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Pixer-Unofficial Unsplash App 1.0
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Unofficial application for Unsplash( Provides the capability of Grouping Pictures inCollections and managing them.Download | Share | View High Quality Images from Unsplash fromyour Android Device.By Cube Stack (
Coins - Shared Expense Manager 8.0.1
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No longer maintained** Ad Free. We donot publish Ads in our application nor share or sell your personalInformation **Coins is designed to tackle what most applicationsfail to do. Manage your expense within multiple social and personalgroups beautifully. Coins provides with details on your expensesacross categories and social groups, and thus can provide you withamazing insights to your spending while helping you settle easily.Keep a track of your expenses, share them across your circle evenwhen you are offline or disconnected.Coins is powered byexceptionally smart engineers (Yes, we like to boast) and blazingfast servers to make sure Coins is available whenever you need. Keyfeatures:• We believe in focus to details and this is what app isabout, to the point, precise and all about you. • Shows you anultimate summary of your settlements across your groups right @Home.• Groups tab displays a quick snapshot of your current statusacross your groups.• Provides complete control of how wecommunicate to you (E Mails, Push Notifications) . • Categorizeyour spend across 30+ predefined and thought through categories. •Integrated with your Facebook, Google accounts (No we do not postanything).• We save and archive all your settlement histories.•Sync with your phone & tables, works great across devices•Multiple currencies SupportUses Storm for Offline storagecapabilities: (Thank you OpenSource! )
Pixer - Unsplash Application 1.1
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Unofficial application for Unsplash ( Provides thecapability of Grouping Pictures in Collections and managing them.Download | Share | View High Quality Images from Unsplash from yourAndroid Device.By Cube Stack (
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Capabilities:Lists around 3200 High Frequency GRE WordlistMark anyword as FavoriteAdd a new WordRe import entire wordlist*** Usesbelow capabilities of Storm while demonstrating high performance******* Absolutely no lines of SQL Written for the application*******. Manage Relations. Save entire object graph in onetransaction. Fetch entire object graph with conditions. Limit andOrder support. Supports cascading. Insert. Bulk Insert(Transaction). Auto create tables on Create . Auto update tables onupdate of application versions. Version Audit history. Findrelations. Utilizes Where / Restrictions / Limits / Ordersconstraints (Without a line of SQL code). All list options areTransnational for performance. Handy callback options. Sync andAsync calling suppport. Performance (Almost similar to Raw SQL). NoConstraints, your entities need not extend any classes. NonInvasive Framework.. Less that 100 KB Footprint, no additionaldependency. Open source (available on GIT)