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Axe Clicker 1.0.142
Oswald the Dwarf is an idle clicker game, in which you help Oswaldto chop down plants with taps, and earn money to upgrade hisforging skills and forge new axes. If you earn enough money, youwill become a dwarf billionaire and forge the golden axe that doesover a billion damage.Once upon a time, there was a dwarf namedOswald, and he wasn't angry at all. His friend forged him an axe,so powerful, so beautiful, that he was the proudest dwarf alive.And then something terrible happened. His axe was stolen! Oswaldbecame the angriest dwarf on the planet and swore to chop downeverything that was taller than him - which is basicallyeverything. He will stop at nothing, he will destroy trees, towers,landmarks,... Everything! From that time on, he became known asOswald - the angriest dwarf in the world.He will work all day andall night - even when you're not around. When you're idle, he willwork! That is the beauty of idle incremental games. Just rememberto upgrade his skills, help him forge new axes and if you like hima lot, grant him some taps, because with every click you make, hewill be more excited and chop faster.A fast clicker will berewarded with great achievements. Something you and Oswald can beproud about.Remember, every click, upgrade and forge counts. Onlythe best of the best will become billionaires, the Richie Richamong Dwarves. If you're stuck, just let Oswald chop on his own inidle mode and resume playing a few hours later. You can alwayschoose to soft reset the game, keeping some benefits and make thegame run smoother again.Every time you chop something down, thereis a chance to obtain a magic potion. If you dare to drink it,Oswald will go into super speed mode. Use the magic potionswisely.You can choose among different trees and objects to chopdown. Some of them are harder to destroy, but yield a greaterreward. If your axe can't match the trees defense, you will have toforge a stronger one. Before you go idle, make sure you chose atree that Oswald is able to damage.How to get a new axe?★ Upgradeyour forging skills★ Tap the forge button★ With a little luck, youwill forge a brand new axe★ continue tapping trees to get moremoneyThe masters of the axe clicker will be rewarded withachievements. To get them you will have to be the fastest clickerin the world. Every achievement also gives you a damage bonus foryour axe. The gold clicker award goes to the fastest clicker alive.Let the clicker adventure begin... chop ... tap ... chop ...
Axe Robot 4.0.28
In the age of post-nuclear time, only onethatsurvived was a robot called Sharpy. Loosing a master made himwentcrazy, so one day he took an axe and started chopping theworldapart in this super funny clicker idle game.This is a unique funny styled robot clicker game with a lotoffeatures like:- amazing upgrades system with axe forging- funny talk from robot itself- super bonuses- small stuff like achievements, leaderboards, ...Probably nobody will ever understand this game - like wedon't.But the game is out and you are most welcome to play it. Thisisnot some typical idle clicker game it's more - it's funny -atleast we tried to make it funny. There are more than 400quotesthat robot is saying and we are convinced that at least oneof themwill make you smile.Start clicking immediately and help Sharpy to become theiRobotof all robots in post nuclear apocalyptic era.Let the best robot wins.
Billion Animals March 5.0.5
Welcome to the crazy world of farm mania! Do you have what it takesto tap your way to becoming a successful farm tycoon?Starting witha single chicken and a little farm yard, you’ll unlock and purchasenew, exciting and rare animals, upgrade buildings and collect coinsto become the best farmer in the land! Well then, you best get towork! You can be idle and sit back, making money as your animalscross the field, or you can get involved in the action and makemoney quickly by clicking on the field. Come closer… here’s asecret. If you use all of your fingers to tap, you’ll earn coinsmuch faster!Earn even more coins by completing special missions andspend your hard tapped money to unlock exciting, rare animals. Fromchickens and goats to horses and lions, there are so many tocollect! As the animals in your farm yard work, they’ll becomehungry. After all, farming is hard work! To feed them you’ll needto build and upgrade your wheat mill to produce enough food. If youdon’t feed your animals, they’ll refuse to work! There are plentymore buildings to collect and upgrade, from the hospital to theguard house – upgrading your buildings is essential if you want tobecome a farm tycoon!------------------------------------------------------TAP TAP FARMMANIA –HIGHLIGHTS------------------------------------------------------⦁Start with a single chicken and build a farming empire⦁ Youranimals will make money even when you are idle⦁ Tap on the field toearn more coins – use as many fingers as you can!⦁ Unlock lots ofdifferent animals – goats, cats, horses, lions and much more⦁ Build& upgrade buildings to expand your farm⦁ Complete specialmissions and earn valuable diamonds as a rewardWhether you’re anidle farmer or somebody who loves to get involved, Tap Tap FarmMania is the perfect game for you. Start with a single, lonelychicken and a little farm tap your way to becoming a giant farmtycoon!DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BUILD A FARMING EMPIRE?DOWNLOAD TODAY!
Catch a Cat - Find Hidden Cats 9.0.15
Find cats that are Hidden in dark wonderland jungle in best catgame for kids. Make save mission of crazy hidden cats, cute cats,big cats, and black cat on your screen in little kitten adventuregame of 2019. Find Cat Sim is one of the best animal game and petvet game of hidden objects That will create an addictive scenariofor users because there is no chance to listen to the cat sounds inthe jungle and they have to find it by using their brain in braingame. Step into this amazing wonderland and the world of kitty carethat is full of crazy pocket cat and modern memory cat. As youcomplete the mission you will get different Playgrounds like sweetcat wallpaper. Don't be a free kitty cat teaser you are the catlover and save cat life and find the hidden cat in cat games forkids and cat games for cats. Catch a cat on trees, save virtual petto make nyan cat evolution in puzzle game for the cat. Pet vetgames and animal games for kids are always interesting but Find catsim of Hidden object games for the cat will give you the realexperience of finding the cat as hidden cat simulator 2019. Thisbest cat game of find cats from crazy cats castle will provide youthe coins on each cat finding. Collect more coins to unlock themore challenging mission of cat game. How to Play Select yourdesired environment to find the cats Use your brain and eyes tofind out hidden cats Get coins on finding the new cat from a jungleUnlock more levels b collecting maximum Coins As you move you willface a challenging mission Complete the task in best-hidden objectgames Download Find Cat Sim - Animal games for kids