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Drone Wars - Tactical Warfare 1.2.2
Cortion, Lda
Drone Wars - Tactical Warfare is a 3D strategymultiplayer game where you can play against your opponent (human orartificial intelligence).At the start of match each player has a set of drones used todefeat opponent together with a set of credits used to buy unitsduring game play.There are two strategies to win game: either by defeatingopponent by destroying its base camp or when opponent runs out ofcredits for the match.The following military units are available:Laser Soldier Drone : uses laser weapon to attack itsadversaries. It has low defensive skills but a high attackingpower.Torpedo Soldier Drone: this drone soldier attacks its enemieswith a torpedo. Low defensive skills but high attacking power. Itis able to defeat tanks.Light Tank Drone: Attacks its enemies by firing projectiles. Itsdefense is lower than other tanks but moves faster.Mid Tank Drone: Attacks by firing projectiles. Lower defensethan heavy tanks but costs less.Heavy Tank Drone: Attacks by firing projectiles. High attackingpower and high defensive skills. Caveat is its slow movingspeed.Suicide Bombing Tank Drone: This type of tank attacks viasuicide bombing. To attack gets close to its enemies explodinghimself in process.Tesla Tank Drone: This tank attacks its enemies via electricalbeams that disrupt enemies circuits.Laser Plane Drone: This drone airplane attacks its opponentsusing laser beams. It is the deadliest drone unit available ingame.This game uses google game services so it is quite easy for youto play against your friends or other players as long as both arerunning game and connected to the internet.
Panda Jack - 2D Platform Game 1.1.1
Cortion, Lda
Panda Jack is a 2D platform game where youplay the role of Panda Jack and try to pass each level bycollecting a minimum number of rings and a key in order to passlevel.Each level has a set of enemies that try to prevent the hero toreach the end of level. Panda Jack must either jump over the enemyto defeat him or a fire ball on certain levels.Panda Jack is a scrolling 2D platform game in the style of other2D platform running games such as Sonic, Superfrog and many othergames of the 1980s and 1990s where the hero needs to collect ringsin order to pass to next level with its own original hero PandaJack that tries to rescue his family from the evil wizard TigerClaw.There is a total of 20 levels of this exciting platform game andat level 20 Panda Jack has to defeat Tiger Claw in order to rescuehis family.Panda Jack is not affiliated with Sega Corporation or Team17Software Limited and does not intend in any way to perceive theimage it is.Rights of Sonic the Hedgehog and Superfrog belong to itsrightful owners.
Ultimate Dash with Friends 1.1.8
Cortion, Lda
Ultimate Dash with Friends is a platformgamewhere you have a multitude of characters you can choose todash.You can collect coins and diamonds in order to challenge andrun in21 different levels.You can share your scores and levels reached with yourfriendsvia google play services and facebook.Challenge your friends in Ultimate Dash with Friends to seewhois the one that has the longest dash.