Fun Vision Studios Apps

Crossy Bird Crush: Chicken War 1.0
Cross the birds to match color. Match morethan three and create combos and earn extra points.Lead the birds on the road to freedom by solving fun puzzles andin lots of levels.Puzzles include:- point targets- frozen blocks- gems and diamonds- locked spaces
Jelly Monsters Mania 1.4.6
The jelly monsters need to be crushed by matching three or more ofthem. Special boosts and power ups are available if you match morethan 3 monsters, creating great combos.Over 99+ levels of puremadness, frenzy and mania waits for you in Jelly Monsters Mania!
Teddy Bear Panda: Tea Party 1.0
Match three panda bears to create a party and earn points.Matchmore than tree teddy bears to unlock insane combos.Don't miss thefun with all the toys!
Dotted Ladybugs Lazy Beetle 1.0
Play with the cute small ladybugs and save them from the evilmosquitoes and roaches. Match them by color to make them fly andsurvive!
TAMAGO Pro - Ultimate Tap 1.3.1
** Crack the eggs and find out what's hidingbehind each one of them! Three unique and fun surprises! **** Real content behind eggs, no "So What","You are a hero" or"And now?" type of messages. We hate those too. **How to play:** Tap an egg to hit** Shake the device to hit all eggs** Use cheat or mega cheats for extra hitsFeatures:** Three Eggs instead of one** Cheat mode and Mega Cheat Mode** Challenge friends over Facebook** Quality sounds** Real content behind eggsDownload TAMAGO Pro - Ultimate Tap right now for free.Follow us on Facebook:
Cute Jelly Monsters 1.0
Sweet monsters made out of jelly and gummy. Match then and makethem pop!
BooBoo Pets 1.4
BooBoo Pets are your new family. If youliketamagotchi or virtual pets, you'll definitely love this!Suited for all ages, for both children and adults, you'll fallinlove with the cute animals instantly!* * * How to play? * * *- All you have to do is feed and take care of BooBoos- You can feed them, give them drinks when they're thirsty andplaywith them- When they reach 100% happiness and 100% maturity of evolutionforthe current stage, you can grow them up and evolve them* * Independence * *- BooBoo pets are independent- If you take good care of them they will kiss you- They will let you know if they're in the mood to eat, drink,playor be loved- If they are ignored they will get upset on you, but you canredeemtheir trust and love easily* * Social * *- You can take pictures to remember the best moments together- You can save the pics to your device or share them onFacebook* * Lots of promotions and free giveaways * *- You can get daily giveaways from our Facebook page to use inyourgame** Features **- You can feed them cookies, ham or marmalade- They love to drink clear water and lemonade. When they adulttheywill enjoy a mojito now and then.- Play tennis and yoyo with your cute furry balls.- Decorate the room with flowers, chairs, vases, tables, windowsandcourtains- Play the guitarAdopt your BooBoo pet right now.For more information check out our facebook fan page:
Cocktail Bar: Mojito & Martini 1.0
Enjoy a relaxing cocktail at our bar. We serve: sour martini,mojito, margarita, mai tai, bloody mary, cuba libre and a lotmore.Match them to create the perfect cocktail for you whilecompleting fun challenges.
Juicy Pet Crush - Boom Mania 1.1.2
Juicy pets made of soda and jelly are cute and waiting for you tocrush them. Enjoy the little wale, giraffe, fox, penguins and gummybears.Match three animals to create a combo and get points. Followeach level's objective to progress in the world of Juicy Pet Crush- Boom Mania.
Juicy Pet Mania 1.0
Play with the baby dogs and rescue them in fun and exciting levels.Crush the frozen blocks, make a lot of points and combos andcollect diamonds and hearts.Match three or more puppies to clearthe board and earn points.
Balloon Frenzy - Pop them all 1.1.2
Everyone loves popping balloons! Now you candoit on your own device, at a new level: FRENZY!Jut tap the balloons to pop them. The game is simple to play,butit gets difficult with the increased number of waves andfastmovement of the balloons.Kids love the game. They can't get enough of it. Adults loveittoo.Pop balloons till your fingers hurt!
Bad Circle - Minimalist Game 1.0
We love minimalist games. Less is betterright?How to play:1. Tap the green circle2. Avoid the wrong ones3. Make the highest score in the available timeCan you beat the highest scores?
Free Samples - Best Freebies 1.0
Get free samples from your favorite brands.You should try before you buy!Everyone loves freebies right? Download this app and you get allthe offers in one place. Also enjoy the casual coupons andsweepstakes that we'll have.Here's a list of what's hot right now:- Dove Samples- Mac Cosmetics Samples- Tide Samples- Glad Bags Samples- Hefty Bags Samples- Perfume Samples- Cosmetics SamplesDisclaimer: We are not affiliated in any way with any brands. Wejust collect and update the offers they have and present them toyou.
Jelly Pet Crush 1.1
Jelly Pet Crush is very simple to play. Just match three pets in aline or column to create combos. Get power ups if you get stuck.Alot of fun levels are available. Play with the cute animal pets:cats, puppies, kittens, piggies, bunnies and more!
Gag King - Funny Pics & Gifs 1.0
Get access to thousands of funny images that will make you laugh.Now you will never get bored.Easily scroll through all the funnycontent. It would take you days to finish it and we'll update itdaily!
Pocket Horoscope - Zodiac Signs Daily 1.8
The Pocket Horoscope is a little application where you can checkdaily your horoscope.You can select your sign and see the horoscopefor today, tomorrow or yesterday. Simple as that!
Crack The Egg ( Full Version ) 1.0
Tap on the egg to inflict damage.Crack the egg.Find outwhat'shidden inside the egg.
What The ??? 1.1.1
Select any fun quiz. After answering a few questions you will get afunny results. The quizzes generate funny answers. Every quizanswer is a joke and not to be taken seriously.