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Money Lover: Budget Planner, Expense Tracker
Awards " Best of 2017 App - Daily Helper " - Google Play Store-Google Top Developer- Editors' Choice by Google Play Store- Best of2016 budget app on Android - Top 5 best apps, Google I/O2017Managing your finance is as important as taking care of yourhealth. But it is such a time-consuming and boring task that youstill need to deal with it everyday!. How about making your lifebetter by using Money Lover to manage your money with ease?MoneyLover is the simple way to manage your money, budgets, and bills onyour phone. From now on, you're able to manage all your assets injust one place. How easy it is when getting reports of yourexpenses, sticking with your budget plans, or tracking your bankingtransactions! ALL ARE HAND-FREE!MANAGE ALL ACCOUNTS IN ONEPLACEFrom now on, you can easily see the whole picture of yourfinance including cash, bank accounts and other services withmultiple currencies. You can even manually record your credit cardtransactions. Let’s manage your finance in the easiest way.SYNCWITH YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS & OTHER SERVICESUpdate transactions andbalance from bank accounts automatically. It will labeltransactions with the right category and give you a full report ofyour banking transactions. Imagine when you go shopping, everyexpense you make with bank cards will automatically be arranged,labeled as houseware, clothing,... and finally reported to you inMoney Lover.TRACK YOUR EXPENSES AND INCOMES Easily keep track ofyour daily expenses and incomes. Money Lover was designed foreverybody to manually record his/her expenses and incomes in lessthan 5 seconds. Furthermore, Money Lover also has a function named“Scan Receipts”, which can scan the receipts and automaticallyupdate the transactions with exact labels.PLAN BUDGETS AND FORECASTFUTURE EXPENSESBudget is a plan for your weekly or monthlyspending. Money Lover makes it possible for you to create budgetsfor all spending categories such as Food, Shopping, and Education.The app will let you know if you're on the right track or going tooverspend.Budget forecast shows your spending projects then givesyou advice on how to improve it.AN OVERVIEW OF YOUR FINANCES WITHREPORTSYou will better understand where your money comes and goes,how much you have spent and how much money you have got in cash orbank accounts as Money Lover gives you easy-to-understand reportsabout Balance, Total Income, Expense or Total Debt & Loan.Let’sopen your phone to see how much you paid for Food last week or thetotal spending this month.MANAGE RECURRING TRANSACTIONS AND BILLSDoyou have any fixed income every week, month or recurring bills suchas rental or Internet subscription? You can set up recurringtemplates and then Money Lover will notify you before the due date.It helps you to stay on top of your bills.OTHER FEATURES: - Managedebts and loans- Set events and savings plans- Scan receipts- Setup recurring transactions- Multiple currencies and wallets (cash,saving accounts, debit card, etc)- Shared wallets: manage moneywith your partner or family- Data backup, share via Dropbox oremail- Currency converter- Dash-clock extension- In-app Help &Support- Built-in calculatorJoin our community of hundred thousandsof PREMIUM USERS- Create and manage unlimited Wallets and Events-Unlimited Budgets and Savings- Picture sync- No ads- Export to CSVor Excel sheetUpgrade to Money Lover PREMIUM and stay on top ofyour money forever.If you have any questions or issues, contact usvia in-app Help & Support or email andwe’ll get to you ASAP.We love you! Follow us to get updates, usefultips, and promotions!Facebook: