Ederto! Apps

Sing well? 1.0
Sing your best song and see how much score you are able to get.Ifyou sing well you will get a higher score than all your friends.
Ghost Voice 1.0
Change your voice and convertn it into a ghost voice-Save allvoices you want without limits-Set the voices as ringtone-Set thevoices as notification tone-Share voices with whoever you want
Voice Changer: Dark Side 1.0
-Change your voice for the most famous villain in the galaxy-Recordalll recordings you want without limit-Duration of recordingunlimited-Set recording as a ringtone.-Set recording asnotification tone-Share recordings and send them to yourfriends-Application totally free without any payment feature
Fake Virus 1.0
-Make funny jokes by simulating that a virus is deletingfiles.-Specifies the seconds to wait for the simulation to run.This way you can give the mobile to another person and see theirreaction.-The virus is very realistic, can not be removed in anynormal way, will not work the home or back button and works fullscreen, to stop it you have to shake your device vigorously.
Robot voice 1.1
With this application you can record your voice and change it bythe voice of a robot.You can record all the voices you want withoutany limits, save them and share them with your friends or put themas a ringtone.You can make a joke to your friends without knowingthat it's you!