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MAD Battle Royale 1.1.7
What do you like the most about Mad GunZ - online shooting game?Webet you're a fan of Battle Royale mode! Now you can enjoy MadGunZBattle Royale separately from the main game. Only Battle Royaleandnothing else! This means that nothing will stand between youandthe victory except enemies and the Frenzy Storm of course!Createbuildings, upgrade guns, hide, run, fire and become the lastonestanding! Reach the 1st place among all of the players onthepixels battleground For those who didn't play battle royale modeofMad GunZ and who are fond of playing that legendary gamewithbuilding during the fight in battle royale session and nicebrightgraphics. Oh, yes! You will fall in love with our battleroyale andthat is why: - Extremely cute pixel graphics - Huge map -Dynamicbattles with wild enemies - Сool gun styles - Bright trailsandflying devices - Absolutely strange, frightening and AMAZINGFrenzyStorm! Download now and enjoy the most favorite mode ofthecraziest shooting games! Become the last hero on thebattleground!See you in MAD Battle Royale and in Mad GunZ! Terms ofService:http://fullhpltd.com/terms-of-service/
Fury Wars - online shooting games & 3v3 3.1.8
A kind of arcade online shooting game or just one of shooters?Ormaybe it’s a top-down shooter? We don't know how to callthisgame's genre! Here is Fury Wars - trash, hardcore battles!Wedecided to show how cool your favorite heroes can be in funnynewstyle! Give really huge guns to each brawler and arrangebattles!Our heroes are real cool stars! This online shooter game isfull ofmadness! You will meet a bunch of sly enemies with variousuniqueabilities in this online shooting game, third person orbetter saytop-down shooter! Take care of your head, because alliescan dropon it from the clouds! It’s not a simple tps (3rd personshooter)or pvp and even not an ordinary сartoonish battle arena.Blackhumor, absolute absurd and infinite battles on your screen!FuryWars - online shooting game (third person), will impressyoubecause it has: - huge arsenal of epic guns! Not each ofbattlegames & shooters can provide you with such waste andvariousarmory! Are you sick and tired of online shooting gameswithordinary, boring pistols and rifles? So this entry inonlineshooter games will give a chance to arrange a new kind ofbattles!Cut your enemies with a Dead Unicorn, fry up with Electrictridentand shove and explosive fish down the enemy's jumpsuit! -Worldwidepopular heroes in a little bit strange but tough visualdesign! -unique super tricks and skills for each hero! Stars ofthis onlineshooter game are not that simple. Use super-attacks andturn yourenemies into hot-dogs and mince or scare them to scream! -popularonline shooter modes! Escort, Gold rush and Teamdeathmatch!Tactical or not? Who cares? Simply enjoy awesome battlearena ofthis pvp, 3rd person shooter. You’ll be nicely surprisedwith thisnew kind of pvp games, tps (third person) mixed withtop-downshooter, we promise! Accompany huge Machine right to theenemies’base, defend, attack and give’em a hardcore disaster! Huntfor goldand battle with brawlers in Gold Rush! - competitive spiritinbattles! Can you stand up to hordes of brawlers or surviveinendless waves of dangerous adversaries? This insane onlineshootinggame will not let you relax! - Super-cool skins for gunsandheroes! We think that a nice-looking hero is not enough foranonline shooting game. We are creating awesome skins forourbrawlers! Do you like such stuff and fond of online shootergenre?So this battle arena of online shooter games is here for you!Thisonline shooter (pvp) is going to offer many features to you!FuryWars - explosive mix of 3rd person shooter, top-downshooter,online shooting game, cool brawlers and madness! Remember,thiskind of battle games is not like all shooters you’ve used toplay…Fury Wars page on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/furywarsgame/Terms of Service:http://fullhpltd.com/terms-of-service/