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LetsBasket [Stats Scoreboard] 1.0
BytesTeam LTD
The most complete Free BasketballStatisticsApp! Track and gather your basket stats while you arewatching yourfavorite game. After the match, you can analyze thesedata toimprove the performance of your players and your team, andsharethem with your team friends.If you are a coach, player, team manager, parent and aBASKETBALLPASSIONATE, this is your app with it you can:- Customize your teams and players (basic changes)- Collect simple statistics: scored points, attemptedpoints,fouls- Publish the game and check it on where youcansee your statistics and its graphs, you can enter some commentsandshare them with your colleagues.- Use the timer and the scorekeeper- Do all the scouting you needTry LetsBasket now, risk-free and…… If you like it, please help us by writing a review and “likingus”on Facebook ( Thanks!… If you have any problem with it, please LetsBasket team.
LetsCompRef 1.0
BytesTeam LTD
LetsCompRef is the Jazz guitar playerpocketreference for chords. Look up, drop 2 and drop 3 chords andtheirinversions.This is the first drop of the app, please provide feedbackonpossible future directions to us on twitter: @LetsCompAppThis version is not yet designed for tablets.