ Trai village a lot to us, FA, FA greater risk. Previouslyothervillage boys in the village they still look before lookingaftervery good in the village, they now burst into the villageeastdependable flirting few wise sage Kids★ What do you think when you beautiful, hot girl her villagewithother village youths flirting?★ You will do as they beautiful, beautiful children they are"crush"was the next village boys robbed?★ The longer you wait any longer. Please impressive stonebricks,tomatoes ... they chased out the village to protect hisvillage girlyetJoin Now game ★ protect prostitutes to try to experience andlearnedto protect yourselves prostitutes :)★ How to play:- Use available weapons to attack other village boys, eachweaponhas different effects should you combine them together toachievethe highest efficiency- Use items that support to assist in emergency situations,othervillage boys when they prepare these students embracetheirbeautiful village- Use the number of stars earned from the game screen toupgradeweapons, you can pay attention to combined bonus ResetnhéAlso you can entertain in the other game in the game morelikediamond, or the like DOT KICK shooter 3D, CF or vltk,includingmoi, beating, bau cua ca tom, phom, I am. There are somany gamesawait youI wish you happy gaming
Froggy Run 1.1
Help Froggy and friends cross the road.Watchout for crazy obstacles that could get you killed.How to play:- Tap to move around, collect coins and avoid being killed bythemany deadly obstacles- Control your character with taps and swipes to advance throughthelevel while avoiding hazards.- Make it as far as you can.- Cross the first 100 yards as quickly as possible.FEATURES:- Collect over 3 retro-styled, pop art inspired characters andmoreto come- Cross grass, saw mills, and mud slides – endlesslyhopforever- Innovative gameplay- Customizable playlist- Smooth gameplay- Optimized for high resolution screen- Share scores on social networks- Easy to play, fun for all ages, a good stuff to kill time- Free to play
Freaking Math : New Season 1.3
New Season with new layout, but addictiveandbeautiful with many feature
Soldier Revenge 1.1
A popular classic game, Soldier Revenge!Features of the game+ Game smooth, rich sound, style image of the classic game+ Use the joypad to move+ The number of rich gameplay
Mad Rocket 1.1
Do you like games where you need to make jumpacharacter on the screen? Are you ready to play to the best jumpgameof the galaxy?Mad Rocket is a fun game for all the family!... Recommended onlyforall kind of playersGAME FEATURES- unlimited levels- many unique boosters / Bonus- many stars to collect- Highscores- Tap the device to move left or rightHOW TO PLAYA tiny character (named as "ROCKET") is at the bottom of thescreenand is trying to reach the top of the sky to join its home: anice,cosy and quiet cloud.
Freaking Jewels 1.3
Freaking Jewels is a match-3 puzzle gamewithclassic and addictive gameplay and missions. Swap and matchjewelsyour way to get highest cores and pass as many levels as youcan.Especially in this game you can play with your friends ingamecenter to see who get the highest scores.HOW TO PLAY✔ Swap the jewels to match 3 in a line to destroy them.✔ Match 4 jewels in a line to create lightning jewel blaze✔ Match 5 jewels with T or L shape to create jewel blastbomb.✔ Match 5 jewels in a line to create color jewel star.✔ Combine 2 special jewels together to make a superpowerfulblast.GAME FEATURES✔ 8 different jewels legend with classic style and manyspecialjewels with powerful-effect: jewel blast bomb, lightningjewelblaze, color jewel star.✔ Share and compare highest score with your friends viagameleaderboard.✔ Many addictive and interested achievements.✔ Nice HD graphics, cool animations, exciting music &soundeffects✔ Easy and fun to start but a challenge to reach high levelsandhigh scores
Freaking Jewels 2 1.2
Freaking Jewels 2 is a match-3 puzzle gamewithclassic and addictive gameplayHOW TO PLAY✔ Swap the jewels to match 3 in a line to destroy them.✔ Match 4 jewels in a line to create lightning jewel blaze✔ Match 5 jewels with T or L shape to create jewel blastbomb.✔ Match 5 jewels in a line to create color jewel star.✔ Combine 2 special jewels together to make a superpowerfulblast.GAME FEATURES✔ More Level✔ 8 different jewels legend with classic style and manyspecialjewels with powerful-effect: jewel blast bomb, lightningjewelblaze, color jewel star.✔ Share and compare highest score with your friends viagameleaderboard.✔ Many addictive and interested achievements.✔ Nice HD graphics, cool animations, exciting music &soundeffects✔ Easy and fun to start but a challenge to reach high levelsandhigh scores
CS Gun Strike : Alien Monster 1.0
You were on mission to Mars as anexpertastronaut on a assigned mission in the galactic caves...yourtransportation was destroyed due to Mars storms. In the resultbigAlien Monster pops out from the surface. These Alien Monsterareapproaching you with a blitz, stay away from them as theyaretrying to ambush you from all around.Your armor is safe and you have enough ammo to counter attackthemthat is an added advantage to you. So come up with a planandfinish their onslaught, and bring back home some remnant fromthisancient planet for our research labs just like an expertastronaut,which would help the humanity in general, and that wasyouroriginal assigned project.The whole nation is waiting for you to bring home the remnantfromMars, and give advantage to your researchers speed is fast charging on you, you are alone have to survivewitha machine gun, an armor and a digital radar to locate &destroyenemy aliens insects; defend yourself and stay alive aslong aspossible.Stay Away from their ambush in a clever manner.How to Play:1. Rotate your screen complete 360 degree, while they are busyintheir ambush.2. Detect insects blitz using Radar3. Tap on screen at left to fire4. Tap on screen at right to rotate the guns left or rightCS Gun Strike : Alien Monster Game Features:- FPS (First Person Shooter)- Excellent 3D Environment- Good quality sound effects- User friendly GUI and controls- Efficient weapon controls & movement- Enemy AI
Robot Run 1.1
Robot Run is an offline for smart phonesandtablets Game.You can play robot 2d games anywhere intheworld.The game will become easier to progress by using items andyoursupport character.If you are crazy to play endless Runnergamesthen this game is for you.This game is the perfect game for everyone.Robot Run 2d game isansimple but very addictive runner game.You can start to enjoy the game in the world for mobilephone.How to Play Robot Games - Robot Run****** Controls are easy!****** Tab jump button on left screen to Jump.****** Double tab on left screen to double jump****** jump button on right screen to flip.****** It's easy to play and fun that man women and kids canplayRobot Games -Robot RunGame Features Robot Run****** Easy to control, fun for every age players.****** Colorful and vivid HD graphics!****** Great Endless Gaming experience.****** More interesting functions are coming soon.We wish you lots of fun playing!
Space Shooter 1.0.1
Space Shooter is a fast fighter game,withcharming sound and music, HD graphics and special gameplay.Our beautiful galaxy is under attack of invaders. They destroyedallof squadron.You are last hero of Earth, take control of a lone spaceship,getthe force from air and strike swarms of galaxy invaders.In this space shooter game, you will be faced an increasinglylargenumber of enemies and deal with many epic bosses inspacewar.As the processes, your spaceship can upgrade lethal capacityorunlock mini sky force to support your spaceship and show themwhois the master of galaxy.Key Features:★ Free 100%★ More than 100 levels to complete
Soldier Reborn 1.1
In game, you would become soldiers.You wouldbeheroes to save the world.Try to destroy the enemy and make as much money as you can, thenyoucan go to the store to upgrade equipment and guns- Great annimation, style image of the classic game- Diserve mission system- Attractive gameplayThe player starts with only a simple handgun; as thegameprogresses, the player may pick up new weapons. The player canonlyuse one weapon at a time. When a new weapon is found, itreplacesthe previous one. Similarly, when ammunition runs out, theplayerreverts to using the handgun, which has unlimitedammunition.