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Emoji Lock Screen 2.0
Change your default lock screen with emoji lock screen and increaseyour privacy security with smiley.You can set Emoji as your Pinpassword to unlock your phone its really cool for Emoji Lover !!Itis allowing you to set photos on your lock Screen with differentcool shapes like love design. The world’s best DIY screen locker inthe style of material design. Emoji Lock Screen is application toprotect your Smartphone through using pin/pass code or pattern, noone can enter into your phone without entering correct four digitpassword or current pattern.★ Features:- It have beautiful designfor easy to use.- Set Pin Lock, Pattern Lock etc.- Set Couple photoon lock Screen or Set photo on keypad buttons to unlock phone.-There are lots of different locker style. You can change every day!It contains many themes like square, fruits, glass, flowers, etc.Set PIP style of themes.- Customize your lock screen photo, you canput your friends/family photo on your lock screen.- Changebackground of lock screen with many beautiful wallpapers offline aswell as online.- Change color and size of date/time.- Supportphone, tablet devices.- Consume less memory and battery, simple andclean design.- Slide To Unlock, it can edit with any text like yourname , quotes or any love message.Emoji Lock Screen is a verybeautiful application. It protect your phone.Note : Make sure youenter password that you can easily remember when you unlock yourphone.